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Monday, January 19, 2009

Narendra Modi's Rural Empowerment: 13693 Gram Panchayat get Internet

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If well deserved endorsement and appreciation for Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi from rich and mighty industrialists gave so much heartburn to the pseudo-secular Bharatiya media and communal corrupt Congress who acted like spiritless losers showering their usual abuses, this news will give them a bad stomach ache.

Mr. Narendra Modi as a part of his rural empowerment mission is inaugurating an E-Gram Vishwagram Project from the Haripura village, providing broadband internet connectivity to all 13693 Gram Panchayats of Gujarat with communication technology network. He will be dedicating this to the great freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on January 23, 2009. Not only that, he will do it from Haripura village which has a historic significance. In 1938, Haripura was a turning point in the freedom struggle, the historic speech of Subhash Babu gave a vital mode to freedom movement. Under the leadership of Subhash Babu, in the year 1938, the historic convention of Congress was held at Haripura. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had selected Haripura for the convention.

This is a first of its kind massive project not only in Bharat but in whole Asia. It is considered a revolutionary stride in rural empowerment.

For more details on this news and the project, please go to "Modi to dedicate Broad Band to Gujarat’s all 13693 Panchayats".

Haripura's 10-yr wait to see Netaji's statue to end soon
It is here that Bose, then 39 years old, became the youngest INC president, passed resolutions condemning federal schemes, appointed an India Education Board and set up a Constitution committee. In view of the historical importance of the site, the district panchayat had decided to install a statue of Netaji at Haripura.

"We thank Chief Minister Narendra Modi for taking the initiative to repair the road leading to the statue site. This is the only memorial for the village that witnessed a historic event in 1938," said Jayanti Patel, a village elder.

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