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Friday, December 5, 2008

Indian Government naps while American Government reacts

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While the Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) Demonarchic Government goes back to its shameless sleep just one week after Mumbai Terrorist attack on 11/26/2008 and another in Assam, it is the US Government which is rightly reacting to one of the deadliest terrorist attack in a country which is half a globe away. It is the 38th terrorist attack in four years under the present communal corrupt Congress led UPA Government.

The world especially US has turned Bharat (misnomer: India) particularly Mumbai in to a radical Islamic Terrorist case study. They are studying by actively participating in the investigations to learn from the mistakes of Bharatiya Negligent leadership and strengthen their own security infrastructure. But remiss spineless Congress controlled Government of Bharat is pleading as usual to the "hostile nation" i.e. Pakistan to cooperate but when it shuns as usual, this Government whines to the US as usual like a wimp. When you can't even put pressure and arm twist Pakistan to even recognize the presence of Bharat's 20 most wanted in its territory, let alone hand them over, you expect US to put pressure on them. Day dreamers!

US is not going to wait for you, while you sycophants wait for the despot Antonia Maino to issue orders, they have already decided to update their FBI list after a long time to add Mumbai Terrorist attack masterminds on it.
There’s no change in the FBI’s list of the world’s 20 most wanted terrorists as of Thursday morning, but expect a couple of additions in the weeks ahead when US and Indian law enforcement authorities and intelligence agencies authenticate the role of at least two Pakistanis in last week’s terrorist attack on Mumbai.

Yusuf Muzammil and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi are set to join Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list once the Bureau corroborates the electronic evidence left behind by perpetrators of the Mumbai massacres and disclosures by the lone terrorist who was captured.

Lakhvi, who goes by the nickname “chachu”, is said to be a former Pakistani army man, and has been identified as the operations chief of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is alleged to have carried out the Mumbai attack. Muzammil, a jihadi from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, is its operations chief in India.

US agencies are in fact examining the possible complicity of the Pakistani military and intelligence services in the attack given Zaki-ur-Rahman’s army background and the confession by the captured terrorist that ‘retired’ Pakistani military personnel trained a module of 24 terrorists. On Wednesday, the New York Times, citing a former Defense Department official, said American intelligence agencies have also determined that former officers from Pakistan’s army and the ISI helped train the Mumbai attackers.

On Thursday, a Pakistani newspaper reported that the United States had given the names of four ISI officials to the UN Security Council, including its former director general, Lt Gen Hamid Gul, to be included in the list of international terrorists.

US and UN officials did not comment on the matter, but the News daily said Gul confirmed to the paper “that he was included in the list of those four or five former ISI officials whose names had been provided to the UN secretary-general by the US government”.
Pentagon has raised the status of 'irregular warfare' like terrorism, etc. but communal Congress Government is not even ready to recognize the grave threat of radical Islamic terror.
The Pentagon has issued a directive putting the fight against terrorism and guerrilla warfare on the same footing as traditional warfare in terms of military planning and doctrine, officials said on Thursday.

The directive was signed on December 1 by deputy defense secretary Gordon England, who outlined roles and responsibilities for developing capabilities for fighting non-conventional threats.

"It is DoD (Department of Defense) policy to recognize that IW (irregular warfare) is as strategically important as traditional warfare," the directive said.

Under the directive, irregular warfare is defined as encompassing counter-terrorism operations, guerrilla warfare, foreign internal defense, counterinsurgency and stability operations.

It instructs the Defense Department to develop capabilities to:
• identify and prevent or defeat irregular threats from state and non-state actors
• extend US reach into denied areas and uncertain environments by operating with and through indigenous foreign forces
• train, advise and assist foreign security forces and partners
• support a foreign government or population threatened by irregular adversaries
• create a safe, secure environment in fragile states.

Pentagon officials acknowledged the US military has been performing these missions for years in Afghanistan and Iraq, but say the directive gives a formal bureaucratic structure to those efforts.

"It codifies roles and responsibilities," said Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman.

The directive follows the release of a US defense strategy in July that places the "Long War" against extremism above potential conventional challenges from China and Russia.

"For the foreseeable future, winning the Long War against violent extremist movements will be the central objective of the US," the defense strategy paper said.

Separately, the Joint Forces Command released a report Thursday that warns that US military must be prepared for a full range of conflicts over the next 25 years.

"Nuclear and major regular war may represent the most important conflicts the Joint Force could confront, but they remain the least likely," the report said.

"Irregular wars are more likely, and winning such conflicts will prove just as important to the protection of America's vital interests and the maintenance of global stability," it said.
While the unnecessarily apologist Government, which is in constant denial mode towards the cancer of radical Islamic terror, is busy in misusing the investigative agencies to cook up stories about mythical imaginary nonexistent terror by Hindus because it does not have balls to ask its communal vote bank to introspect, FBI in US is reaching out to the Somali-American community amid reports that young men are being recruited to be trained as suicide bombers in Somalia.
"There are reports of kids missing from different parts of the country," said FBI special agent E K Wilson on Thursday.

"Our concern is that they are returning to fight and to train to fight or conduct terrorist activity."

Citing Department of Justice policy, Wilson said he could not confirm whether the FBI was actively investigating whether a terrorist recruiting cell was operating in the Somali-American community.

About 20-40 Somali youth are reported to have disappeared in Minneapolis where about half of the estimated 200,000 Somali-Americans reside.

"We are in touch with the Somali-American community and we're committed to working with them to stop or prevent recruitment and radicalisation of Somali youth," Wilson said.
Continued on "Dubious investigations of the Mumbai Terrorist attack" and "Precarious response by the Government to Mumbai Terrorist attacks"...

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