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Saturday, January 10, 2009

NDTV to honor Anti-Hindu bigot MF Hussain

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Popularly known for its Anti-Hindu bias and for gagging the freedom of speech, the leftist NDTV news channel has decided to honor perverted old Anti-Hindu bigot Makbool Fida Hussain who draws naked paintings of only Hindu Gods, Goddesses, and Bharat Mata (India considered as Mother).

Thanks to Nizal Yodhha for bringing this to everyone's notice at "Force NDTV to cancel award to MF Hussain".

We can see the clear bigotry and prejudice of this so-called painter here at "Innocent MF Husain? Be judge of Husain's paintings here!" and http://protestnudebharatmatha.blogspot.com/. A mere look at his so-called painting makes his prejudice and perversion clear. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a Van Gogh lover to see through his bias against Hindu Gods and Goddesses only. He draws naked paintings of only Hindu Gods and Goddesses and not of Muslim or Christian men and women whom he depicts in full clothing. Which clearly shows his sick prejudice. He associates by painting holy Hindu symbols like Satya or Swastik along with mass murderer Hitler (shown naked by him) despite knowing that Hitler misrepresented the true meaning of this symbol, which is peace and prosperity. It is a symbol of God you (Hussain) sick pervert. As per his painting he depicts Hitler as evil and hence draws him naked along with Satya or Swastik. And he also draws ONLY Hindu Gods and Goddesses as naked. So by that logic, it seems he believes Hindu Gods and Goddesses are evil. Whatever Evil means as per Abrahamic religions.

So, if as per Anti-Hindu biased pseudo-Secular Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media, Government, NGOs, so-called elite society, Mullahs, Ummahs, etc. this cheap Anti-Hindu filth, which hurts the sentiments of Millions of Hindus, is justified as freedom of expression then so are the cartoons of Mohamed by the Danish cartoonist and the Da-Vinci-Code. As per them, one is freedom but the other is blasphemy. Why this bias?

Hindus force NDTV to cancel their proposed award to anti-Hindu MF Hussain

Hindus, Protest Against NDTV Which Is To Honor Hussain! by Bharatha Gnana

NDTV has planned to felicitate painter M.F. Hussain who hates Bharatmata and Hindus, with an award by name, 'Man of the Year'. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has handed over a letter to N.D.T.V. opposing its decision. News details are here

Contact Details:

Phone: (011) 26446666
Fax: (011) 29231740
E-mail Address: feedback@ndtv.com

Real face of MF Hussain - Innocent MF Husain? Be judge of Husain's paintings here!

Timing for Calling Protest: One protester called on above telephone number he received recording message requesting him to call between 8 A.M and 8 P.M. (According to Indian Time).

Mumbai: N.D.T.V. news channel has planned to felicitate painter M.F. Hussain who hates our country and Dharma, with an award by name, ‘Man of the Year’. Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) has handed over a letter to N.D.T.V. opposing its decision. (N.D.T.V. had published that, since more than 1250 complaints against M.F. Hussain for painting nude pictures of Bharatmata and Hindu Deities have been registered he is scared to visit Bharat and now the same channel is inviting him to accept the award. This proves that the said channel too is anti-Hindu. One must find out from where these anti-Hindu channels get their funds! – Editor)

NDTV changed the decision to give Award to Hussain by Hindu Jagruti on January 24, 2009

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