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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bharat (India) compelled to share evidence with Pakistan

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India pressed to share Mumbai evidence with rival by Associated Press

In the days after the deadly Mumbai attacks, India demanded that Pakistan crack down on militants, shutter charities linked to extremists and jail suspected plotters.

With a flurry of raids, Pakistan took many of those steps this week. Now it's up to India to do what it likes least: share intelligence with its archrival about what it knows and how it knows it.
अब फस गई विदेशी पत्रकार के चंगुल में निरंकुश शासक अन्तोनिया मैनो उर्फ़ सोनिया गाँधी की भारत सरकार। Now international media has caught by throat despot Antonia Maino's (aka Sonia Gandhi) controlled Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) Government. How cleverly this derelict Congress led UPA Government has turned this into a India vs Pakistan only issue that no one is even asking how can 10 (and/or unknown more) Pakistani terrorist's be so well trained from across border about the exact locations in an unfamiliar city and the exact layout of the buildings with out any local support! Very clever Congress.

Bharat (misnomer: India) is now compelled to share with Pakistan, the evidence gathered till now from it's dubious investigations.

Media is going gaga over Raul Vinci's chaffy speech in parliament and not informing people that the heir apparent was partying till 5 AM when people were being massacred and the Royal Family along with Empress's mother Paola Maino were all busy socializing at weddings while the nation mourned. He says in the parliament that "..the freedom that we provide people..". NO you pompous legatee of Congress, it's the Bharatiya Constitution and it's only sole protectors left in Bharat, the Indian armed forces (maligned by your dirty muslim appeasement politics), who are providing for that freedom. It is no favor that you are doing on anyone.

And you are enjoying this freedom because it is the Indian people who are selflessly shelling out रु १८० crore (Rs 1800 million) a year to protect each of you worthless pseudo-Gandhis while they (Indians) are massacred every other day like Goats and Cows in Arabia.

Like TOI says,