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Monday, December 22, 2008

Open letter thats giving Congress sleepless nights

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Here is an open letter sent to "selected" Prime Minister Manmohan Singh via www.LiveMint.com (owned by HT Media in partnership with the Wall Street Journal) which is giving Congress and its sycophants sleepless nights. It was authored by someone by the pen name, or a literary pseudonym Athreya, which the author of the aforesaid article requested. As per Mint he is an IAS officer.

The column's title caption says,
The government has lost all credibility with the people, and the buck stops with Manmohan Singh
The author then goes on to speak his mind out,
Mr Prime Minister, you were selected, not elected by the people, for just one reason, that you posed no threat to anyone in the Congress party. You were not selected for your excellent PhD or for your integrity; not even for your competence as a civil servant. You were considered the least of all evils. Yet, the educated middle class, including I, celebrated your appointment for we all respected your integrity, credibility and competence, and thought you would bring these to bear on your new job.

Today, after four years in office and after India has witnessed an act of war on its own soil, your government has lost all credibility with the people, and the buck stops with you. You are scared to even name Pakistan in your speeches in spite of the so-called irrefutable evidence you claim to have; nay, in fact, each time you say something publicly about this now, it sounds like a condolence message, not something that inspires confidence. Economic reforms stopped long ago, for your allies didn’t want them; there are many ministers in your cabinet who have perfected Wal-Mart’s cash-and-carry model and you can’t do a damn about it. You have failed on all counts as a leader. So, at least now, when India is under attack on its own soil, please act. And if you can’t act, please get out of the way and allow someone more effective to run the country.

In any district, where there is any act of violence, normally the district magistrate and the superintendent of police get shifted out. As PM, can you not sack or transfer your national security adviser, the Intelligence Bureau chief, the Coast Guard director general, the navy chief—can you or can you not get rid of your entire top brass and send a signal down the line? The signal you are now sending with your inaction is: don’t bother doing your job, for even if the country gets attacked, we won’t touch you.

You have personally demonstrated integrity, but what use is that alone, when almost every key minister in your cabinet is treating every file as an opportunity for cash flows? Are you telling us you don’t know that your telecom, environment and shipping ministries are the home of organized mafias looting the exchequer? What use is it telling us, “Look, I am personally honest, but I’m presiding over a band of dacoits, murderers and thugs. I am only the prime minister and can’t do anything about it”?

There is allot more after the above, but as I respect their copyright, so please go to the actual article at An open letter to the PM.

Apparently this pseudonymous protest by an "appointed" civil servant against another "selected" civil servant has started a feud between Chidambaram and Ananth Kumar of the BJP and henceforth between Chidambaram and Mint. Chidambaram practically called both Ananth Kumar and Mint a liar on the floor of the Parliament.

Ananth Kumar's speech in the Parliament:

P Chidambaram's speech in the Parliament:

Mint's response to Chidambaram's accusations,
In a Lok Sabha discussion on India’s economic slowdown on 18 December, Ananth Kumar, a four-term member of Lok Sabha representing India’s main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), from the Bangalore South constituency, quoted a Mint Views page article, titled An open letter to the PM, which ran on our editorial pages on 10 December.

In his parliamentary response to Kumar’s statements, P. Chidambaram, the former Indian finance minister and now minister of home affairs, had this to say about the article published in Mint:

“He (Kumar) cited an article allegedly written by an IAS officer. I have read the article. I do not know whether the name of that author given in that article is a true name or a pseudo name. I do not know whether he is an IAS officer. All I know is either he is a disloyal officer or a coward or both. If he had the courage, he should write the letter, sign in his own name and send it to the Prime Minister. But I hope they (BJP) do not encourage such officers; they did not encourage them when they were in power. So what is the point of citing a pseudonymous or anonymous author’s article taking shelter under it and running away when the reply is to be delivered?”

(Source: Parliament’s official reporters’ draft transcript)

Since, on the floor of India’s Parliament, Chidambaram has raised questions about an article published in Mint and since his comments will remain a matter of public record forever, we would like to clarify some facts for our readers as well as the minister.

Mint does not lie to its readers or knowingly mislead them. Period.
Please read An open clarification about an ‘open letter’ for more.

It is clear again that Congress like a spoiled brat can't take any criticism. But it's not their fault. Jawaharlal Nehru had sowed such seeds, so his dynasty will of course follow his path of doom.
Here, Mint would like to remind Chidambaram of the long tradition of anonymous articles, starting with this particular example.

In November 1937, the Modern Review, then India’s most well-regarded journal of opinion, published an article on Jawaharlal Nehru written by Chanakya, an obvious pseudonym. The author hit out at Nehru’s latent dictatorial tendencies and his “intolerance for others and a certain contempt for the weak and inefficient”. Its author warned: “Jawaharlal might fancy himself as a Caesar.” There were howls of protest from loyalists until it was revealed much later that Nehru himself was the author of this piece.

Mint, for one, believes being critical about India isn’t the same as being negative, as the government would like us to believe, and the only way our nation would progress is if there is honest debate about issues confronting all of us.

So what we would have hoped for is that, if the Indian government wanted to engage the nation on the basis of issues, including those raised in the open letter, it would have responded to the issues and not diverted attention to the act of writing the article. But that too is the prerogative of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Out of the box by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

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Out of the box
By Dr. Subramanian Swamy

The India of today would not have been in existence had the attempts to divide Hindus succeeded. In the 20th century, a sinister attempt to divide the Hindu community on caste basis was made in 1932 when the British imperialists offered the scheduled castes a separate electorate.

What does the despicable terror and mayhem in Mumbai on November 26 signify for India? Shorn of the human tragedy, wanton destruction, and obnoxious audacity of the terrorists, it signifies a challenge to the identity of India from radical Islam. Cinema actor Shahrukh Khan may wax eloquent about the “true Islam” on TV, but it is clear that he and other such Muslims have not read any authoritative translations of the Koran, Sira and Hadith which three together constitute Islam as a theology, and which is a complete menu of intolerance of peoples of other faiths derisively labeled as kafirs. Hence, instead of talking about the “correct interpretation” of Islam they ought instead be urging for a new Islamic theology consistent with democratic principles.

In 2003, two years after the 9/11 murderous and perfidious Islamic assault on USA, resulting in killing of more than 3000 persons within two hours, and which was perpetrated by leveraging the democratic freedoms in USA, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the website of its Islamic Affairs Department [www.iad.org] laid down what a “good” Muslim is expected to do. Dr. Steven Stalinsky of the Middle East Media Research Institute[MEMRI] based in Washington DC accessed it and published it in issue No.23, of the Institute newsletter, dated November 26[what irony!] 2003. I have to thank a NRI in US, Dr. Muthuswamy for this reference. In that site it is stated:

“The Muslims are required to raise the banner of Jihad in order to make the Word of Allah supreme in this world, to remove all forms of injustice and oppression, and to defend the Muslims. If Muslims do not take up the sword, the evil tyrants of this earth will be able to continue oppressing the weak and helpless”

Now who is more authoritative—Sharukh Khan or Saudi Arabia ? Obviously the latter. The above quote is what in substance is being taught in every madrassa in India, and can be traced back to the sayings of Prophet Mohammed. I can quote a plethora of verses from a Saudi Arabian translated Koran [e.g., verses 8:12, 8:60, and 33:26] which verses justify brutal violence against non-believers. If I delved into Sira and Hadith for more quotes, then I could risk generating much hatred, so it will suffice to say that Islam is not only a theology, but it spans a brutal political ideology which we have to combat sooner or later in realm of ideas.

Some may quote back at me verses from Manusmriti about brutality to women and scheduled castes. But as a Hindu I have the liberty to disown these verses [since it is a Smriti] and even to seek to re-write a new Smriti as many, for example, Yajnavalkya have done to date. Reform and renaissance is thus inbuilt into Hinduism. But in Islam, the word of the Prophet is final. Sharukh Khan and other gloss artists cannot disown these verses, or say that they would re-write the offensive verses of the Koran. If they do, then they would have to run for their lives as Rushdie and Taslima have had to do. Leave alone re-writing, if anyone draws a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, there will follow world-wide violent rioting. But if Hussein draws Durga in the most pornographic posture, the Hindus will only groan but not violently rampage.

We Hindus have a long recognised tradition of being religious liberals by nature. We have already proved it enough by welcoming to our country and nurturing Parsis, Jews, Syrian Christians, and Moplah Muslim Arabs who were persecuted elsewhere, when we were 100 per cent Hindu country.

Moreover, despite a 1000 years of most savage brutalisation of Hindus by Islamic invaders and self-demeaning brain washing by the Christians, even then, Hindus as a majority have adopted secularism as a creed. We have not asked for an apology and compensation for these atrocities. But the position of Hindus in this land of Bharatmata, where Muslims and Christians locally are in majority, in pockets—such as in Kashmir and Nagaland, or in small enclaves such as town panchayats of Tamil Nadu, is terrible and despicable. Even in Kerala where Hindus are 52 per cent of the population, they have only 25 per cent of all the prime jobs in the state, and are silently suffering their plight at the hands of 48 per cent who vote as a vote bank.

