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Thursday, April 30, 2009

US State Dept: India THE most Terror afflicted country

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After a Study by US based independent security research organization RAND claimed that India is terribly soft on Terror, United States (US) State Department has come out with a new report declaring Bharat (misnomer: India) as THE most terrorism-afflicted country in the world in 2008. Following is an excerpt from the report. The complete report can be read in PDF format here: Country Reports on Terrorism 2008 - April 2009 or at the link below.

Country Reports on Terrorism 2008
India ranked among the world’s most terrorism-afflicted countries. It was the focus of numerous attacks from both externally-based terrorist organizations and internally-based separatist or terrorist entities. Several attacks inflicted large numbers of casualties, including the most devastating attack of the year on November 26 in Mumbai. Although clearly committed to combating violent extremism, the Indian government's counterterrorism efforts remained hampered by its outdated and overburdened law enforcement and legal systems.

In 2008, India ranked among the world’s most terrorism-afflicted countries. On November 26 in a pivotal moment that is now called "26/11", terrorists struck at a variety of locations in Mumbai on November 26, killing at least 183 people, including 22 foreigners, six of whom were Americans and 14 members of the police and security forces. Over 300 more were injured.

The attacks in Mumbai targeted places frequented by foreigners and wealthy Indians. The attackers entered Mumbai from the sea and attacked people in two hotels, a Jewish center, the main train station, and additional locations. They also planted bombs in two taxis that later exploded in different locations in the city. The terrorists appeared to have been well-trained and took advantage of technology, such as Global Positioning System trackers. Local and state police proved to be poorly trained and equipped, and lacked central control to coordinate an effective response. This attack was the most recent in a long list of lethal terrorist incidents this year.

Among the major events:

* On May 13, Jaipur experienced serial bomb blasts at crowded market areas and at Hindu temples. At least 60 people were killed, and more than 150 injured.
* On June 29, Maoist insurgents attacked and killed 33 security forces in Malkangiri district in the eastern state of Orissa.
* On July 7, Indian interests were attacked in Afghanistan when terrorists drove a vehicle-borne IED into the outer perimeter of the Indian Embassy in Kabul on July 7. Two Indian diplomats died, and a number of Afghan citizens were wounded.
* On July 25, serial bombs were set off in Bangalore in both business and industrial areas. At least one individual died, while eight were injured.
* On July 26, in Gujarat’s capital, Ahmedabad, 21 devices exploded killing 54 and injuring at least 156. These explosions took place in market areas, on buses and other vehicles, and at the hospital to which the wounded from the first serial bomb blast were being treated.
* On September 13, terrorists detonated serial bombs in New Delhi in a variety of market places and other crowded public areas. These attacks killed at least 20 individuals and wounded more than 80.
* On October 30, insurgents detonated a series of nine bomb blasts throughout the northeastern state of Assam killing approximately 110 people.

None of the perpetrators of these attacks has yet been prosecuted. The Indian government assessed that South Asian Islamic extremist groups including Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, and Harakat-ul-Jihad-i-Islami (Bangladesh) as well as indigenous groups were behind these events.

Eastern India has a long history of Maoist (left-wing extremism), and insurgent terrorist activity that has challenged state writ and control, governance structures, and the ruling political class. In 2008, there were 50 terrorist attacks in Eastern India that killed approximately 500 individuals. No American citizens were targeted or victims of terrorism in any of these incidents.

Insurgent groups, often fighting for recognition, political, and economic rights, or independence, were also active in the Northeast. Failure to properly accommodate the competing interests of diverse ethnic groups, low levels of development, and the success of previous insurgent movements in creating new Indian states were cited as explanatory factors for the appeal of insurgent movements. In 1990, the Government of India banned one of the most active insurgent groups, the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA). ULFA is alleged to have been involved in several terrorist attacks this year, including the bicycle bomb blast on September 18 in Chirang district, resulting in 20 injured Indian citizens, and the October 30 serial blasts mentioned above.

The Communist Party of India (Maoists), commonly referred to as Maoist/Naxalites, were active in the states of Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, the so-called "Red Corridor." Companies, Indian and foreign, operating in Maoist strongholds were sometimes targets for extortion.

State governments have expressed interest in augmenting their security forces by either creating or buttressing state-level assets, or hosting central level units to address the increased terrorist threat. Chattisgarh's government has invested in counterinsurgency training for police and paramilitary forces at its Jungle Warfare Training Center. Nevertheless, there is no clear unified command structure between state and federal forces in counterinsurgency efforts, which hampers their effectiveness.

Illicit funding sources that may have been exploited to finance terrorist operations were being closely investigated. Indian authorities believe that the Mumbai terrorists used various funding sources including credit cards, hawala, charities, and wealthy donors. In addition to the Mumbai attacks, the rise in terrorist attacks and their coordinated nature throughout India suggested the terrorists were well-funded and financially organized.

Indian officials, particularly in West Bengal and Assam, were concerned about the porous India-Bangladesh border, of which only 2500 of the 3000 km land border has been fenced (total land and water border is 4100 km). India's inability to protect its porous maritime border has been under media scrutiny since it came to light that the perpetrators of the November 26 Mumbai attacks arrived by sea. In Tamil Nadu, coast guard and police officials, as well as security analysts, all acknowledged that the government was unable to monitor sufficiently the thousands of small commercial fishing vessels that ply the waters between India and Sri Lanka.

The Indian government has implemented an advance passenger information system to receive inbound passenger information from air carriers operating in India. The system, however, is not compatible with or able to share data with the U.S. and EU equivalent systems.
India world's most terror-afflicted countries: US
Ranking India among the world's most terrorism-afflicted countries, the United States on Friday said that none of the perpetrators of the major terrorist attacks in that country last year have yet been prosecuted.

Besides the 26/11 Mumbai attack, the annual "Country Reports on Terrorism 2008" of the US state department has listed seven other major terrorist attacks in India during 2008 -- prominent among them being the Jaipur bombings, attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul and the terror strikes in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Assam.

