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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Point by Point comparison of NDA vs UPA

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"Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision maker as Prime Minister."
- Financial Times, London, April 15th 2009
"The Government has assaulted and weakened every constitutional office: the Election Commission, Governors and Parliament."
- Outlook, March 2 2009
With the above quote coming from a known Anti-Hindu magazine, just think about it. The situation must be that bad!
"The Fact remains that it is the signals emanating from 10, Janpath (Sonia Gandhi's residence) that to a large extent dictate the Government's handling of issues."
- India Today, May 16th 2005
"Manmohan Singh has never held an elected position. He has always been appointed. What does this do to the idea of democracy in India."
- Tehelka, April 4th 2009
"The Government has lost all its credibility with the people, and the buck stops with Manmohan Singh."
- Mint Newspaper, December 10 2008

Read below for excellent comparison between BJP led NDA Government and Congress (mis)led UPA Government on point by point basis.

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