The 26/11 Mumbai slaughter therefore should teach us Hindus that the time has come to wake up and stand up—it is now or never. If we do not stand up now to Islamic terrorism, then India will end up like Beirut, a permanent battlefield of international terrorists, buccaneers, pirates and missionaries.

What does it mean in the 21st century for Hindus to stand up ? I mean by that a mental clarity of the Hindus to defend themselves by effective deterrent retaliation, and also an intelligent co-option of other religious groups into the Hindu cultural continuum.

Mental clarity can only come if we are clear about the identity of the nation. What is India? An ancient but continuing civilisation or is it a geographical entity incorporated in 1947 by the Indian Independence Act of the British Parliament ? What then does it mean to say “I am an Indian”? A mere passport holder of the Republic of India or a descendent of the great seers and visionaries of more than 10,000 years ? Obviously our identity should be of a nation of an ancient and continuing Hindu civilisation, legatees of great rishis and munis, and a highly sophisticated sanatana philosophy.

If Hindu culture is our defining identity then how can we co-opt non-Hindus, especially Muslims and Christians ? By persuading them by saam, dhaam, bheda and dand that they acknowledge with pride the truth that their ancestors are Hindus. If they do, it means that they accept Hindu culture and enlightened mores. That is, change of religion does not mean change of culture. Then we should treat such Muslims and Christians as part of our Brihad Hindu family.

Noted author and editor M.J. Akbar calls this identity as of “Blood Brothers”. It is an undeniable fact that Muslims and Christians in India are descendents of Hindus. In a recent article in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, an analysis of genetic samples [DNA] show that Muslims in north India are overwhelmingly of the same DNA as Hindus proving that Muslims here are descendents of Hindus who had been converted to Islam, rather repositories of foreign DNA deposited by waves of invaders.

Akbar thus asks rhetorically: “When have the Muslims of India gone wrong?” and answers: “When they have forgotten their Indian roots”. How apt ! Enlightened Muslims like Akbar therefore must rise to the occasion and challenge the reactionary religious fundamentalists. That is India is not Darul Harab to be trifled with. In a conciliatory atmosphere the minorities would willingly accept this. It is also in their interest to accept this reality. Hindus must persuade by the time honoured methods Muslims and Christians to accept this and its logical consequences.

This identity was not understood by us earlier because of the distorted outlook of Jawaharlal Nehru who occupied the Prime Minister’s chair for seventeen formative years after 1947 and for narrow political ends, had fanned a separatist outlook in Muslims and Christians.

The failure to date, to resolve this Nehru created crisis, has not only confused the majority but confounded the minorities as well in India. This confusion has deepened with winter migratory birds such as Amartya Sen descending on the campus of the India International Centre to preach inane taxonomies such as “multiple identities”.

There has to be an over-riding identity called national identity, and hence we should not be derailed by pedestrian concepts of multiple or sub-identities.

“Without a resolution of the identity crisis today, which requires an explicit clear answer to this question of who we are, the majority will never understand how to relate to the legacy of the nation and in turn to the minorities. Minorities would not understand how to adjust with the majority if this identity crisis is not resolved. In other words, the present dysfunctional perceptional mismatch in understanding who we are as a people, is behind most of the communal tension and inter-community distrust in the country.

“In India, the majority is the conglomerate or Brihad Hindu community which represents about 81 per cent of the total Indian population, while minorities are constituted by Muslims [13 per cent] and Christians [3 per cent]. Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, and some other microscopic religious groups, represent the remaining three per cent. Though also considered minorities, but really are so close to the majority community in culture that they are considered as a part of Hindu society. Unlike Islam and Christianity, these minority religions were founded as dissenting theologies of Hinduism. Even Zoroaster can be traced to leader of Vahikas in Mahabharata who migrated to Persia. Kaikeyi in Ramayana was from Persia when that country was hundred per cent Hindu. Thus these religions share the core concepts with Hindus such as re-incarnation, equality of all religions, and ability to meet God in this life. That they feel increasingly alienated from Hindu society nowadays is also the consequence of India’s identity crisis caused by British historians and their Indian tutees in JNU.

The India of today would not have been in existence had the attempts to divide Hindus succeeded. In the 20th century, a sinister attempt to divide the Hindu community on caste basis was made in 1932 when the British imperialists offered the scheduled castes a separate electorate. But shrewdly understanding the conspiracy to divide India, Mahatma Gandhi by his fast unto death and Dr. Ambedkar by his visionary rejection of separate electorate, foiled the attempt by signing the Poona Pact.

But the possibility that such attempts at dividing India socially may be made again in the future, a possibility that cannot be ruled out. Indian patriots will have to watch such attempts very carefully. Segmentation, fragmentation, and finally balkanisation have been part of the historical process in many countries to destroy national identity and thereby cause the political division of the nation itself. Yugoslavia is a recent example of this, which has now been divided into four countries, largely due to Islamic separatism and Serbian over-reaction.

Virat Hindutva can be achieved in the first stage by Hindu consolidation, that is achieved by Hindus holding that they are Hindus first and last, by disowning primacy to their caste and regional loyalties. This would require a renaissance in thinking and outlook, that can be fostered only by patient advocacy and intellectual ferment.

For this we need a new History text, and a proper understanding of the distinction between the four varnas [not birth based but by codes of behavior for devolution of power in society] and jati [which is birth based and mostly for marriages]. Just as Valmiki and Vyasa are regarded as Maharshis despite being of different jati from Parasuram, hence Dr. Ambedkar should be called a Maharishi for his sheer depth of knowledge of Indian history. That he had become bitter because of Nehru systematically sidelining him is no reason not to do so.

India thus needs a Hindu renaissance today that incorporates modern principles, e.g., of the irrelevance of birth antecedents, fostering gender equality, ensuring equality before law, and accountability for all. It is also essential to integrate the entire Indian society on those principles, irrespective of religion. Uniform Civil Code for example, is something that the vast majority of Muslim women want, but because this demand has been usurped by those who deny the equality of nationality to the Muslims, hence comes the resistance to a eminently reasonable value. The Muslims think that this is the first step in several to subjugate them or wipe out their identity. But Muslims have quietly accepted Uniform Criminal Code [the IPC] despite that it contradicts the Sharia.

In other words, Hindutva has two components—one that Hindus can accept [such as caste abolition, eradication of dowry etc.] without any other religion’s interests to consider. The other is the embracing by minorities of the core secular Indian values which have Hindu roots. This would require, particularly Muslims and Christians, to acknowledge that their ancestry is Hindu, and thus own the entire Hindu past as their own legacy, and to thus tailor their outlook on that basis. This would integrate Indian society and make the concept of an inclusive[Brihad] Hindutva and rooted in India’s continuing civilisation.

Thus, if India has to decide to have or not have good relations with Israel, Pakistan, Iran or US, it cannot be on the basis how it will impact on India’s Muslims and Christians, but on what India’s national interests require. If India has to dispatch troops to Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka or Nepal to combat terrorism, that policy too has to be decided on what is good for India, and not what any religious or linguistic group identifies as it’s interest.

Thus such an Hindutva is positive in outlook, while raw Hindu xenophobia is negative and based on Hindu hegemony which will frighten all. Such a Hindutva will resolve our current energy-sapping identity crisis, which otherwise will completely emasculate India in the long run. The choice for the patriotic Indian is thus clear: We need a clear and positive view of our national identity based on our Hindu past and a Hindu renaissance to unite the Hindus with constructive mind-set as well as persuade the minorities to be co-opted culturally with Hindu society.

Once being Indian means Virat Brihad Hindutva, we can tackle terrorism by an effective strategy of defence. What are the components of that strategy is the subject matter of my next column here.

(To be concluded)

Source: Out of the box: S. Swamy

Maut Ka Saudagar: Narendra Modi

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Legendary Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi answers Italian despot Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi of Congress after she calls him a Maut ka Saudagar (Merchant of Death). He rips her and the puppet Prime Minister apart with facts and figures. Very nice speech and crowd was going crazy.

Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

Watch below as Thuglak Editor Mr. Cho Ramaswamy introduces Shri Narendra Modi to speak in the Kamraj Hall, Chennai as "I now invite to address you, the merchant of death to – terrorism, corruption, nepotism, official inefficiency, bureaucratic negligence, poverty, darkness and despair.". The cheers reached a roaring crescendo.

Part 1/6

Part 2/6

Part 3/6
Part 4/6
Part 5/6
Part 6/6

Read Kamraj vs Gandhi Dynasty by Premendra Agrawal which demonstrates the childish attitude of Sonia sycophants in Congress.
Congress leaders of Tamil Nadu cried before the Sonia Gandhi and requested her for blocking the entry of Saffron Narendra Modi in the Kamaraj Hall, owned by the Tamil Nadu Congress Trust. Sonia Gandhi was unable to satisfy them.

Congress High Command is still in the grip of the ghost of ‘merchant of death’ and her Congress Party’s defeat in Gujarat is still. “Merchant of death’ phrase is stolen from the movie Merchant of Death (1997), directed by Yossi Wein. In this way mission of Congress pushed by itself towards mission of death means defeat in the Gujarat Election of 2007. Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and Congress are experts to copy everything of foreign.