"In addition to the Mumbai attacks, the rise in terrorist attacks and their coordinated nature throughout India suggested the terrorists were well-funded and financially organized," the report said.

As for the Mumbai attack, the report said Indian authorities believe that the terrorists used various funding sources including credit cards, hawala, charities, and wealthy donors. Illicit funding sources that may have been exploited to finance terrorist operations were being closely investigated, it said.

According to the report, Indian government assessed that Islamic extremist groups including Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Harakat-ul-Jihad-i-Islami (Bangladesh) as well as indigenous groups were behind major terrorists attacks.
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Human Rights Coalition Rally against Radical Islam at Times Square

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

A historic event of an unprecedented proportion is taking place at TIMES SQUARE, NY CITY, ON SUNDAY, MAY 3RD AT 12:00 NOON.

A rainbow coalition of thousands of people, representing Buddhists, Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Sikhs and other groups, under the banner of Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam, has emerged and will be staging a peaceful Rally.

The following three community leaders will represent Indian American Community and address the Rally:

Rajinder Singh Khalsa

President, Sikh Recognition Trust of America


Barbarities on Sikh Nation by Radical Islam

Arish Sahani

Vice President

Indian American Intellectuals Forum


Religious Cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir

Bhupinder Singh Bhurji

Chairman and CEO of Namdhari Sikh Foundation


Sacrifice of Sikh Gurus for the Protection of Human Rights

You are cordially invited and requested to participate in this Rally with your family and friends to express your outrage and anguish at the rising tide of Radical Islam all over the world.

Enclosed herewith please find the flyer for the Rally.

For more information, please go to www.HRCARI.org.

Narain Kataria


Indian American Intellectuals Forum

(718) 478-5735

BJP's Initiative for Rural India & Farmers

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---------------Forwarded Message----------------
From: LK Advani Communications Office

Social message: Pl register as emergency blood donor on www.smsindia4blood.com and help save lives…Indian Lives

Now read on...

BJP’s Charter of Rights for the farmers and Its Priorities for Farmers :

1. Loans of all farmers to be waived off under the principle of equality.
2. Agricultural loans to be provided at the rate of four per cent Interest.
3. Provision of subsidy directly to farmers
4. Adequate Power, Water & Work
5. Farm income guarantee insurance scheme for small farmers
6. Pension for old age farmers
7. Minimum Support Price for all crops after adding 50% over production cost
8. Implementation of the recommendations of the Agricultural Commission.
9. Strengthening rural infrastructure by providing electricity to each village and connecting it with all weather road.
10. Strengthening agriculture across India and improving farmers’ economic livelihoods through remunerative prices, right decisions on crop management, the best agricultural technology, adequate water supplies, clear property rights, the necessary rural infrastructure that will allow them to operate as efficiently as possible and a comprehensive income insurance scheme.
11. Implementation of the Ladli Lakshmi Scheme for girls to enable them to complete their education and become a lakh pati at age of 21. This scheme is implemented in M.P by our C.M Sri Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Summary of BJP’s IT Vision Document –Benefitting Rural India

Following steps would be taken by the BJP led NDA government at centre :

1. Will generate 1.20 Crore new IT-enabled jobs in rural areas. This will be achieved by way of at least 20 jobs in each of the aprox 600000 villages in the country. A series of initiatives have been devised to make this a realty.

2. Raise farm productivity, bring cost of cultivation down and increase Kisans’ income using IT for water conservation, soil enrichment, procurement, marketing, credit needs of Kisans, waste elimination and taking R&D from ‘lab to land’.

3. Internet in every town and village – with unlimited upload and download data transfer limits

4. Every BPL (Below Poverty Line) family to be given free smart mobile phone – Free of cost.

5. 100% financial inclusion through Bank accounts, with eBanking facilities for all Indian Citizens. Direct transfer of welfare funds.

6. Providing highest standard Medical Services under eHealthcare initiative – using video conferencing facilities, without the need to travel to Big cities for medical treatment. This is known as Telemedicine. The BJP led government will use IT to provide best medical services to Rural India.

7. Land and property records to be computerized to reduce the number of disputes / litigation due to non-clarity of land records in rural areas.

8. Panchayats will be able to communicate between themselves, free of cost!

9. Purchase of Railway and Bus tickets from the Internet in their own villages!

10. All courts to be computerized for faster decision on cases and clearing of back log..

11. All Citizen to have free call facility to call their areas M.P.. This will be a 24 Hours facility. This will be helpful in their discussing the problems with their elected representative.

12. Under eGovernance for Good Governance – Making available government services online and in local languages in every village & town.

13. Implementing ‘E Gram Vishwa Gram’ : Gujrat’s pioneering project that BJP ledges to implement nationwide – This project aims at providing broadband connectivity to all gram panchayats. Video conferencing facilities at all the villages. Gram Panchayat to issue citizen related documents and certificates, application forms including 7 / 12 certificates to farmers from Panchayats.

14. The use of IT will help in better communication from Rural areas to City Government, State Government and even the centre government. This will reduce corruption ,since all transactions between government and citizens will be computerized.

15. Under eDevelopment for all – To provide Information required by Farmers (About markets, inputs, farm operations, government schemes etc) to be provided through digital platforms – at Panchayat level only.

16. National skill development mission to increase the number of skilled workers from 8% currently to 20% in five years of BJP led NDA rule. Climate change also to be addressed with green technologies.

17. A great initiative planned by BJP led NDA government – eBhasha – National Mission for promotion of IT in Indian Languages – All softwares sold in India would have to be compatible with all 22 official languages. This will go a long way in e-enabling our rural India and ensure deeper penetration of IT / Internet which will help in much faster development of the Rural India< /span>.

The BJP & NDA seek the support of India & Bharat in the coming elections. We assure you a future NDA Government will implement this IT vision with the speed, vigour, ambition and determination to uplift the rural economy for a sustainable growth of Bharat.

