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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 3/5/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (March 5, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
  1. Revealed: CEC’s letter accusing Chawla of Congress bias

  2. Petition to free Temples from Government control

  3. LK Advani on "the Hand that made it possible"

  4. Narendra Modi Q&A at Symbiosis Management Institute

  5. Biased media's insensitivity to Godhra Train terrorist attack

  6. Hindus & Jews are Friends indeed

  7. Catching them young: Advani surfs net, Rahul legs it out

    Advani@Campus is an innovative campaign and Mr. Advani is a self made man of democratic BJP unlike the allegedly three times college dropout Heir apparent of dynastic monarchic politics ridden Congress who failed in Hindi exam. So why would the "young" join Nepotist Congress when they know that only a so-called Maino-Gandhi can be King from Nehru clan?

  8. Victims of sex abuse by priests can sue Vatican: US court

    Finally... Hallelujah!! Hindus can sue the Christian Taliban for burning Temples and may be that sexually exploited Kerela nun Jesme can sue them too?

  9. 1908 US "Atlantic" magazine on how British starved and bloodsucked India

    A must read!

  10. Intimidation at the Judicial Commission of Enquiry - Radha Rajan
    dmk/christist barbarians -- after their nazi attack on subramaniam swamy calling him a 'brahmin dog', i believe led by one immanuel -- continue with their antics.

  11. India Elections 2009 - Charges against Navin Chawla

  12. Ports to have 'dirty bomb' scanners
    In view of the mounting threat from terrorists and their sponsors laying hands on nuclear warheads and using them against India, the government has stepped up efforts to acquire equipment capable of detecting arms and radioactive substances in containers.

    These gama ray scanners would be installed at all major ports, including Mumbai, Chennai, Tuticorin and Kandla.

    The process has already begun and the final bids would be opened on March 16 for at least seven container scanners. Three mobile gama ray container scanners systems and four fixed container scanners would soon be installed at key ports besides the one that has already been installed at Nava Sheva in Mumbai.

    A lot of container traffic at Kandla in Gujarat, Chennai, Vizag and Tuticorin goes undetected. Some of these containers are believed to contain arms and radioactive material. The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence had booked a number of cases in recent years where despite a ban, unshreded scrap containing unexploded rocket shells and bombs from Iraq and Somalia had been smuggled into the country and recycled in rolling mills situated in Delhi's neighbourhood.

    The threat perception and the proposal to install high-end container scanners are not new. In fact, the process of acquiring the scanners began as early as 2004 and in October 2006, the government sanctioned Rs 175 crore for this purpose.
    What is the point of all the scanner when someone can pay $200-300 bribe to the official to look the other way? Only Rs 175 crore to protect the long coast line, how very generous? But when this derelict government is shamelessly misusing tax payers money to run huge Bharat Nirman Ads in newspapers to fool the tax payers by claiming as it's achievement that their Lady Bountiful has waived off at the cost of tax payers the Rs 70000 crore loan owed by the suicidal farmers, so getting Rs 175 crore for security half-heartedly is a big deal people. These ads are no less than India Shinning ads of BJP led NDA. But the difference is that 5 years ago India was truly shining under Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee's proactive Government but now it is India Whining of Despair and Insecurity under this indolent government.

  13. Illegal forex trade in Goa on upswing

  14. India Elections 2009 - Its Congress’ to lose

  15. Navin Chawla to take over as CEC

    Another constitutional post compromised for unethical and unconstitutional partisanship to a political party and loyalty to a despot.

  16. Give us desi jobs, say IIM grads

    Sorry no vacancy, the available jobs are reserved for Muslims popularly also known as Minorities.

  17. rvaidya: Time to Get Back Black Money in Swiss accounts

  18. the attack on the sri lankan cricket team is 'diplomatic theater' by the ISI

    Get ready for a statement from Congress led UPA that Pakistan is our brother and is a victim of terror. We will help them in the probe. अरे पापियों पहले अपने घर को तो संभालो। Aray papiyon pahle apne ghar ko to sambhalo.

  19. India: Poverty and cliches slumdog milionaire - By Francois Gautier

  20. Kerala nun's controversial tale in English, Hindi, Marathi soon

  21. selections from geert wilders' thoughts: is the problem islam or wilders?

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