Actually renowned journalist Cho Ramaswwamy and victorious Narendra Modi gave respect to late Kamraj to present themselves in Kamraj Hall on occasion of 35th annual meet of Tughlak. This function is also a slap on the redish westernized cheek of fake secular media.
Read Modi’s monkey-jump Kamraj hall to Shivaji Park for more.

Shivraj Chouhan's cabinet is full of Graduates and Post-Graduates

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Almost all of the Ministers in Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's cabinet are either Graduate or Post Graduate. Maximum number of them are law graduates as seven out of the total twenty two possess the LLB degree.
While Chouhan is post-graduate in Philosophy, the law graduates include Babulal Gaur, Jayant Mallaiya, Gopal Bhrgava, Raghavji, Kailash Vijaywargiya,Laxmikant Sharma and Jagdish Devda, official sources said.

Three engineers, two (Jagannath Singh and K L Agrawal) in mechanical stream and one (Rajendra Shukla) in civil have also found the place in the State Cabinet.

Among the two women members in the Cabinet, Archana Chitnis is MSc BEd and therefore, entrusted with the task of managing School and Higher Education departments, they said.

Another woman member of the Cabinet is Ranjana Bagel who is a post-graduate and entrusted with the task of managing Women and Child Development department.

Five of them are graduates while two are post-graduates.

Dr R M Krishna Kusumaria is the most highly qualified person in the Cabinet with a doctorate degree.

The least qualified minister is Devi Singh Sayyam who did not pursue his education after standard eighth.
Although the idea of a Lawyer as Minister does sounds scary to me, no offense to the profession. There is a popular sentiment like this in the US and Bharatvaasi (misnomer: Indians) have also burnt their hands in the past with the Blunder of a Century Jawahar Lal Nehru who was also lawyer by profession.

But at least these Ministers in Mr. Chouhan's cabinet are Graduates as compared to the mockery of Democracy made by Congress in Rajasthan which chose an illiterate Gomla Devi, who couldn't even read her oath, over someone more educated because of its divisive caste and dynasty politics. Being Graduates, hopefully they will know what they are signing before they sign it. And being Lawyers, oh they will know to read it first as compared to illiterates in Congress who can't even read a simple oath.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Journalistic Morality and another Bureaucratic investigation agency

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Following are very good articles questioning the serious lacuna in the Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media today and Government's haphazard approach to create half baked Federal Agency & amendments to law. They lack integrity.

While the former with its questionable mindset has time and again due to its selective amnesia shown less restrain in being irresponsible and committing editorial slandering, the latter is trying to cutback its looses by trying to look busy without it's full commitment. When the country needs a shot of Red Bull to fight the terrorists, this Government is giving it a tranquilizer.

So much for this Politically Incorrect Government and its Media.

New rules and four puzzles
Will all members of the National Broadcasting Authority (the industry body) define public interest the same way in case of an ‘emergency’? Or will the definition be allowed to vary? What is the applicability of this guideline? Without an answer, the guideline looks as if it’s broad enough a priori to accommodate almost anything post facto.

More puzzling is this exhortation: “the media has a responsibility to disseminate information which is factually accurate and objective”. Parenthetically, let me observe that all of us journalists, in print and TV, should wonder about the phrase ‘factually accurate’, which finds liberal usage in journalese. Can we be factual and inaccurate simultaneously?
This is as baffling as these four things seen on TV news:

1. CNN-IBN’s ticker on Wednesday night informing that OPEC has cut Oil output by 4.2 million barrels per day (bpd). The cut was 2.2 million bpd. The previous cut was 2 million bpd. If the news desk was adding the two up, the text should have reflected that. It’s strange why information available on every wire service should produce such confusing creativity.

2. An Israeli ‘counter-terror expert’ and a guest on one of Times Now’s many, many discussions on terrorism saying “I hear many voices”. It was tempting to think he was offering a dark and pithy summing up of TV news talk shows. But it was an audio problem that kept happening as the anchor asked him questions on India’s new anti-terror law.

3. On Headlines Today, actors, jewellery designers, cricketers, journalists taking a pledge to wage a ‘war on terror’. So, this is what? Our non-state actors, who are undoubtedly good and decent in this case, versus their non-state actors, who, as evidence shows, are neither good nor decent? Also, on Headlines Today, an evening anchor’s extraordinary comparison: Wrapping up an item on Bush and the flying shoes and moving to an item on Kasab, he tells viewers while Bush is probably the most hated man in the world, Kasab is probably the most hated man in India. How does a journalist so casually compare a terrorist to a democratically elected head of state? Or, if you want to, be explicit about your views. The disgraceful conduct of the Iraqi journalist was at least informed by anger. Being unthinkingly flippant is somehow worse.

4. NDTV airing a documentary on Kashmir and then an interview with Sheila Dikshit when CNN-IBN and Times Now were providing rolling news and news-based discussions. The time was peak evening viewing hours. You have to wonder whether this is a smart strategy. The Dikshit interview was good, both interviewer and interviewee offering that rare thing on TV news: measured conversation. But I had to switch away from it frequently because competitor channels were offering news.

But when this certain section of Bharatiya media acts like Judge, Jury, Witness, and Prosecutor, what can we expect? Guidelines or no Guidelines, the media continues with its barrage of deceptions. Here is one very recent example of a Lefitst controlled News Channel known for its soft corner for Pakistan and its Anti-Hindu bigotry playing hand-in-glove with Pakistan-Antulay-Radical Islamist theory that Mumbai Terrorist attack was staged.

Freeze, it’s the NIA
The idea of a federal agency to deal with grave offences which have inter-state and/or nation-wide ramifications was mooted in Parliament in 2001. Numerous terrorist attacks, three different committee reports and seven years later, Parliament has passed a Bill to constitute the National Investigation Agency (NIA). After the delay of all these years, Parliament somehow felt it necessary to pass the Bill in less than a day after it was introduced, leaving little time for effective scrutiny.

The National Investigation Agency would investigate and prosecute offences affecting the sovereignty, security and integrity of India. In addition to the National Investigation Agency Bill, Parliament also passed amendments to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), to strengthen the investigation and prosecution mechanism for terrorism-related offences. The two Acts together bring back many provisions of POTA.
We all know that there is an urgent need, never more so than in past 4 years, for better security infrastructure in Bharat (misnomer: India). But that does not mean the Government washes off its hand by passing critical bills without any scrutiny and without incorporating the ideas from Opposition side. Well if the Government's leaders weren't busy changing clothes and attending parties but rather do some overtime like UK did to come up with a consensual and unanimous law, Bharat would be a little more safer.

Here is an account from Meghnad Desai in an article "Tackling terror effectively" as to how UK dealt with a similar situation.
Once the British Parliament was against a deadline. The Judiciary had said certain foreign terrorists could not be held in prison any longer because the law was discriminatory as they were not able to hold British terrorists as well. Thus, there was a human rights violation. Parliament had to pass a new law within four weeks. Still, both Houses of Parliament went through all the stages of the passage—Second Reading, Committee, Report, Third Reading. Then at the final stage the two Houses had to reconcile the differences in their versions. This is called ping-pong as the Bill goes back and forth across the few hundred feet separating the two chambers. The House of Lords was unhappy about the Government’s desire to hold the suspects for more than a week. Since time was running out, procedurally the Houses could not rise. So we had a 36-hour seating with many Lords, myself including, sleeping in the House of Lords library. From Thursday morning till Friday afternoon we sorted the Bill out after four rounds of ping pong. The House of Lords won its point and suspects had to be presented before a judge to get extension of detention before trial each extra week.

I am relating this story because I am mystified by the way in which the Indian Parliament can pass an important Bill in just two afternoon sessions, after ‘Second Reading’, i.e., general waffly speeches. There seems to be no detailed scrutiny and the Executive pretty much gets its way. Speed, however, is not a guarantee of effectiveness.

Columnists call for Sedition charges against Antulay and Suzanne Arundhati Roy

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The following TOI cartoon says it all:

Renowned journalist Tavleen Singh has called for sedition charges and trial against the irresponsible Minister of Anti-Majority Rights and Muslim Affairs Abdur Rehman Antulay and Anti-Bharat Anti-Hindu bigot leftist author Suzanne Arundhati Roy in her article "The real enemies". Both of these two individuals have time and again ranted Anti-Bharat diatribes and acted like Voice of Radical Islamists and Pakistan. It took Congress less than one day to suspend Narayan Rane because he chose to speak his mind about Antonia Maino and it took them over four and a half long years and 38 major terrorist attacks to remove worthless corrupt Shivraj Patil from the Home Ministry. With such precedence of precarious response by the Government, it would take a meteor strike to wake this callous Government out of its Kumbhakaran sleep to sake a Muslim Minister.
As Abdur Rehman Antulay unintentionally reminded us last week, India has enemies within her borders that are more treacherous than those who come in boats from the sea. If we had a real Prime Minister, instead of one by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, not only would the Minister for Minority Affairs be sacked, he would be tried for sedition. How dare he suggest that in the middle of the worst terrorist attack India has ever faced, our police officers are so evil that instead of fighting the terrorists they plotted to kill one of their own officers? If Antulay had any sense he would stop trying to explain why he, as a former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, made such baseless charges. He makes it worse every time he goes on television and says that he is only speaking out against those he believes sent Hemant Karkare deliberately to his death and not against the entire police force.