Kindly would like your feedback/suggestions on this article at feedback.bjp2009@gmail.com

Please forward this article if you feel it is a positive step towards making India better and let us know to how many you have forwarded

Jai Hind

Social message: Pl register as emergency blood donor on www.smsindia4blood.com and help save lives…Indian Lives

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Biased CNN-IBN worried about Modi as PM

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Please also read, "Manmohan Singh agrees with Indian Mujahideen terrorists?".

Please also watch the video interview, "Narendra Modi takes on CNN-IBN: Tell me definition of Hindutva?".

"Editorial slandering of Hindu symbols by CNN-IBN"

Known Anti-Hindu biased news channel CNN-IBN is in jitters because Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi may be the next Prime Minister after Bharat's (misnomer: India) next prospective Prime Minister Mr. Lal Krishna Advani.

Biased section of Indian media is fine with undemocratic dynastic setup of Congress to misrule the nation but not with democratic setup of BJP which elects Son of the soil to Progress the nation.

Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Congress Bureau of Investigation lets off Quattrocchi

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Shame Shame Antonia! Shame Shame Sonia! Shame Shame Congress! Shame Shame CBI!
"The Government has assaulted and weakened every constitutional office: the Election Commission, Governors and Parliament."
- Outlook, March 2 2009

This is the most despicable and condemnable misuse of power and a constitutional body like Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for personal vendetta and advantage by Congress Government. Congress under Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi has devalued and misused every possible constitutional body from President, Vice President, Election Commissioner, Governors to CBI.

First they misused the agency, now aptly known as Congress Bureau of Investigation, to settle scores with their "political enemies" by racking cases against them and then by conveniently suppressing cases against them when the foes became friends for eg. Mayawati and Mulayam Singh. They also let off prime accused of 1984 Anti-Sikh pogrom by Congress, Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler. And now Italian Ottavio Quattrocchi is let off scot-free.

When questioned, Congress has the audacity to say its recent favorite parroted statement that Quattrocchi case is no longer a poll issue, just as for them shambled economy, out of control terrorism, farmer suicide, Hindu heritage destruction, Hindu civil liberties, 1984 Anti-Sikh pogrom, 1947 Hindu Genocide during partition, persecution of Kashmiri Hindus, undemocratic Article 370, etc. are no longer poll issues. Who the f**k do you think you are to say its not a poll issue? Its not for you but for the people of Bharat (misnomer: India) and Hindus to decide if some or all of aforesaid are poll issues or not. Its like a murderer telling a judge that don't worry about the crime, since the person is already dead and as the prosecution is in collusion with the defense, so this murder is no issue.

A few below the radar scams by BarbarIndian
In January 2006, CNN-IBN reported that additional solicitor general of India B Dutta had told British authorities to defreeze two London bank accounts of Ottavio Quattrochi, the main accused in the Bofors scandal. These bank accounts allegedly contained money received as kickbacks from the multi-crore deal. The accounts were frozen on request from CBI.

Last month, through an RTI application, CNN-IBN found India's Law and Justice Minister Hansraj Bharadwaj may have made the defreezing request himself.

But in further reply to the RTI filed by activist Dev Ashish Bhattacharya, the Law Ministry says that passport of their Minister is "not available" with them. "It clearly proves that Bharadwaj's ministry is trying to hide something controversial,” says RTI activist, Dev Ashish Bhattacharya.
Such gross misuse of power is shocking and flabbergasting beyond compare. Even after this if someone votes for this morally bankrupt and nauseatingly corrupt party under this Italian despot, knowing about such unethical misdeeds and conduct practiced by them, then SHAME on those voters as they deserve such Dharm Nirpeksh (those who don't believe in Dharma, hence are Unethical, Immoral and Unrighteous) Government's rule under such feudalistic & dynastic party in the current Undemocratic & Nepotistic Demonarchy setup.

Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

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  1. Advani slams PM, Sonia on Quattrocchi issue

  2. CBI asks Interpol to take Quattrocchi off wanted list
    After figuring in category of people wanted by Interpol for 12 years, the CBI has asked the international agency to take off Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, an accused in the Rs 64 Bofors payoff scam, from the Red Corner notice list in which he had been put at India's behest.

    "The case has been under trial in the courts since 1999. CBI has taken action on the basis of legal advice of the highest order. We will inform the competent court on the next date of hearing (April 30, 2009)," CBI spokesman Harsh Bahal said here.

    "....The warrant cannot remain in force forever. Therefore, the warrant of February 1997 would lose its validity, particularly in view of the successive failed attempts of the CBI to get the accused extradited from Malaysia and recently from Argentina,” Banerjee, the country's top law officer, said.

    The decision on the issue was taken by the Government on the basis of the opinion and the CBI informed the Interpol that the CBI case--RC.1(A)/90-ACU.IV/SIG (Bofors case)--and subject of Interpol Red Corner Notice--A-44/2/1997--against Quattrocchi should be cancelled.

    The case was registered against him as the agency had alleged that he had received a part of kickbacks in the multi-crore rupee Bofors gun deal.

    The Italian businessman, in his mid-60's, was named by the CBI in 1999 as a proclaimed offender and on the basis of a 1997 non-bailable warrant, the agency had sought a Red Corner notice against him.

    Quattrocchi was last arrested on February six, 2007 in Argentina on the basis of the Interpol warrant. The CBI had come under attack for putting up a half-hearted effort towards his extradition and India lost the case in an Argentinian court in June 2007.

    The judge there had remarked that "India did not even present proper legal documents" and New Delhi was asked to pay Quattrocchi's legal expenses.

    On October 22, 1999, when the BJP-led NDA Government was in power, the CBI had filed a chargesheet against Quattrocchi, naming AE Services as a front company run by him and his wife Maria.

    Extradition request or serving the Interpol warrant on the Italian businessman were turned down by Italy, which had wanted to see the evidence and prosecute Quattrocchi in an Italian court.

