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Monday, April 20, 2009

LK Advani on Manmohan Singh's vulgar diatribes

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"Mr Singh has proved a hopeless decision maker as Prime Minister."
- Financial Times, London, April 15 2009

"The Government has assaulted and weakened every constitutional office: the Election Commission, Governors and Parliament."
- Outlook, March 2 2009
Please also read, "Manmohan Singh agrees with Indian Mujahideen terrorists?".
In a video series below of his interviews to various news channels, Bharat's (misnomer: India) next prospective Prime Minister Mr. Lal Krishna Advani explains Why he thinks India's present Regent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a Weak PM and shares his views on various topics including biased media's current favorite: Varun Gandhi.

Please also watch his interview to CNN-IBN: "LK Advani on Why Manmohan Singh is weak PM?" in which he explained in detail as to how Dhimmi Manmohan Singh has devalued the office of Prime Minister and made a mockery of democracy. Please also read, "Manmohan Singh agrees with Indian Mujahideen terrorists?".

Interview to NDTV (will only load in IE):
Caution: Following video contains news report from a known Anti-Hindu biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

Interview to Times Now:

Interview to ETV:

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