In Pakistan, he is the newest hero. Did they not always tell us there was no proof that those responsible for the horrors in Mumbai were Pakistani? Did Pakistan’s alleged security experts not point at ‘Hindu Zionists’? And, now incontrovertible proof that they were right. A Minister in the Government of India has confirmed on national television that he has doubts about who killed Karkare and that “lakhs of Indians” share his doubts. He seems not to notice that in saying this he is really saying that the Indian state is too venal to be trusted.

A famous Indian novelist—whose name I will not take because it would defile this column—goes further. In the latest of her series of hysterical diatribes against India and all things Indian, she justifies the attacks on Mumbai. There is a context to everything, she says, and so we must understand that the jihadis who want to destroy India have good reason to do so. The novelist is not alone in her hatred of all things Indian. Nearly every Indian writer who has written in the Western media since the attack on Mumbai has found reasons why the jihad against India is justified. Look at our ‘atrocities’ in Kashmir and look at what happened in Gujarat and what about the Babri Masjid. One British newspaper went so far as to say that India used 9/11 to treat its Muslims even worse than we did before. This editorial was used by a Pakistani journalist to explain what happened in Mumbai.
Well, you know what, I am sick of it. I am sick of India being blamed all the time for everything by people who would not dare open their mouths in a country that did not offer them the freedom that India does.
Yet, if you were to read the views of our refugee writers who make their money and win their prizes in New York and London, you would think that there was no difference between India and Pakistan.
Anyone with basic knowledge of the Indian sub-continent should know that it is not possible for groups like the Jaish-e-Mohammed and the Lashkar-e-Toiba to survive in India. Yet, our enemies within persist in spreading the canard that these violent Islamist groups are no different from the Bajrang Dal. You would have to be a real fool to believe this but because the message is spread by credible ‘intellectuals’ of leftist persuasion, it is believed by gullible Western journalists. It appalled me to read an editorial in the Financial Times while Mumbai was still under siege that said the terrorists could be Hindu because one of them (Kasab) wore sacred Hindu threads on his wrist.

The Indian state is corrupt, weak and incompetent but anyone who believes that it is capable of organising the attack we saw on Mumbai has to be mad. If anyone needs proof, they only need to look at the effete, namby-pamby manner in which the Indian state has dealt with the aftermath of the attack on Mumbai. Not only has it been unable to force Pakistan to act against the jihadis who fight their war against India from its soil, it has not even been able to act against the enemies within. In any other country there would be sedition trials.
Another known journalist Swapan Dasgupta has this to say on Antulay's treason,
It is in this context that the shenanigans of Minority Affairs Minister A R Antulay are giving sleepless nights to the Congress. In conferring political dignity to some crazy conspiracy theories circulating in cyberspace and the Pakistani media, Antulay is guilty of two offences.

First, he bolstered the Pakistani argument that India was levelling wild charges at a neighbouring country as part of some collateral agenda. Second, he introduced cracks in the national resolve to combat terror by injecting a Hindu-Muslim dimension to it.

No doubt, Antulay has articulated the mood of denial and victimhood that is to be found in Muslim ghettos. As a party that depends disproportionately on the Muslim vote for sustenance, the Congress cannot be unmindful of this sentiment. Yet, by being seen to be pandering to it and allowing the misgivings of the new anti-terror legislation to come centrestage, the Congress is creating doubts in the minds of Middle India of its ability to confront the jihadis effectively.
Another journalist and political analyst Kanchan Gupta in his article "Islamists in PM's team outed!" points out how bereaved is this current Government of any shame.
It is possible that Mr Ahamed as well as Mr Manmohan Singh and Minister for External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee thought that the omission of any mention of Chabad House in the December 9 statement at the UN Security Council would go unnoticed in India -- after all, not everybody reads official texts posted on the Ministry of External Affairs website with great diligence and care; Indian journalists who reported on the statement stressed only those portions that were pointed out to them by the Permanent Mission in New York or the spokesman of the Ministry of External Affairs, which speaks volumes about their professional ethics, if not abilities. To its credit, the Times of India picked up the story after the omission was pointed out in this column; to Mr LK Advani's credit, he raised it forcefully in the Lok Sabha. But I am reluctant to either accept Mr Ahamed's apology -- "I am very sorry. It is my duty to defend every Indian or any foreigner who is in India. We are all one," he said in response to Mr Advani's barbed comment -- or grant him the benefit of doubt: It was not an accidental miss, as has been claimed by the Ministry.

Just as there's nothing unintended or accidental about the vicious remarks of Minister for Minority Affairs Abdul Rehman Antulay, who has converted his Ministry into a Muslim welfare bureau, insinuating that Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare was not killed by the Pakistani fidayeen who attacked Mumbai but 'somebody else'. The valiant police officer who went down fighting the jihadis, according to him, could have been a victim of "terrorism or terrorism plus something. I do not know ... the terrorists had no reason to kill Karkare". Within hours of this outrageous calumny, Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari told BBC that there "is no evidence" to prove Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the 'Butcher of Mumbai', is a Pakistani citizen! Which side is Mr Antulay, who we are told by the Shahi Imam of Delhi's Fatehpuri Masjid, has merely lent voice to what "millions of Muslims believe", batting for? Do his rancid views represent those of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet? If they don't, then he is guilty of not only violating the principle of collective responsibility (which many Ministers have done while thumbing their nose at the Prime Minister) but also of embarrassing the nation -- this Government is so bereft of shame that it cannot be embarrassed, no matter how hard anybody tries, which also explains why the Prime Minister has chosen to sit on Mr Antulay's letter of resignation instead of despatching it to the President for immediate acceptance.

There is some comfort in the fact that at least two closet Islamists in the Prime Minister's team have been outed in less than a fortnight since the jihadi carnage in Mumbai. There will be cause to celebrate when this Government, which has so severely compromised India's national interest, is consigned to the dustbin of history.
It's a toothless law, says Dina Nath Mishra, a victim of Indira Feroz Gandhi's undemocratic emergency when he along with over hundred thousand citizens were put in jail for 19 months on June 25, 1975.
In the Supreme Court, the Attorney General told that during emergency even right to live remained suspended. A number of arrested leaders told me that they doubted if they would ever come out of jail in their lifetimes. The same Congress party, which under pressure enacted TADA, NSA and laws like that, repealed them under pressure from a community which breeds most of the terrorists. TADA was allowed to lapse sympathising with Muslims, for most of the detainees under this law were from that community.

During NDA rule, a new and stronger law, POTA, was enacted to deal with terrorist activities. A chorus for its removal was raised; numerous Muslim groups clamoured for its repeal. The UPA promised to do so and, when it came to power, its first action was to repeal POTA. It was declared from the rooftops that POTA was anti-Muslims. Repealing it was an act of Muslim appeasement — terrorist or no terrorist.

Muslim society, as a whole, does not have any sympathy for terrorists, nor do they help them by any means. But these so-called sympathisers of Muslim cause clubbed terrorists and their abettors with the Muslim masses resulting in identity crisis for the whole community. Out of the 14 crore Muslim population in India, it is not unthinkable that hardly some twenty thousand terrorists and their sympathisers support the stupendous efforts of our sworn enemy — Pakistan and its agencies. But the UPA Government has created an identity crisis for all the Muslims.

With POTA gone, signals were sent to all terrorists in India, Pakistan and other countries. The number of terrorists’ acts and its intensity skyrocketed. The crescendo reached on November 26, 2008 in Mumbai. 200 innocent people were killed and a larger number were injured. Targeted locations included prestigious hotels, which gave them added publicity. It was a 60-hour horror film. Meanwhile, brainwashing through media debate continued. The day POTA was repealed, a parallel debate started on the need for a strong law to deal with terrorists. So much so that even National Security Advisor of UPA Government M K Narayanan went public pleading for stronger anti-terror law. But Congress and its allies did not want to lose the gains obtained by repealing POTA.

Several decorative teeth have also been added in the UAPA. There was a clause that any confession by a terrorist before a senior investigating officer would not be admissible in court. Instead, the confession had to be done before the Magistrate in court. However, this clause was dropped at the last moment due to political reasons.

Both NIA and UAPA are an eyewash. The laws are not sufficient to deal with dastardly terrorist acts that our police force is dealing with. Our laws are not sufficient as compared with American, British and other countries’ laws as stipulated by UN Security Council while dealing with the menace of terrorism.