    The CBI in June 2003 had managed to get two bank accounts -- 5A5151516M and 5A5151516L -- held by Quattrocchi and his wife Maria frozen in the BSI AG bank, London.

    The agency had alleged that three million euros and one million dollar contained in the accounts were part of the payoffs received from Bofors.

    However, in January 2006, these frozen bank accounts were released on the opinion of the Law Ministry which had sent its Additional Attorney General B Dutta to London.

  3. Bofors scam: Quattrocchi off CBI's wanted list

  4. In last days of UPA govt, Quattrocchi is off CBI’s wanted list
    With just three weeks to go before the Congress-led UPA government’s term ends, Ottavio Quattrocchi, the lone surviving suspect in the Bofors payoff case, no longer figures in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s list of wanted persons.

  5. Did someone say it is “election season”?

  6. Rahul Gandhi and his Colombian girlfriend Juvenitta

  7. Manmohan Singh agrees with Indian Mujahideen terrorists?

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  12. Skeletons in Congress's closet

LK Advani’s address to voters on Doordarshan

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Dear Countrymen,

Namaskar. My hearty greetings and best wishes for you, your family and your friends.

The process of electing the 15th Lok Sabha has begun. The people of India once again have an opportunity to decide the fate of our great nation. Democracy is superior to other forms of government because it allows the praja to elect the raja. However, remember one thing. To vote is not only a fundamental right, it is also a sacred duty. Therefore, first of all, I appeal to you to cast your vote without fail.

Today India is facing severe and multiple challenges, both internal and external. The wrong policies and weak leadership of the Congress-led UPA government have aggravated the problems before the nation. The aam aadmi, to whom tall promises were made five years ago, is feeling thoroughly betrayed.

The government’s biggest failure has been in checking the prices of essential commodities and services. Rice, wheat, dal, cooking oil, sugar, milk, vegetables – the prices of all these have touched the sky. Which mother can be happy if her children go hungry? Yet, crores of poor children suffer from hunger and malnutrition in our country.

The government had promised to create one crore jobs each year. Far from creating new jobs, it created a severe economic crisis. More than one crore jobs have been lost in the last year alone. I am especially pained to see that the future of our young people is clouded by uncertainty and despair.

Thousands of debt-ridden farmers have committed suicide to escape their misery. This is a national shame. The rural-urban divide, as well as the poor-rich divide, have become wider than ever before. According to a former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, the wealth of 20 richest Kubers in India is more than the earnings of 30 crore poorest Sudamas. This, you will agree with me, is simply unacceptable.

Several vital infrastructure development schemes, such as the National Highway Development Project and the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, both initiated by the BJP-led NDA government headed by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, have been neglected. Acute shortage of power has stunted India.

Corruption in the central government reached unprecedented levels. Parliament witnessed a shocking scandal of political corruption last year, when the government resorted to unethical means to prove its majority. Even the high office of Prime Minister has been devalued.

Cross-border terrorism claimed more innocent lives in the past five years than at any time in the past. Blinded by its own vote-bank considerations, those in power showed no political will to fight terrorism.

The situation in India’s immediate neighbourhood is deteriorating. Anti-India forces are on the rise and getting closer to our border. This poses a serious threat to our national security.

Thus, at a time when India is facing both internal and external challenges, it simply cannot afford to have another indecisive government with a weak leadership.

My dear countrymen,

My party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, and our partners in the National Democratic Alliance, are seeking your mandate by committing ourselves to the principles of GOOD GOVERNANCE, DEVELOPMENT & SECURITY.

A future NDA government, if elected, will adopt a “Zero Tolerance” approach to fighting terrorism.

We shall combat corruption, especially in high places, so that the poor get the full benefit of the public funds spent for their welfare.

The performance of our state governments in Bihar, Punjab, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, has attracted widespread admiration.

Let me mention today some of our important promises to the people of India.

Making India hunger-free is our priority. Therefore, we shall provide 35kg of rice or wheat every month at Rs 2 per kg to all BPL families.

I have seen a tremendous desire for development in all sections of society, both in rural and urban areas. Our people’s priorities are bijlee, sadak, paani, swasthya, shiksha and, above all, employment. These are also my priorities. Our commitment is: Har haath ko kaam, Har khet ko paani.

Our most ambitious project will be linking of rivers. This was initiated by the NDA government, but completely abandoned by the UPA government. We promise to make the right to clean water a fundamental right.

Expanding and modernizing India’s badly neglected infrastructure is a task we shall take up on a war footing. This will boost economic growth and generate crores of new employment opportunities. In this, we shall give special attention to those states and regions of India, which have remained backward and neglected.

There will be no more any delays in the completion of highway and rural roads projects. We shall also quadruple power generation and ensure adequate power supply to every farm, every factory, and every home.

Internet is one of the greatest inventions in mankind’s history. I believe that the rural population should not be deprived of the revolutionary benefits of Information Technology. Therefore, we will provide affordable broadband Internet connectivity to every village. All educational institutions will have Internet-enabled education in their respective Indian languages. We have drawn up a plan to create 1.2 crore IT-enabled jobs in rural areas.

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan is a slogan that still touches the heart of every patriotic Indian. We have responded to the longpending demand of ex-servicemen by promising them one rank one pension.

We shall waive agricultural loans. We shall provide farm loans at 4% interest rate. Our hard-working kisans will get fair and remunerative prices for all their crops.

Women’s education and welfare have always been close to my heart. We will introduce the ‘Ladli Lakshmi’ Scheme to enable every girl child to go to school. Under this scheme, every girl will receive Rs. 1.18 lakh after 12th standard.

We shall exempt personal Income Tax for those earning up to Rs 3 lakh per annum. For women and Senior Citizens, the exemption will be Rs 3.5 lakh per annum. This will benefit over 3.5 crore people.

We will double the salaries of 28 lakh Anganwadi workers and helpers.

