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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deceptive world and the Pizza effect

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Panel discussion on "World Peace - Challenges and Impact of Globalization" organized by the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey on Nov 16, 2008 in Somerset, New Jersey, USA.

Introduction: Ms. Seema Singh
Panelists: Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Watch how an Evangelist got pissed at the concept of Mutual Respect and started shouting out of turn. He then got a befitting rebuttal from Mr. Malhotra.

Amazing startling fact, after the Government of India, who owns the most amount of land in India: Churches and Christian missionaries.

Also read, 'Baptising' Thiruvalluvar to 'besiege' the Hindus! By B R Haran
History is always written by the victors and whoever controls the writing of history books control the past. Without doubt, the most consistently powerful force in the western world over the last two thousand years has been the Roman Catholic Church and consequently history has often been what it wanted to be

– George Orwell in his novel '1984'.
(Thamizhaga Anthanar Varalaaru – History of Brahmins of Tamil Nadu - Vol-II-Page599).

For more, please read "Rajiv Malhotra’s Defense of Hinduism rouses the ire of a christist who was obviously upset!".

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