Teesta Setalvad/CPI(M) bribed riot witnesses before trial, threatened others

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While the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA), Inc. (World Hindu Council of America) cleared its stand on the alleged response by Sonal Shah to the unfounded accusations which were part of the Anti-Hindu communal propaganda by Evangelic-Leftist groups in the US. The truth about known Anti-Hindu bigot Teesta Setalvad was exposed a few days ago by the victims of the riots that happened in Gujarat after the terrorist attack in Godhra by Muslims. 58 Hindus (including 20 children, 15 women, and 23 men) were burnt alive using 140 liters by Muslim Terrorists as proved by the Nanavati-Mehta Commission report made public recently. And then happened despicable violence in its aftermath. As per the figures given by the Union Minister of State for Home Prakash Jaiswal, who belongs to the Congress Party, in Parliament on May 11 2005, 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the riots, 2548 people were injured and 223 people were missing.

The revelation a few days ago was that a host of Gujarat riot case victims were misled into signing affidavits giving false information at the behest of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), an NGO headed by Teesta Setalvad. Teesta Setalvad willfully fabricated and submitted incorrect information to Courts.

Daily Pioneer has brought out another revelation about Teesta who is one of the many fanatic Pseudo-Secular fundamentalist out there who don't believe in Majority Rights. Apparently, Teesta's Gujarat-based NGO processed payment from CPM relief fund to pay the witnesses just before the trial.
A controversial Gujarat-based NGO was instrumental in organising payment of Rs 1 lakh each to as many as ten witnesses in various post-Godhra riot cases. The money came from the CPI(M) relief fund and was distributed months before the witnesses deposed in the courts, five years after the clashes took place. Four other eyewitnesses received Rs 50,000 each.

The revelation comes in the backdrop of reports that a host of Gujarat riot case victims were misled into signing affidavits giving false information at the behest of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), an NGO headed by social activist Teesta Setalvad.

Incidentally, those who were both victims and eyewitnesses received Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 while the victims got mere Rs 5,000 each. This has raised eyebrows over the selection of beneficiaries and the purpose of paying a disproportionately large sum to the eyewitnesses before the trial.

Chief Coordinator of CJP Rais Khan told The Pioneer that he had submitted the name of beneficiaries to the CPI(M) on instruction from Teesta Setalvad. “Setalvad identified the people and I merely followed her instruction and forwarded the list to CPI (M),” Khan said.

When contacted, Setalvad said she was present at the function on an invitation from the CPI(M) and had nothing to do with fund raising. “It was CPI(M) money and I was a mere guest at the function,” she claimed.

Yasin Naimudin Ansari, one of the eyewitnesses who got one lakh rupees, told The Pioneer on phone from Ahmedabad that he was approached by someone from Teesta Setalvad's organisation. "I vaguely remember this. But I don't remember the name of the person," he said.

The function took place in Ahmedabad on August 26, 2007 and the witnesses were handed out demand drafts by CPI(M) politburo member Brinda Karat, Teesta Setalvad and Rais Khan.

The Pioneer is in possession of letters written by beneficiaries thanking Brinda, Teesta and Rais Khan for the payment.

Yasmin Banu Ismailbhai Shaikh (aunt of Zahira) of Baroda, who received Rs 50,000 (DD No 567552 dated August 1, 2007). Yasmin is a complainant in case No. 114/04 at Baroda. It is interesting to note that, when no substance was found in her complaint, she was directed to face lie detection test by the court and ever since she has not appeared in the court.

Among the recipients are four Best Bakery case witnesses and nine are appearing as witnesses in Ahmedabad-related Naroda Patia, Shahpur, Khanpur and other 2002 riot cases.

The information has been gleaned through a string of petitions under the Right to Information Act by one H Jhaveri from various agencies, including banks.
For list of the witnesses who were allegedly bribed by Teesta and CPI(M) just before the trial can be obtained here at "Godhra riot witnesses got Rs 1 lakh each".

As a consequence of the above revelations, Teesta Setalvad's former confidant Raees Khan has filed a FIR against her for threatening him.
"I have filed an FIR (First Information Report) against Teesta today at Rakhial police station. She is behind the threatening calls that I am receiving for the past couple of days," said Raees Khan, a former confidant and once the coordinator here for Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP).

Khan said late on Friday evening that he had to take this step as calls were made to him from Ahmedabad railway station warning him and his family of dire consequence if "I turn out to be a nuisance to Teesta".

"Do not say anything about Teesta. Do not address the media. Keep strictly away from media persons. Even if one word is spoken against Teesta, you and your family will have to pay a heavy price," Khan quoted the caller as saying.

"Today my application was accepted by the Rakhial police inspector and also an FIR was filed. I also met the assistant commissioner police and told him the reason behind my seeking police protection," Khan said.

In his complaint, Raees Khan has directly accused Teesta. "If I am attacked or if anything happens to my family, I will hold Teesta personally responsible," Khan said in the FIR, adding that though he had no enmity with Teesta, she was hounding and threatening him.

"'I will send you to a place from where you will not return', Teesta had warned me recently when I asked for my two months' salary dues," Khan said.

Raees Khan is in the eye of the storm after he was accused of distorting facts in affidavits of the six Naroda Gam witnesses viz., Madina Pathan, Maqsoon Pathan, Rafiq Sheikh, Mohammed Malik, Rafiq Malik and Rahim Malik when he filed their affidavits in 2003.

These witnesses have deposed before the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) that they did not know about the content of affidavits filed before the Supreme Court.

"I did my duties diligently at the office located at Shahpur and all went well until 2007 when she unceremoniously sacked me. She was at her abusive best when she showed me the door," Khan said.

"I have not been paid my two months' salary. The computer and the fax machine and other stationery items belonged to me as I had purchased with my own money and have receipts to prove it. Yet she has taken all of it, claiming that it belonged to her. When I demanded that my property be returned, she said she would fix me in such a way that I will be rotting behind bars for the rest of the life," Khan told IANS.

He also alleges that yet, when he went ahead undeterred and demanded his dues he was approached by people close to Teesta who advised him not to tangle with Teesta.

"'She is too powerful and she can harm you irreparably. It is better you keep away from her', they had advised me," Khan said.
Their FAKE Secularism stands exposed!

Mockery of Democracy: Congress makes an illiterate a Minister in Rajasthan

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There is a saying in Samskrtam (Sanskrit), राजानामनुवर्तन्ते यथा राजा तथा प्रजा। which means "As the King behaves, so does the Common people".

महर्षि बाल्मीकिविरचित श्री रामायण में उल्लिखित श्रीराम-जाबालि संवाद चर्चा है। उल्लिखित प्रसंग में मुनि जाबालि श्रीरामजी को समझाते हैं कि उन्हें जनसमुदाय की आकांक्षाओं का सम्मान करते हुए उनकी अयोध्या वापसी की पार्थना मान लेनी चाहिये और तदनुरूप दिवंगत राजा को दिये अपने वचन भुला देना चाहिए। अपनी बात के समर्थन में उन्होंने कतिपय तर्क भी पेश किये थे। श्रीरामजी प्रतिवाद करते हुए कहते हैं कि वचन तोड़ने से स्वर्गीय राजा को कोई क्लेश नहीं पहुंचेगा इसे मान लें तो भी समाज के व्यापक हित में ऐसा करना सर्वथा हानिकर होगा। उनका तर्क थाः
कामवृत्तोऽन्वयं लोकः कृत्स्नः समुवर्तते।
यद्वृत्ताः सन्ति राजानस्तद्वृत्ताः सन्ति हि प्रजाः।।९।।
(श्री रामायण, अयोध्याकाण्ड, सर्ग १०९)
अर्थात् यदि मैं (श्रीरामजी) आपकी बात मान लूं तो भी यह कहना ही होगा कि पहले तो मुझे स्वेच्छाचारी मान लिया जायेगा, फिर देखा-देखी समाज में सभी स्वेच्छाचारी हो जायेंगे। ऐसा इसलिए कि राजागण जैसा आचरण प्रस्तुत करते हैं प्रजा वैसा ही स्वयं भी करती है।

But that was the time of Shri Ram Rajya, the exemplar of society and ruled by the best King who was the epitome of Mankind. Look what is happening now, Congress has made a mockery of Democracy, again.

An illiterate lady called Golma Devi who couldn't even take her oath properly has been "installed" on a Ministerial position from one district of Dausa district. Her only qualification is that she is wife of somebody. Sounds familiar, right? In present case, this somebody is a rebel from BJP who switched sides at the last moment and the people blinded by their caste consideration voted for who-so-ever from their caste stood up. Without caring who it is, how literate he/she is, etc.

Golma Devi Rajasthan's Rabri Devi
Golma is illiterate and couldn't even take her oath properly. But her prime qualification to get a ministerial berth is her husband Kirori Lal Meena, a powerful tribal leader who rebelled against the BJP just ahead of the recent elections, and now controls a number of Independent MLAs.

"My husband, who is a doctor, will help out and so will my personal assistant. What I am going to do is issue orders and keep visiting my area," says Golma Devi.

And with his wife getting a ministerial chair in the Gehlot government, Kirori Lal, a minister in the former Vasundhara government, is now ready to don the duty at home. "I will now do everything that Golma used to do. From washing clothes and cooking food to taking care of everyone at home."

In reality, Kirorilal managed a ministership for his wife primarily because he heads a group of five Independent MLAs. And Ashok Gehlot, who needs the support of Independents to run his government, is trying to turn his compulsion into a virtue.