Today I wish to make another solemn commitment. We will take firm steps to bring back Indian money stashed away in foreign banks. Estimated at Rs. 25 lakh crore, this amount will be enough to complete road and power connectivity throughout the country. It is sufficient to allocate Rs 4 crore to every Indian village. It can be used for ambitious national projects, such as cleaning the sacred Ganga and other rivers.

The BJP and NDA are deeply committed to the principle of ‘Justice for All and Discrimination against None’. We shall work tirelessly for the welfare and empowerment of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs, and the poor in all sections of society, including the religious minorities.

We want to extend the benefit of reservations for the economically backward sections in all those communities, which are not so far covered by the policy of reservations.

To fulfill these promises is my solemn assurance to you. Today India deserves a strong and stable government, which follows the right policies and implements them with honesty and a sense of urgency. Electing such a government with a decisive mandate is the single most important task before the voters. Give our alliance a decisive victory. It will not be our victory, but your victory and India’s victory.

Since my student days, I have believed that India has the potential to emerge as a leading nation in the world, a land of peace, prosperity, justice and social harmony. This belief has strengthened with every passing year. It is my conviction that together we can make, the 21st century India’s century.


Vande Mataram!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interesting articles of the day 4/27/2009

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Following are interesting articles of the day (April 27, 2009) which affect Hindus and their rights directly or indirectly. Also, some general articles. All the articles with my views on some of them.
"Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision maker as Prime Minister."
- Financial Times, London, April 15th 2009
  1. action requested: Hindu Temple Attacked by Muslims in Rampurhat, West Bengal

  2. Narendra Modi’s website now in Sanskrit also
    According to Sanskrit Bharti’s press release, Sanskrit version of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s website Narendramodi.in will be launched in Ahmedabad by Vishva Hindu Parishad supremo Shri Ashok Singhal on Saturday.

    A small function has been arranged on this occasion at Ellisbridge Gymkhana in Ahmedabad, at 5:00 pm tomorrow. Sarasa peeth head priest Shri Avichaldasji Maharaj and Sanskrit scholar Shri Dahyabhai Shastri will be present at this function.

    This would be the first website of any leader in the world in Sanskrit.
    May God Shri Ram ji bless Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji for giving Samskrtam (misnomer: Sanskrit) Bhasha its due credit and for promoting it. त्वां धन्यं वदामि।

  3. Truth & Lies behind Kandahar Hijack

  4. Point by Point comparison of NDA vs UPA

  5. सोनिया गांधी का खतरनाक और गैर-जिम्मेदाराना बयान

  6. Indian Passport for bribe of $100 / रु॰ 5000

  7. Advani correct, India ranks fifth in ‘dirty money’ outflow

  8. Swapan Dasgupta at Friends of BJP in Jamshedpur

  9. 'If Afzal were Anand, he would have been hanged by now'. Congress's divisive communal Vote Bank politics.
    "They (UPA) are saying that there were terrorist attacks like the one on Parliament and Aksahrdham when I was Home Minister, I say yes I accept it. But see what we have done in the case. We caught the conspirators, prosecuted them and convicted them," Mr. Advani said addressing an election rally in New Vadaj area of the city.

    "One of the main accused was given death sentence. He appealed in higher courts but it was rejected. Still he has not been hanged. If he (Afzal) were Anand Singh or Anand Mohan then he would have been hanged by now. I would like to ask Manmohan Singh is it just because he is Afzal Guru he is not being hanged?" Mr. Advani asked.

    Mr. Advani said if the UPA government is thinking that by delaying execution of Afzal Guru they will get votes, then they are wrong. "India's Muslims are saying that by doing this the government was defaming their community."

    "I have talked to my Muslim brothers, they too are not for this decision. They say that government was taking their name and doing wrong things, we are not saying don't punish the terrorists," he said.

  10. Sonia Lacks Knowledge Of State Govt Functioning: Narendra Modi

  11. Set Minimum Education Qualifications For Politicians: Baba Ramdev ji To EC

  12. Congress deserves to lose India’s elections by Razeen Sally, Financial Times

  13. Congress against coalition culture, BJP warns regional parties

  14. Congress under Sonia playing vote-bank politics: BJP
    "Congress under Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi followed nationalism. But now it has deviated from its earlier goals and become a pseudo-secular party trying to garner the Muslim vote-bank," BJP's state unit chief Ramapati Ram Tripathy said at an election meeting here.

    "Sonia and her children Rahul and Priyanka are indulging in vote-bank politics by trying to appease the minorities," Tripathy said.

  15. The Congress quartet’s political morality by Sudheendra Kulkarni

  16. Advani says BJP only “truly” secular party in India
    “If Afzal Guru was Anand Mohan, he would have been hanged. I don’t blame the Muslims. They do not want terrorism in the country. But these people, who play vote bank politics do not understand that by having this kind of an approach, they are actually, insulting Muslims. The BJP promises that if there is any party in the country that is truly secular, it is the BJP,” Advani said.

    Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata lashed out at the Left Front.

    “Since 32 years, there is no change in West Bengal. The West Bengal Government is a government of the goons, by the goons and for the goons. They don’t accept the constitutional obligations or the public obligation. They rig the election and they kill people. They are not allowing us to campaign. This government has to be sacked. We want democratic elections,” she said.

Truth & Lies behind Kandahar Hijack

Spread The Word

"Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision maker as Prime Minister."
- Financial Times, London, April 15 2009

"The Government has assaulted and weakened every constitutional office: the Election Commission, Governors and Parliament."
- Outlook, March 2 2009
Please also read, "Manmohan Singh agrees with Indian Mujahideen terrorists?".
Here is the truth about Kandahar (known as Gandhaar during ancient times) Hijack event in 1999 by Pakistan supported Taliban and the lies propagated about it by Muslim Rightist nonsecular Congress.

