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Friday, February 13, 2009

US study says India is terribly soft on Terror

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India a terribly soft state: US experts

India faces threat of Mumbai re-run: US study

As per the above mentioned news reports, US Terrorism Analyst Brian Jenkins from RAND and Ashley Tellis have told the US Senate’s committee on homeland security that Bharat (misnomer: India) is a terribly soft state on terrorism and remains vulnerable to more terrorist attacks along the lines of Mumbai 26/11.
“India will continue to face a serious jihadi terrorist threat from Pakistan-based terrorist groups. However, India lacks military options that have strategic-level effects without a significant risk of a military response by Pakistan. Neither Indian nor US policy is likely to be able to reduce that threat significantly in the short to medium term,” they said.

Tellis said, “LeT represents a threat to regional and global security second only to al-Qaida. Although LeT is linked in popular perceptions mainly to the terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, the operations and ideology of this group transcend the violence directed at India.” He cautioned that US should work with India to deal with terrorism from Pakistan, otherwise India would be tempted to take steps that could endanger regional security.

“To the chagrin of its citizens, India has also turned out to be a terribly soft state neither able to prevent many of the terrorist acts that have confronted it over the years nor capable of retaliating effectively against either its terrorist adversaries or their state sponsors in Pakistan,” the two experts said. Jenkins added that the poor quality of India’s response to the terror attacks, intelligence failure and inadequate counter-terrorist training and equipment added to India’s misery.
RAND research has published a study called "The Lessons of Mumbai" which is available here http://www.rand.org/pubs/occasional_papers/OP249/. Here is the summary of the study as published by RAND research,
This study of the Mumbai, India, terrorist attack of November 2008 identifies the operational and tactical capabilities displayed by the terrorists and evaluates the response of the Indian security forces. The authors draw out the implications of the incident for India, Pakistan, and the international community and derive lessons learned from the attack and from the Indian response. Their goal is to develop findings that may help counterterrorism authorities in India and elsewhere to prepare for or counter future terrorist attacks on urban centers.
It's a must read as it brings out the lackluster and uncoordinated soft response of Bharat during the attack and steps taken in its aftermath.

It is true that Bharat remains vulnerable to more such attacks even though the callous government has taken some unbaked half-hearted steps just to mitigate the anger of the people by creating NIA and passing some amendments to law without due scrutiny of Parliament. But these steps are futile as there have already been 4 more major terrorist attacks after the 11/26/2008 attack in Mumbai by radical Islamist terrorists. Here are the details of the latest 4 terrorist attacks and time line of 39 attacks before it in past 4 and 1/2 years.

The sheer negligence of this government is breathtaking but far more dangerous is the fact that people of Bharat are not putting any pressure on the government which is toeing its parroted lines and passing the buck to international community and UN, a Nehruvian hangover, to put pressure on Pakistan to do investigation on terrorist attack in Bharat. How does this even make sense? Bharatiya Government was well informed about the possible attacks at least one year before but this dispensation has been totally remiss in performing its duty to protect every single Bharatvaasi (misnomer: Indian) from terrorist threats. The Monarchic government and its heir apparent are busy taking foreigners on Poverty Tourism of Bharat and dictating youngsters to go to pubs and get intoxicated. Please read the following for more on this derelict government,
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