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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Petition to free Temples from Government control

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Thanks to Nizal Yoddha for bringing this to everyone's notice: Very Important on Chidambaram Temple - Please support petition

Please support the petition below and let us free our holy Temples out of the unethical and immoral control of Government. Government has no business controlling the functioning of Temples, it should rather focus on development and security. It's insane that while Temples and it's funds are in direct control of Government latest being Chidambaram Temple taken over by Atheist DMK govt. under insane Anti-Hindu Karunanidhi but no other religious bodies like Madarsa and Churches are under government control. What kind of a Secularism (panth nirpeksh) is this? Why this bias against Hindus and Temples? I don't want my Daan (selfless donation) at a Temple to be redirected anymore by government for sponsoring and subsidizing funds for people going on vacation to Haj or Bethlehem (Vatican). It's ridiculous that even 60 years after Nehru's prejudiced decisions to put only Temples under govt. control this screw up has not been fixed. But this is a good opportunity for all of us. Please sign these two petitions if you agree.





Dear All

I request you all to kindly recall my online petition (http://www.PetitionOnline.com/Rudhram/petition.html), which I hosted last year when the Diskhidars (around a dozen of them) of the Chidambaram Natarajar Temple were arrested on foisted charges by the TN Police with regards to the issue concerning the singing of Tamil Hymns inside the temple. As the government and the Diskhidars preferred for an amicable settlement at that time, I had to drop the idea of filing the petition at the Supreme Court then.

Now, as you are all aware, the issue has reached alarming proportions with the Dravidian atheist government taking over the control of the temple based on the judgment given by Justice Banumathi endorsing the appointment of an Executive Officer by the HR & CE Department of the Tamilnadu government.

Meanwhile the Dikshidars have filed a Writ Appeal, which had been admitted by a Divisional Bench and Dr,Subramanyam Swami has also impleaded himself in the case in support of the Dikshidars. The case had to be adjourned on 17 February 2009 due to the abominable attack on Dr.Swamy and a few of us inside the court hall and again on 19 February due to the unfavourable environment prevailing in the High Court then.

The High Court is not functioning now due to the continuous boycott by lawyers. Moreover, we cannot be sure of getting a favourable verdict at the Madras High Court, as we have a government, which is hostile to Sanatana Dharma. Hence, I have hosted a new petition addressed to the Chief Justice of India as under. I have also given the URL of the petition below.

I hereby request you all to kindly sign the petition and spread the message to all your contacts, so that, the mission is accomplished successfully by the grace of Bhagwan Sri Nataraja.

Thanking You All,

With Warm Regards,

B R Haran.



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