Please also read,
  1. LK Advani on Manmohan Singh's vulgar diatribes

  2. The Prime Minister’s Ersatz Bravado by Sudheendra Kulkarni

  3. Arun Jaitley: Manmohan Singh has Advani complex
The truth behind Kandahar Hijack, lies propagated by Congress

सोनिया गांधी का खतरनाक और गैर-जिम्मेदाराना बयान

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सोनिया गांधी का यह बयान कि "हमें भारत में आ रहे विदेशी आतंकवादियों की अपेक्षा अपने ही देश के भीतर के लोगों से ज्यादा खतरा है" खतरनाक और गैर-जिम्मेदाराना है भारतीय जनता पार्टी इस निन्दात्मक वक्तव्य के लिए उनसे क्षमायाचना की मांग करती है।

मेरा ध्यान कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष श्रीमती सोनिया गांधी द्वारा खूंटी झारखंड में ११ अप्रैल, २००९ को अपनी पार्टी के उम्मीदवार के समर्थन में आयोजित एक चुनावी रैली में दिए गए अत्यंत आपत्तिजनक भाषण की ओर दिलाया गया है।

................विलोप किया / मिटाया गया।................

मैं कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष की इस सोच से भौचक्का रह गया हूं कि ''हमें भारत में आने वाले विदेशी आतंकवादियों की अपेक्षा अपने देश के भीतर के लोगों से ज्यादा खतरा है।'' अथवा यह कि देश को बाहर से आने वाले आतंकवादियों से खतरा नहीं है बल्कि देश के भीतर से ही खतरा पैदा हो रहा है।''

मैंने सन् १९५२ के प्रथम आम चुनावों से ही सभी कांग्रेस अध्यक्षों को देखा है। उनमें से किसी ने भी ऐसा नहीं कहा कि भारत की सुरक्षा को बाहरी लोगों से ज्यादा देश के भीतर से अधिक खतरा पैदा हो रहा है।

सन् १९८० के दशक के शुरू में भारत में आतंकवाद की शुरूआत से ही भारतीय जनता पार्टी, कांग्रेस और अन्य कई दलों सहित भारत के राजनीतिक वर्ग में इस बात पर व्यापक आम-सहमति थी कि इस खतरे का स्रोत सीमापार है और वास्तव में यह खतरा पाकिस्तान द्वारा '''प्रोक्सी वार'' के रूप में है। इस बात पर भी व्यापक सहमति थी कि पाकिस्तान ने आई.एस.आई. के माध्यम से भारत के विरूध्द ''प्रोक्सी वार'' का सहारा लिया हुआ है क्योंकि यह सन् १९४८, १९६५ और १९७१ के परम्परागत युध्दों के जरिए अपने उद्देश्य को पूरा करने में विफल रहा है। भारत के विभिन्न स्थानों पर बम-विस्फोटों के अलावा, पाकिस्तान में प्रशिक्षित आतंकवादियों द्वारा दो युध्द जैसे आतंकवादी हमले किए गए जिनमें १३ दिसम्बर, २००१ को भारतीय संसद को निशाना बनाया गया और गतवर्ष २६ नवम्बर को मुम्बई में दो भयंकर आतंकवादी घटनाओं को अंजाम दिया गया।

वास्तव में, २६ नवम्बर की आतंकवादी घटना के बाद मेरी पार्टी ने यूपीए सरकार को उस समय समर्थन दिया जब इसने वर्ष २००४ में पोटा को निरस्त करने के बाद काफी देर से दो आतंक-विरोधी विधान संसद में पेश किए। मैंने संसद में बोलते हुए कहा था कि भारत के सम्पूर्ण राजनीतिक वर्ग को अपने आंतरिक मतभेद भुलाकर बाहरी खतरे का मुकाबला करने में एकजुट होकर खड़ा होना चाहिए।

कोई भी राष्ट्रवादी भारतीय सीमापार आतंकवाद के खतरे को कभी भी कम महत्व नहीं देगा और यह नहीं कहेगा कि हमारे देश के भीतर के लोगों से ही ज्यादा खतरा पैदा हो रहा है। यह स्पष्ट है कि सोनियाजी इस सम्बन्ध में अपने वरिष्ठ पार्टी नेताओं की परम्परा से भी अनभिज्ञ हैं। पंडित जवाहरलाल नेहरू और लाल बहादुर शास्त्री ने सन् १९६२ तथा १९६५ की लड़ाइयों के समय राष्ट्रीय प्रयासों में जनसंघ तथा राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ के योगदान की सराहना की थी। पंडित जी ने वास्तव में १९६३ की गणतंत्र दिवस परेड़ में राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ के स्वयंसेवकों को शामिल किया था।

हालांकि श्रीमती गांधी ने भारतीय जनता पार्टी का नाम नहीं लिया था लेकिन यह स्पष्ट है कि कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष न केवल हमारी देशभक्ति पर ही प्रश्नचिह्न खड़ा करते हुए बल्कि एक गंभीर आरोप लगाते हुए भारतीय जनता पार्टी पर हमले कर रही थीं। उन्हें इस निन्दात्मक वक्तव्य के लिए सार्वजनिक तौर पर माफी मांगनी चाहिए। मैं उन्हें चुनौती देता हूं कि वे इस मुद्दे पर बहस में हमारे साथ हिस्सा लेकर राष्ट्र को बताएं कि भारतीय जनता पार्टी बाहर से आने वाले आतंकवादियों की अपेक्षा भारत की सुरक्षा और एकता के लिए सबसे बड़ा खतरा पैदा कर रही है। भारत की जनता को फैसला करने दें।

यदि वे बहस में हिस्सा नहीं लेना चाहती हैं तो मैं उनसे आग्रह करता हूं कि वे इस तरह की गैर-जिम्मेदाराना बयानबाजी करने से बचें। मुझे याद आता है कि २००४ के संसदीय चुनाव अभियान के दौरान उन्होंने तथाकथित "कॉफिनगेट" मुद्दा उछाला था और गंभीर आरोप लगाया था कि राष्ट्रीय जनतांत्रिक गठबन्धन सरकार ने भारतीय सेना के शहीदों के लिए ताबूतों की खरीद में पैसा बनाया। यूपीए सरकार अपने पांच वर्षों के कार्यकाल में इस आरोप को साबित नहीं कर पाई है।

................विलोप किया / मिटाया गया।................