"It is not necessary to be highly educated to become a minister. People who are not educated have a lot of common sense and Rabri Devi has already shown how they can be good administrators," he says.

While supporters claim its a triumph of democracy critics here say turning an illiterate Golma Devi into a minister is a mockery of democracy. But perhaps it reflects the truth of India's politics today, especially in a hung assembly where unless you offer ministerial berths, its almost impossible to cobble together a majority.
13-member Gehlot-led ministry sworn in
Gehlot, six days after he took oath as CM, went for a small ministry, which had four Independent MLAs including Golma Devi, the wife of BJP dissident leader Kirorilal Meena.

The 13-member ministry has an overdose of members from the Marwar and Dausa districts and in terms of caste, it is loaded with Jats and Meenas, including Bhil Meena, who between them comprise almost half the council of ministers.

In order to satisfy caste and regions, the chief minister appointed three parliamentary secretaries - Nana Lal Nimana from Mewar, Bramhadev Kumawat from Ajmer and Dilip Choudhry from Marwar region.

Gehlot could not get a single Gujjar in his cabinet.
Gehlot going Lalu way?
At a juncture when the entire country is demanding for a new breed of educated, accountable and responsible political leaders, an illiterate woman, Ms Golma Devi was allotted a minister of state position in Mr Ashok Gehlot's 13- member council of ministers. Though Ms Golma's personal details provided by the government describes her as a "homemaker with general education (Saamanya Shikshit Grahini) who takes keen interest in women empowerment movements, agriculture and farming", the fact remains that this 59-year-old woman has to literally grapple to make sense out of anything which is handed over to her in the written format. “Anyone who has been elected as a legislator can become a minister. Even those who have limited formal education might have good common sense and knowledge.
Golma - Rajasthan's own Rabri Devi? Yes, says the CMHer face covered in a veil, 52-year-old Golma Devi, who can hardly read or write, was among 13 ministers inducted in Ashok Gehlot government on Friday.

Dressed in a traditional yellow "Odhana and Ghaghara", Golma, wife of dissident BJP leader Kirorilal Meena, failed to even read out the oath of office and secrecy.

It was left to another independent MLA R K Saini, who was also sworn in as state minister, to assist her to complete the laid down procedure.

As Governor of Rajasthan S K Singh started administering the oath to Gola at Raj Bhawan here, it was a apparently a display of rote learning for her as she blurted out--- "Golma Devi bolrahi hoon" (Golma Devi is speaking), drawing peals of laughter from the audience.

For the second time, when the Governor started with the oath, Golma just repeated her previous line "I...". As she struggled, the oath was taken as "read".
उपरिकथित तथ्य वस्तुतः शाश्वत और सार्वत्रिक मूल्य का है। आज हमारी लोकतांत्रिक व्यवस्था में नाम से तो कोई राजा नहीं है, किंतु राजा के स्थान पर हमारे जनप्रतिनिधि हैं, पूरी शासकीय व्यवस्था को चलाने वाले हैं। कही गयी बात उनके संदर्भ में भी मान्य है। वे जैसा आचरण करेंगे वैसा ही शासित सामान्य लोग भी करेंगे। चूंकि अनुकरणीय दृष्टांत प्रस्तुत करने वाले जनप्रतिनिधि अब ढूढ़े नहीं मिलते, इसलिए सदाचारण का समाज में लोप हो रहा है। दुर्भाग्य से उच्च पद पर आसीन व्यक्ति अब इस बात की परवाह प्रायः नहीं करता कि उसके कृत्यों को लेकर सामान्य जनों के बीच उसकी क्या छबि बन रही है। काश, ऐसा हो पाता कि शासकीय व्यवस्था के शीर्षस्थ लोग आम आदमियों के लिए अनुकरणीय उदाहरण पेश करते।

But what can you expect from these contemporary dynasty following sycophant politicians, they openly say they don't believe in God Shri Ram. So why would they believe in his aadarsh (morals)?

Other source:
जैसा आचरण राजा का वैसा ही प्रजा का

Friday, December 19, 2008

Corrupt T R Baalu is delaying highway projects

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This shameless Congress led UPA Government will never leave its path of corruption. Like costing Bharat (misnomer: India) its World Bank loan for NHAI was not enough, now even the courts are tired of this decadent corrupt Government and its unethical meddling in to autonomous bodies.

Ministry delaying highways: HC
The Delhi High Court seems to have hit upon the root cause of why crucial highway projects across the country have been moving at a
snail's pace in the past few years. And the discovery has left the court both shocked and angry.

The HC found that the ministry of surface transport and highways was indulging in "day to day interference" into the affairs of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), a statutory body granted functional autonomy by Parliament.

The court was so aghast by the fact that NHAI has seen five chairmen in the past two-and-a-half years that it recommended that a law be enacted to ensure that heads of public enterprises have fixed tenures of 3 to 5 years.

A division bench comprising Justices Mukul Mudgal and Manmohan said the Law Commission and Centre should seriously consider bringing in such a law which "in our opinion will ensure transparency, efficiency and accountability".

The HC's stinging indictment comes close on the heels of widespread criticism of Union surface transport minister T R Baalu's reported role in the recent change of guard in the NHAI, which saw N Gokulram being transferred out. There have also been allegations of repeated interference by the ministry resulting in stalling of key highway projects across India.

"The actions of the Union of India...indicates that not only autonomy granted to NHAI by Parliament through a statute enacted in this regard has been curtailed and eroded, but NHAI is sought to be reduced to a mere department of the ministry of road transport and highways," an anguished HC noted.

The court discovered through evidence tabled before it how the ministry kept forwarding bidders to NHAI, asking the latter to re-evaluate their applications even though NHAI had finalized its bidding process for the Hyderabad project.
So glaring was the government meddling as exposed by circulars sent by the ministry which were placed before HC that one of the judges, Justice Manmohan, decided to record a separate opinion. He deplored the ministry's habit of tinkering with NHAI's bidders list for projects and saw this as a "usurpation of NHAI's jurisdiction".

When it was brought to HC's notice by one of the petitioners, Madhucon Projects, how the NHAI chairmen had been repeatedly replaced, the judges said, "Frequent changes of the chairman of a public authority militates against the concept of an independent authority and makes any chairman vulnerable to pulls and pressures, besides creating administrative chaos and preventing implementation of any long term strategy."

Such was the extent of ministry's meddling that NHAI had admitted in an affidavit that "revaluation of the bids had been done only in accordance with the directions of the ministry."

Government introduces "Right to Bad Quality Education Bill"

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Such a regressive attitude, Bharatvaasi have always been proud of their quality of primary education but now it will suffer further because children wouldn't care to perform. These ministers are a bunch of nincompoops for quoting examples of US. Have they even seen the drop out rate in the US. First they toxify the history by removing real historical facts and replacing them with Nehruvian-Islamified-Evagelic-doctored history. Then they introduce communal divisive quotas and now such foolish bills. Stop deteriorating the education standard.

No child should be failed until Class 8, says Bill
If the recently introduced Right to Education Bill becomes law, schools will not be allowed to force a child to repeat a year or expel
students until class VIII for any reason.

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill, 2008, introduced this week in the Rajya Sabha, proposes that both government and private schools across the country not fail students for poor performance until they complete elementary education (class VIII), nor throw anyone out of school.

Delhi tops in Murders, Rapes, and Robberies. Thanks Congress!

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And still people of Indraprasth (misnomer: Dilli/Delhi) voted communal corrupt Congress back to power. What a shame!

N-E Delhi tops in murder cases, East Delhi in rape and robbery
North-East Delhi has recorded the highest number of murders in the national capital this year while the dubious distinction of having
the highest number of rape and robbery cases went to East Delhi.

Out of the 505 murder cases registered this year across the capital, North-East Delhi recorded 84 till November 30 this year as against 61 in the corresponding period last year.

Murder cases across the capital has registered an increase of 52 murder cases this year compared to last year.

Outer Delhi, which had the largest number of murder cases last year with 83 such cases, followed North-East in the list this year registering 68 cases.

South-East Delhi was third with 60 murders this year as against 44 in 2007 followed by South-West with 55 (40 in 2007) and North-West 49 (49 last year also), according to Delhi Police statistics.

New Delhi district, which has many "posh and powerful" localities of the capital, saw eight murders till November this year compared to four last year.

Rape cases recorded a decline with 446 cases this year as against 580 last year. East Delhi topped the list with 65 cases followed by Outer Delhi 58 and North-West 56.

Outer Delhi and North-East Delhi, which topped the list last year in rape cases, saw a sharp decline this year. Outer had 100 cases last year while North East had 87 in 2007 as against 38 this year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arun Shourie talks on Terror, Islam, Pakistan, and spineless Government of India

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Renowned Journalist Mr. Arun Shourie gives an astounding talk on indolent derelict Government's criminal negligence of the intelligence reports about Mumbai attack, Bharat's zero response towards terrorism, China's military pearl necklace around Bharat, its Geo-Political consequences, radical Islamic terrorism, Madarsas, Pakistan, Pseudo-Secularists, etc. There have been over 65000 deaths due to terrorist attacks in Bharat (misnomer: India) but the spineless Government took four and a half years to remove corrupt no-good Shivraj Patil who was more interested in changing clothes than to protect the nation. Read "Champion of Internal Insecurity Shivraj Patil resigns" for more about his corruption cases and his gem of decisions for which read "Indians will now pay pension to terrorist families".

