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Saturday, January 17, 2009

To save India, Save its Hinduness

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Stone in stilled waters

Very nice article by Mr. Tarun Vijay. If Bharat has to develop and stay united, Hindu Bharat is the way to go. This is an opinion under fundamental right of freedom of speech. If someone doesn't like it, he/she is most welcome leave or civilly do a healthy debate. Like Mr. Vijay suggests, young Bharatiya Hindus should give at least two years of their life studying Shastr and giving it back to build the nation/society by bringing others up. Then pursue their career as they do.
The world is fast changing. And so are we. Narendra Modi being endorsed and hailed by India Inc is stuff proverbs are made of. What a carnival of investment flow and future glow Gujarat saw during the Makar Sankranti festival, a day of transition when Shiva wakes up after a long night and the weather changes. Modi turned it into an occasion for the Vibrant Gujarat summit and his sparkles bedazzled the nation. He will have all the virtues and vices of a winner. He has become more popular and credible than the present Prime Minister. A precarious milestone indeed. He has earned his place in history but will he be able to balance and cool off to take stock and walk with his tribe to earn extra miles? Whatever happens to him, it's incumbent upon his mentors to help him handle criticism and stay afloat. There is not much time left. It depends on the Right movement to use this opportunity created by his persona to consolidate and expand wings.

A number of RSS swayamsewaks have made the most extraordinary economic and developmental history in post-partition India. Turning villages into reservoirs of wealth and wisdom,.......deleted.......
Mr. Modi is certainly more popular than the "selected" puppet Prime Minister and his despot master Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi. I don't know why Mr. Vijay termed Mr. Modi's success as a "precarious milestone" but I certainly hope that recent success will not get into the head of Modi ji and he will continue to strive on the right Dharmochit path for betterment of Bharat and Hindus.
Omar belongs to the future of India. Trust him, even if he chose to speak as a "Muslim" in the Lok Sabha and opposed land to Amarnath yatris.
I don't agree with Mr. Vijay here. I don't trust Omar because he is a communal Anti-Hindu bigot. His was one of the most communal speech in Lok Sabha on the day when Cash-For-Vote scam sponsored by Congress and SP was revealed.
India is a bigger issue than a plot of land, which eventually we won through our strength and increased our number power 11 times. I believe the entire India is a replica of Amarnath. Just have the guts to assert.
Absolutely, Bharatvaasi have to assert their rights or else with the ever shrinking boundary of Bharat Mata, there will be no land left to give away.
You may have different expectations from them. I would like Omar to end terrorism and religious bigotry enveloped in divisive demands and ensure safe and honourable return of the Hindus to the valley.
I think this is nothing but wishful thinking. When Hindus don't have any rights in Bharat as per the dhimmi Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (refer his speech on Muslims have first right on everything in Bharat), wonder what assistance Anti-Hindu radical Muslim like Omar will provide for honorable rehabilitation of 600,000 Hindus thrown out of Kashyap Mar (misnomer: Kashmir).
Eliminating terrorism ruthlessly, recapturing land lost to the enemy neighbours, rejuvenating the economy and infusing new blood into our educational and agricultural sector are the new markers of our unstoppable journey to power-peak. Jealousy, fratricide, pocketing mediamen to kill brothers in arms, stored moneybags have never helped, will never help, in the long run. They die double death. Those who have the courage and conviction to stand on the burning deck like Casabianca and fight their own flesh and blood like Arjuna alone win the earth.

It's essentially a battle of our cultural identity; economy is used to infuse gunpowder. The civilizational contours and the flow of the Ganga are at stakes. Not many would understand till they become as extinct as American Indians post-Columbus. The gun-wielding rogues challenge the values of pluralism and a million flowers blooming with as many colours and fragrances. You need a Putin or a Churchill. Nothing less than that would work.
It is indeed a fight to save our Bharatiya civilization.
To me, the Hindu Right remains the last hope and an instrument to revive the glory and the wonder of India. And we know, the best and the brightest still are found in the various folds and facets of this segment, if we can train our eyes to look beyond the political organizational framework. If those who qualify from IITs, TIFR and IIMs leave their lucrative options abroad to join RSS work in Meghalaya or Port Blair then still we have hopes for India's rejuvenation. If the best of the minds in California and Kenya, bar-at-laws and chartered accountants, wait two years living as ascetics at an age of 22 or 23, to be ordained as ochre-robed sanyasins — Hindu monks (with their Hinduness underlined, unlike the so-called Hindu politicians) at the hands of an "octogenarian Pramukh swami in the holy precincts of Shahi Baug, Swaminarayan's Ashram, and the youngest force on this earth finds a suitable job to work for scheduled castes and tribes as RSS pracharaks then no power on this earth can stop the ongoing march of the people who believe in the good of all sans borders of faith caste or creed. The most delighting factor of a new Indian order is the young faces in the camps of Swami Ramdev, in the discourses of Sri Sri, in the congregations of Mohan Bhagwat, who happens to be the youngest CEO of the largest Hindu organization on this planet, or glued to the deep knowledge banks of K S Sudarshan, chief of the Hindus' greatest consolidation. Temple or no temple, gods or no gods, the only factor that must matter is the survival of a Hindu India, unabashedly, unapologetically, assertive and Himalayan in it heights. It means everyone. It means all faiths and colours. Once it loses its sheen of Hinduness, it loses its salt.
The last line "It means everyone. It means all faiths and colours. Once it loses its sheen of Hinduness, it loses its salt" says it all. धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। - अर्थात् धर्म उसकी रक्षा करता है, जो धर्म कि रक्षा करता है। (Dharm, when killed, kills and protects, when protected.)

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