कांग्रेस दूसरी पारी के कार्यकाल की नहीं बल्कि सबक सिखाए जाने की हकदार है। तीसरे और चौथे मोर्चे प्रासंगिक नहीं है; भाजपानीत राष्ट्रीय जनतांत्रिक गठबन्धन ही एकमात्र विकल्प है।

................विलोप किया / मिटाया गया।................

कांग्रेस की दो तरीके से मजबूरी है। पहली, अनेक मोर्चों (मूल्यवृध्दि, बेरोजगारी, किसानों की दुर्दशा और आतंकवाद को रोकने में विफलता) पर यूपीए सरकार की विफलताओं और विश्वासघातों के कारण इस पर ''एंटी-इन्कम्बेंसी'' का भारी बोझ है। दूसरे, इसने अपने गठबन्धन के सहयोगी दलों का विश्वास खो दिया है।

पहली मजबूरी से कांग्रेस को देशभर की जनता के रोष का सामना करना पड़ रहा है। और दूसरी मजबूरी से कांग्रेस को अपने गठबन्धन की सहयोगी पार्टियों के अपने प्रति अविश्वास की भावना का सामना करना पड़ा है। देश में इस तरह की भावना पनप रही है कि कांग्रेस पार्टी दूसरे कार्यकाल में सत्ता में आने की बजाए सबक सिखाए जाने के लायक है।

इसलिए, मुझे यह पक्का यकीन है कि कांग्रेस की हार निश्चित है। केन्द्र में एक ऐसी सरकार जो सुशासन, विकास और सुरक्षा के सिध्दांतों के प्रति दृढ़-प्रतिज्ञ हो, बनाने के लिए मतदाता के समक्ष भाजपानीत राष्ट्रीय जनतांत्रिक गठबन्धन ही एकमात्र विकल्प है। मैं केरल सहित देश के सभी मतदाताओं से अपील करता हूं कि वे भारतीय जनता पार्टी और राष्ट्रीय जनतांत्रिक गठबन्धन में शामिल इसके सहयोगी दलों को स्पष्ट और निर्णायक जनादेश दें ताकि राष्ट्र के समक्ष खड़ी आंतरिक और बाह्य, दोनों चुनौतियों का प्रभावी ढंग से मुकाबला करने के लिए नई दिल्ली में एक सक्षम, सशक्त और स्थिर सरकार बन सके।

Indian Passport for bribe of $100 / रु॰ 5000

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Pardon my language but I am pissed! I am pissed at these douchebags who sell their country for money, no matter how small or large is the amount. For me these jerks are no less than the likes of terrorist Mohamed Afzal Guru, terrorist Mohamed Amir Kasab, terrorist SAR Geelani, communal Anti-India Syed Bhukhari, communal Anti-Hindu M Karunanidhi, etc., etc.

Chennai Regional Passport Officer Sumathi Ravichandran along with her husband ran a racket to issue Indian Passport for a bribe of रु॰ 2000-9000. Such corrupt a*s h*les and their next two generations should be barred from holding any public office, irrespective political or apolitical, and they should be sent to darkest jail with hefty fines. Such treacherous people compromise national security in current times when the nation has seen over 45 major terrorist attacks in 5 years. They should be ashamed of themselves and so should be the Government for selecting such traitorous b*stards as bureaucrats who commit such perfidies without thinking about its consequences.

CBI to review all tatkal passports
With the arrest of Chennai Regional Passport Officer Sumathi Ravichandran in connection with a tatkal passport racket, more than 85,000 passports issued under the tatkal scheme during 2008 has come under the scanner of the CBI. Investigators suspect that a considerable number of these tatkal passports might have been issued after receiving bribes from the applicants. The antecedants of some of the applicants will also be probed.

"We have recovered the coded slips issued by Sumathi's husband Dr Ravichandran based on which some tatkal passports were issued. In most of the slips, he has written as "good", "fresh" and "new", which could be code words. We have collected the samples of the hand writing of Ravichandran to compare with the slips we have recovered. These will be sent to forensic department for test," a senior CBI officer said.

Anti-corruption branch of the CBI had on Friday arrested Sumathi for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs 9,000 from a passport applicant P Lakshmanan through a tout a travel agent in T Nagar. Her husband R Ravichandran, a health officer in Chennai Corporation, was arrested on Saturday for engaging the touts. The touts Fathima Muzaffar, director of Ahmed World Travels and daughter of former IUML MP Abdul Samad, and Raju, owner of Raja Travels in Triplicane were also arrested.

During the CBI enquiry it had come to light that Ravichandran had taken bribe amounts ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 per individual from passport applicants who wanted passports urgently. "We have learnt that around a dozen touts, who were agents of Ravichandran, had frequented the passport office in Shastri Bhavan to get applicantions for tatkal passports processed by Sumathi. We are gathering evidences about them," he added.

Initial investigation has revealed that a Hyundai Accent car that was being used by Sumathi was gifted to her by a travel agent, in whose name the vehicle has been registered. "A travel agent, whom we grilled has claimed that he had paid the membership fee for Sumathi and her husband in a leading corporate club in Egmore. Another agent claimed that he foot the bill for Sumathi's cosmetic makeovers at a beauty parlour in Anna Nagar.
Regional Passport officer, Muslim travel agent arrested
Earlier, searches were conducted at her residence and cash of about Rs 5 lakhs and documents relating to immovable properties worth about Rs 1 crore were seized.