He informs the public about the Government's "Paralysis by Analysis", as to how a recommendation to make a Marine Police Force was made in November, 1996 by Island Development Authority. It has been 12 years and no such Force has been created. What did this Government do after radical Islamic Terrorist attack in Mumbai on 11/26/2008 other than partying of course? It regurgitated about setting up the same Marine Police Force to fool people as if it has hit sudden sense of conscience to protect the people with new ideas. After destroying the Bharatiya economy by pursuing communal economics, the ex-Finance Minister good-for-nothing Chidambaram who is the newly "selected" Home Minister is shamelessly taking credit for coming up with the idea of Marine Police Force when the truth is that the requirement for it was pitched 12 years ago.

For more, read Sonia Congress's blitzkrieg evangelisation through RBI by V Sundaram, a retired IAS officer.

Another revelation is that there is only 1 constable to gather the intelligence about 35 uninhabited islands of Lashwadeep which are believed to be used as stock and storage area by ISI to keep arms, drugs, and terrorists. Fact concealed by the Government and its stooges in irresponsible Media.

Another revelation is that the supposedly banned LeT is openly running a 200 acres training camp/institute some 30 KM from Lahore which is attended by some hundred thousand potential terrorists who are indoctrinated and trained for Jihad against Bharat. Fact concealed by the Government and its stooges in irresponsible Media.

There are many more revelations by Mr. Shourie which will scare the bejesus out of anyone. But not of the despot Antonia Maino's controlled Government.

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Arun Jaitley on Mumbai's radical Islamic Terrorist attack on 11/26/2008

Lal Krishna Advani quotes Mahabharat in Lok Sabha during post Mumbai Attack speech

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Next prospective Prime Minister Mr. Lal Krishna Advani eloquently spoke on 12/11/2008 in the Lok Sabha on radical Islamic Terrorist attack in Mumbai which took place on 11/26/2008. He also spoke on terrorism and naxalism in Assam. He spoke like a real leader unlike the spineless Prime Minister reading his parroted statements off of a telly prompter.

Advani ji said
"Let it be clearly understood by the enemies of India that in this War against Terror, THE GOVERNMENT AND THE OPPOSITION ARE UNITED."
He quoted from Hindu religious scripture Mahabharat, in which Yudhisthir ji said,
परस्परविरोधे च वयम् पंचा ते शतम्।
अन्यैः साकम् विरोधे तु वयम् पंचाधिकम शतम्।।
Which means "When there is a dispute amongst ourselves, we Pandavs are five and Kauravs are hundred. However, for the enemy outside we are one hundred and five."

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Teesta Setalvad willfully fabricated and submitted incorrect information to Courts

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॥सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं॥ (Truth Alone Triumphs, not falsehood) - Mundak Upanishad 3.1.6

Truth about biased foreign funded Anti-Hindu NGO Citizen for Justice and Peace (CJP) secretary Teesta Setalvad, who is a known rudali (paid mourners) who only cries for Muslims and spews venom against Hindus at a drop of hat, is finally out. She has committed an act of perjury by fabricating and influencing victims of Gujarat riots which followed a Muslim Terrorist attack on a Train in Godhra, Gujarat in 2002. 58 Hindus (including 20 children, 15 women, and 23 men) were burnt alive using 140 liters by Muslim Terrorists as proved by the Nanavati-Mehta Commission report made public recently.

Carrying forward their (Bharatiya/Indian Media) prejudice to suppress any information unmasking the Pseudo-Secularist and Anti-Hindu bigots, no more than one mainstream newspaper and media is carrying this news about Setalvad's mendacities to influence the victims statements and hence, the judgment of the courts.

SC affidavit wrong, didn’t know what we signed: riot victim

Victims say earlier statements were fabricated

Our statements fabricated, say Naroda victims
Tell SIT that human rights groups, relief camp authorities made them sign statements written in English, which they could not understand.

In a shocking revelation, six victims of the Naroda gam (village) violence during the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat have told the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigating Team (SIT) that their statements submitted at several places in connection to the case so far were fabricated and recorded without their knowledge. The issue assumes signification because the places where these statements have been submitted also include the Supreme Court.

In her new home in a narrow bylane of Ahmedabad, Madina Pathan (25) has no idea she has kicked up a storm with her deposition before the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the 2002 Gujarat riot cases.

While an affidavit in the Supreme Court stated that Madina, then a young bride, was raped and stabbed by rioters at her late husband’s house in Naroda Gam, she has told the SIT she was stabbed but never raped. She said she had no idea what was written in that affidavit since it was in English which she could neither read, write or understand.

“In those days, some people used to come and question me. There used to be a Nanu Miyan, I would go to him with the other victims,” Madina told The Indian Express. Nanu Miyan Malek, a Naroda Gam survivor on whose affidavit the Supreme Court appointed the SIT to probe some of the riot cases, says Madina is not lying. “Madina was stabbed in the stomach but no one raped her. She stayed with us in a relief camp for nearly six months,” Malek said.

Malek said the affidavit was “fabricated” and had “incorrect” information. He alleged it was drafted in English without his knowledge by Rais Khan, coordinator of the Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), who made him sign on the affidavit. “I had mentioned this in my statement to the SIT too,” he said.

But Rais Khan claims it was CJP secretary Teesta Setalvad who sent him affidavits for signatures. “Teesta Setalvad used to send me these affidavits through e-mail. I used to take printouts and get them signed after calling the persons concerned to Shahpur. All these affidavits were drafted by Setalvad along with some legal experts,” Khan said. When contacted, Setalvad declined comment.

According to Malek’s eight-page affidavit, Madina, then the newly married daughter-in-law of his neighbour, was attacked and raped by a Hindu rioter. The affidavit was appended to a petition which the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and CJP had jointly moved before the Supreme Court in 2003, seeking a CBI inquiry into the riot cases on the grounds that the Gujarat police was trying to scuttle investigations into these cases.

Madina deposed before the SIT on May 20 this year, stating she was never raped. “Jab Gandhinagar ke bade saab ne poochha tab mujhe pata pada ki pehle court mein aisa likha hai. Mera to kabhi balatkar nahin hua tha (I realised that this was written in the court paper only after the official in Gandhinagar (SIT) asked me. I was never raped).”

She says she received Rs five lakh in compensation which she deposited in a bank. In her statement to the SIT, she said she never identified any of the attackers, neither had she said so in any statement anywhere.

Madina disclosed that one Nanumiyan, who along with a Delhi-based human rights group is petitioner in this case, had got these statements recorded by their counsels.

“These affidavits were in English and I do not know what was written on the paper that I was made to sign. No one had raped me,” says her statement, adding she was stabbed on her hand by a rioter.

Another victim, Maqsood Miyan Pathan, who according to the earlier affidavit, had seen two men getting out of a car and handing over a black suitcase to the then Naroda police inspector, K K Mysorewala, following which the latter reportedly left in his officials vehicle, has also retracted from this. He told the SIT that “some counsels of an NGO had written all this without my knowledge”.

“Counsels in the office of a prominent notary were ‘instigating’ me and other victims to name more persons in their statements,” Maqsood said in his statement.

Four other victims of the case, who have retracted from their earlier statements are Raffique Mohammed Hussain Sheikh, Mohammed Razak Mallik, Mohammed Raffique Hussain Miyan Mallik and Rahim Miyan Rasool Miyan Mallik.

Shri Ram Sethu, sacred ecology of the Sethusamudram

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Source: Rama Sethu, sacred ecology of the Sethusamudram
By: Dr. S Kalyanaraman

In a heartening development catalysed by the Rameshwaram Rama Sethu Protection Movement, a group of scientists gathered in London in November 2008 to declare the imperative of saving and protecting Sethusamudram as the world’s sacred ecological treasure.

Location map of Rama SethuLocation map of Rama Sethu: bathymetry map of Sethusamudram (reproduced from Murty et al., 1994)

Active Image




The Gulf of Mannar and Palk Straits of the Indian Ocean separated by the causeway Rama Setu called Setusamudram. Setusamudram is a compound term: Sethu + Samudram (Causeway + Ocean). Unlike the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, the Sethu has for millennia served as a causeway linking India and Sri Lanka. This sacred monument is venerated in the cultures of millions of people of many nations along the Indian Ocean Rim – nations that can be called the Indian Ocean Community, analogous to the recently constituted European Community. The Sethusamudram is so sacred that every year hundreds of thousands pilgrims assemble in the oceanfront near Rameshwaram (a jyotirlinga pilgrimage place) to perform samudrasnanam (sacred bath in the ocean) at a place where the Indian Ocean remains placid like a lake. This samudrasnanam is a celebration of and homage to the ancestors of many civilizations, Hindu civilization, in particular. This homage is called pitr-tarpanam reinforcing the identity of a billion people on the globe who revere the story of Rama and the history of Sethubandha (the bund to cross the ocean built by the architect Nala, under the direction of the Avatarapurusha, Sri Rama and by vanara army led by Sri Hanuman. Both Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman are worshipped in many temples across the globe. [vanara is erroneously translated as ‘monkeys’; va-nara literally means people-like speakers, evoking the evolution of man on earth.] The causeway is a physical structure superimposed over a ridge formed by collapsed canyons in geological past in an ocean zone exemplified by Mannar volcanic rocks, heat-flows of geothermal energy potential and plate tectonics (earthquakes caused by plate-movements).