Officials also detected Rs 4lakhs as bank balance and jewelery, the release said, adding that documents relating to several investments in shares, mutual funds, life insurance policies in her name and family members were also recovered.
Regional Passport Officer, husband nabbed
According to an official release from the CBI, P Lakshmanan, a member of an NGO Fact India, had registered a complaint against the RPO for demanding a bribe of Rs. 9,000 which was recovered from the office of Ahmed World Travels in T Nagar whose owner Fathima MuzzafarAhmed was allegedly one of the agents of Sumathi.

The passport application of Lakshmanan was submitted by Fathima at the passport office and was endorsed by the Deputy Passport Officer in Chennai based on “specific instructions” from Sumathi.

The CBI sleuths then laid a trap for Fathima.

Lakshmanan managed to get the passport despite being unable to produce all the necessary documents. He was asked to pay Rs. 12,500 to “speed up” the process. The amount included the Rs.9,000 to be paid to the RPO, Rs. 2,500 to be paid as tatkal passport processing fees and another Rs.1,000 as “services charges” for the travel agency.
Image courtesy: Express Buzz

Advani correct, India ranks fifth in ‘dirty money’ outflow

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India ranks fifth in ‘dirty money’ outflow
In the wake of the issue of illegal outflow and parking of huge sums of money in foreign banks by Indians raised by Leader of Opposition LK Advani and other Opposition leaders, comes the latest report by Global Financial Integrity (GFI) that has ranked India fifth among 127 countries in illicit financial outflows. According to the report, the total illicit financial outflow from India was US $27.3 billion per year (during the period 2002-2006).

The GFI is a study group operating from Washington and supported by Ford Foundation with an aim to bring ‘financial transparency’ and expose ‘dirty money’ by advocating a curb on tax havens.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swapan Dasgupta at Friends of BJP in Jamshedpur

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Mr. Swapan Dasgupta at Friends of BJP event in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

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  1. The real charge against Manmohan

  2. Man leaves no footprints

Point by Point comparison of NDA vs UPA

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"Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision maker as Prime Minister."
- Financial Times, London, April 15th 2009
"The Government has assaulted and weakened every constitutional office: the Election Commission, Governors and Parliament."
- Outlook, March 2 2009
With the above quote coming from a known Anti-Hindu magazine, just think about it. The situation must be that bad!
"The Fact remains that it is the signals emanating from 10, Janpath (Sonia Gandhi's residence) that to a large extent dictate the Government's handling of issues."
- India Today, May 16th 2005
"Manmohan Singh has never held an elected position. He has always been appointed. What does this do to the idea of democracy in India."
- Tehelka, April 4th 2009
"The Government has lost all its credibility with the people, and the buck stops with Manmohan Singh."
- Mint Newspaper, December 10 2008

Read below for excellent comparison between BJP led NDA Government and Congress (mis)led UPA Government on point by point basis.

Narendra Modi: Hindutva & Development not contradictory

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Please also watch the video, "Narendra Modi: Shri Ram Rajya means Prosperity".

Following is one of the best interview of Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in print media after a long time. It's a must read. The interview was given to PR Ramesh of Economic Times.

Hindutva & development not contradictory: Narendra Modi

There is a general feeling that this is an issue-less election. And that the campaign is all about competitive mud-slinging.

The first round of election has proved the pundits wrong. There was 60% polling. The electorate has given a fitting answer to those who say that there is no issue or interest in the election. People of this country want change. They want to get rid of a government which waffles. On all important issues that confront the country, Manmohan Singh’s responses were uncertain, reluctant, tentative and irresolute. People will deliver the knockout blow because they want a government that performs. People want a government that will provide security.

What is your party’s big message in this election. Is your party able to sway the electoral mood?

The voters’ reflexes are governed by three issues. Firstly, they are fed up with the vote bank politics of our rivals. Secondly, they are angry with the government for lack of basic development. And thirdly, there is revulsion against the Centre for its failure to protect them. Things are going south with security and economy. The credibility issues surrounding the Manmohan Singh government are real and lasting.

In your campaign speeches, Hindutva issues figure as prominently as development. Is it because you are not sure whether non-Hindutva issues connect with people?

When I talk about the development initiatives undertaken by my government, people connect with me. They know that I am not indulging in empty rhetoric. The state has been flourishing under the BJP rule. People, who are the stakeholders, are happy with our performance. And they are bound to question the governance of those in power at the Centre. The Manmohan Singh government has a shabby and dishonourable track record.

Hindutva and development are not contradictory. How can Ram Rajya be anti-development? Ram Rajya is all about providing opportunity for those who need help. What should be on the nation’s top drawer is the resolve to redeem Gandhiji’s pledge to wipe out every tear from every eye. And that is Ram Rajya all about. Only pseudo secularists argue that Hindutva and development cannot coexist. It only exposes their perverted thinking.


Do you agree with the view that no party’s support is very deep at this point and that the BJP would find it difficult to form a government?

There is a pattern in the media analysis. You look at what the pundits had said about the outcome of past five elections. When elections are announced, they tell us that it’s an issue-less election. And when candidates are announced, they tell us that there is no enthusiasm. When the campaign is into the second week, they say that no party will get a clear majority and in the last week, they will be all over print and TV discussing what the President should do after the election. Frankly, they should take a break.

For the complete interview, please go to the source.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Narendra Modi: Latur is smarter than Madam Sonia

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Please also read, "Manmohan Singh agrees with Indian Mujahideen terrorists?".

BHAY HO! भय हो! Phir bhi Congress bole uski ki Jai Ho! फिर भी कांग्रेस बोले उसकी जय हो!
In the following video, Gujarat and Bharat's best Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi gives an excellent speech in Latur, Maharashtra where he explains how vote bank politics of Regent Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is destroying the nation. He asked why is India facing a Sugar crisis? He asked, why did Congress & Sharad Rao Pawar of NCP export out tons of Sugar at the rate of Rs 15 saying there is surplus just 5 months back but is now importing Sugar from other countries at the rate of Rs 23-28 saying there is scarcity? Who is making this extra Rs 8 profit through such corruption? Why are they putting unnecessary burden on Aam Aadmi (Common Man)?