Active Image

HeatflowS in Rama Sethu 100 to 180 milliwatt per sq. m. comparable to Himalayan hotsprings. Will dredging in the area activate these heat zones?

Corals of Sethusamudram

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Sethusamudram is home to corals. The coral conglomerates [* File contains invalid data | In-line.JPG *], which are referred to as floating stones in many versions of the story of Sri Rama, were used to construct the causeway, Sethu (which is explained in Tamil encyclopaedia Abhidana Chintamani as ‘ceyarkarai’ that is, artificial, man-made bund). Sethubandha is celebrated in ancient texts, in the song, dance and sculptural traditions of the Indian Ocean Rim states.

Active Image
Sethubandha construction shown on a 9th century sculptural panel in Parambanan (Brahmavana) temple in Indonesia.

The devastation warned, affecting over 60 million people should make every public official and scientist pause and consider the sacred ecology that Sethusamudram constitutes. Over the millennia, people have venerated the Indian Ocean as a life-source. Many young, married couples go for the samudrasnanam praying for the birth of children in their families. Millions of marine folk along the long 7,500 km coastline of India live off the marine wealth of the coastline including the wealth of corals. Corals have a particular sacred significance in Hindu civilizational traditions. The shankha or turbinella pyrum is also called the sacred conch. This sacred conch, shankha, adorns the hands of Vishnu and Bhairava, two divinities worshipped in thousands of temples all over the world. The shankha is also venerated as the conch-trumpet called Panchajanya used by Avatara purusha Sri Krishna to call the troops to battle in the Kurukshetra war described in the epic Mahabharata. Sri Rama is also shown blowing the shankha trumpet in an exquisite terracotta sculpture of the 3rd century in a village near Ayodhya.

Active Image

Terracotta panel of Bhitargaon showing Vishnu blowing the conch, an event depicting Rama as Vishnu Avatara, defeats the Rakshasas led by Malyavan, Mali and Sumali and as narrated in the Uttarkanda of the Ramayana (Cantoes VI-VIII). http://ignca.nic.in/pb0020.htm

Active Image
Quake-induced uplift of coral families in Sumatra Mentawai islands.Sethusamudram is an Indian Ocean region famous for the coral turbinella pyrum, shankha. At Kizhakkarai, 15 kms from Rameshwaram, West Bengal Development Corporation has an office for acquiring the shankha; the annual turnover is over Rs. 50 million ($1 million). The shankha is used to make bangles. Without shankha bangles, no Bengali or Oriya marriage is complete. So sacred are the shankha bangles.Studies of the type carried out in Mentawai Islands near Sumatra have to be carried out in Sethusamudram to record the upliftment, if any, of the coral reefs, in the region which is earth-quake prone, apart from being the only coastal region with evidence of Mannar volcanic rocks and heat-flows comparable to the heat-flows recorded in the sub-Himalayan hot-springs.

Sethu as tsunami-protection wall

The Sethu has served as a natural tsunami-protection wall in an ocean zone subject to many earthquakes and consequent tsunamis. The nearby region of Sumatra is also home to the world’s most devastating volcano, the Mount Toba that had a super-eruption about 74,000 years ago spewing volcanic ash to a depth of 6 to 12 inches all over South India south of the Vindhya Mountains.

The Bay of Bengal part of the Indian Ocean is a trough subject to recurring, severe cyclonic storms from the area of depression near Taiwan. The storm surges get sucked into the trough of Bangladesh causing enormous damage to lives and properties. The tsunami which occurred on December 26, 2004 was an event triggered by the subduction of the Indian plate under the Burmese plate resulting in the displacement of water which surreptitiously traveled as tsunami resulting in the loss of over 200,000 lives and the virtual disappearance of Aceh island. A tsunami expert, Prof. Tad S. Murthy notes that if any channel is laid across Sethusamudram, the channel will act like a funnel absorbing the energies of the next tsunami and devastate the coastline of South India because of what is known as the ‘quarter-wave resonance amplification’. This is proved by the Alaska tsunami of 1964 which resulted in maximum devastation along the Alberni Canal in Canada and the destruction of the Alberni Port.

The sentiments expressed in the London seminar echoe the judgment of the Supreme Court of India which asked the Union of India to reconsider the Sethusamudram Channel project and noted that a Pachauri Committee will go study the issue. Prof. Rajendra Pachauri heads the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an institution that received the Nobel Prize for Peace. Pachauri Committee should not only recommend the scrapping of the Sethusamudram Channel project, which will be a world calamity if carried through, but also recommend a serious, multi-disciplinary agency to study the impact of another tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Another tsunami in the Indian Ocean is not a theoretical model but a reality. Scientific advances have not been able to predict the exact date of the next tsunami but all scientists are agreed that another tsunami more devastating than the December 26, 2004 tsunami is a possibility.

This nightmare warning, this possibility has been studied by seismologists (researchers of earthquakes) and earth scientists studying corals. In a recent study published in the Science Magazine (December 16, 2008) scientists have observed that many coral colonies in the Mentawai Islands near Sumatra were killed in September 2007 when large earthquakes lifted the reefs 1 meter or more out of the water. Seismology studies show that an earthquake of magnitude greater than 8.8 on Richter scale, could rock the coastal areas of Bengkulu and Padang in the next 30 years (along the Sumatra earthquake belt), triggering a major tsunami which could put over 60 million people of the Indian Ocean, east coast of India, west coast of Burma and south coast of Bangladesh at risk.

Pachauri Committee will also be well advised to review the creation of Marine Economic Zones all along the long 7500 km. coastline of India to create new economic opportunities for the coastal and marine people.

Tsunami-protection wall in Japan

A multi-disciplinary team of experts should be constituted IMMEDIATELY, by the Union of India to study the warnings of another tsunami which will devastate the nation’s coastline and lives and property of coastal people and establish Disaster Management Zones all along the vulnerable coastline with structures like tsunami-protection walls constructed in Japan.

Next tsunami

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Sacred traditions help us remember the sacredness of the earth in which we are only trustees of the present and future generations.

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We do NOT have the right to destroy this sacred ecology and deny future generations, the privilege of worshipping sacred sites and remembering the ancestors who have given the humanity its very identity.

Indian Ocean Rim states impacted by the tsunami of December 26, 2004


Active Image
The next tsunami is likely to impact the same Indian Ocean region – a lesson learnt from history.List and locations of catastrophic tsunamis of Indian Ocean.catastrophic tsunamis of Indian Ocean

What the scientists tell us about earthquakes and tsunamis should make us pause and ponder.The 9.0 Earthquake of December 26, 2004 at 6.58 hours at the epicenter (and in Sri Lanka) led to a sequence of 15 quakes across the Andaman region. While earthquakes could not be predicted in advance, once the earthquake was detected it was possible to give about 3 hours of notice of a potential Tsunami. Such a system of warnings is in place across the Pacific Ocean but is only being put in place in the Indian Ocean; this needs further cooperation among the nations of the Indian Ocean Community.

Nature magazine reports: “Tens of millions of people along the heavily populated coasts of Myanmar, Bangladesh and West Bengal could be living under threat of a tsunami as massive as the one that devastated the Sumatran coast in 2004, according to a report to be released by Nature on Thursday this week. The report claims that while the 2004 disaster took the scientific community by surprise many of the same warning signs currently exist in the Bay of Bengal.”

When the plate boundaries abruptly deform and vertically displace the overlying water, a tsunami occurs. A tsunami travels very fast as ocean waves, about 800 km/h, or 0.2 km/sec for a water depth of 5000 m. Seismic waves are faster and cause enormous upheavals on the earth’s crust and ocean-beds. Oceans are the treasure of humanity and it is our responsibility to harness the treasure in a sustainable manner through well-regulated Marine Economic Zones which have the potential to make the Indian Ocean Community a veritable powerhouse to create wealth of nations, while providing new livelihoos opportunities to over 2 billion people on the globe.

Tsunami impact on land cover of Indian Ocean Community




fullMaps_Sa.nsf/luFullMap1724ADB850F3F30B85256F8E0055AB65/$FileEUJRC_tsu_cov_sasia070105.pdf?OpenElement Land cover

/ potential land affected by tsunami (26 December, 2004)

Details of scientific papers on “Sacred ecology, sacred ocean, sacred Setusamudram” are provided at http://sites.google.com


(The author is the National President,

Rameshwaram Rama Sethu Protection Movement

and he can be contacted at kalyan97@gmail.com)