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Friday, April 10, 2009

Indian Mujahideen's email before Delhi terrorist attack

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BHAY HO! भय हो! Phir bhi Congress ki Jai Ho! फिर भी कांग्रेस की जय हो!

Following is an excerpt from the vitriolic email sent by Indian Mujahideen terrorists just 5 minutes before terrorist attack in Indraprasth (misnomer: Dilli/Delhi) by Radical Muslims on September 13, 2008. They justify their demonic inhumane Jihadi acts against Humanity to mass murder Hindus (referred to as Kafirs by them) and destroy Bharat by quoting from their Islamic Mythological Religious text. Shameless Sick B*st*rds! Why isn't see Rajdeep Sardesai terming this as Islamic Terror now just like how his channel defamed Hinduism by coining a derogatory mythical term "Hindu Terror" and misused Holy Hindu symbols. Hypocrite!

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Indian Mujahideen

In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent,
The Most Merciful.

Praise and Glory be to Allah, The One, The Supreme, Who didn’t create the creation for nothing, and didn’t leave them in vain, rather created them to worship Him Alone, but only the intelligent ones obey Him and the miserable ones disobey. And peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Beloved Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) and on all those who obey and honor him. And all praises be to Allah, the Lord Of The Worlds, who Revealed

(O you who believe) When you encounter (in fight) those who disbelieve, strike their necks first, till when you have completely massacred and wounded many of them, then bind them firmly (taking them as captives). Thereafter is the time, either for generosity or a ransom until the war lays down its burden. (Qur’an 47:4)

And remember when the disbelievers plotted against you (O Muhammad) to imprison you, or to kill you or to get you out from your home and they were plotting a plan and Allah too was plotting a Plan and Allah is the Best of those who plot a plan. (Qur’an 8:30)

It is not hidden from you anymore that after tasting the bitterest of defeats by our hands at Ahmedabad and Surat, the INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN- “the homegrown Jihadi militia of Islam” – have once again attacked to make you face the disastrous consequences of the injustice and oppression inflicted upon the Muslims all over the country. With this message, we once again declare that our intense, accurate and successive attacks like the one you will see exactly minutes from now, Inshallah, will continue to punish you even before your earlier wounds have healed. To dreadfully terrorize you this time, by the Will and Help of Almighty Allah, we are about to devastate your very first metropolitan center, your ‘most strategic hindutva hub’, your ‘green zone’- yes! It’s your own capital – New Delhi - with NINE MOST POWERFUL SERIAL BOMB BLASTS, Inshallah, that are almost going to stop the “heart” of India from beating.

By this attack we intend to prove to you the ability and potential of INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN to assault any city of India at any time with the Help and Permission of our Almighty Allah. This accurately planned deadly strike is just another reaction to all those pre- and post- 26 July harassments imposed by your ATS and police on the innocent Muslims with complete, but hidden, backing of Central Congress government, aided by the state governments of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This shows the never ending hostile hatred in your hearts against Islam and its people. But now it is time that you must realize the fact: you cannot deal with us unjustly any more. This attack has now confirmed that all your attempts to stop our advance have failed and whatever false claims made about the crackdown of the terror modules by the bastard P.C. Pandey in front of a huge press conference, shows how shameless the Gujarat police and Gujarat ATS have become.

Now is the time that the public and media should question this disgraced unprofessional rascal that if he boasts of arresting masterminds and key terrorists “all over India” then which “mastermind” executed today’s attack? Which “terror module” slapped your ugly face today? The public should not forget that this corrupt old hag is the same base-born criminal of the 2002 Ahmedabad genocide and one of the filthy loyal dogs of Modi who should be the first guilty offender to be put behind bars. The great insult and shame which P.C. Pandey has brought to the entire antiterrorist force, by projecting the forged story of this “crackdown” doesn’t need any more clarification and all those who possess even a little sense and intellect are witness to his shameful blasphemy. Far from solving the entire Ahmedabad bomb blast case, this imbecile has still not been able to solve the mystery of a simple email from INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN that insults you and proves your lack of ability from time to time. Taking into account all that followed after July 26, it seems that the entire Mumbai ATS has failed to take heed from our previous warnings and is deliberately committed to mess with us.

You should know that your acts are not at all left unnoticed; rather we are closely keeping an eye on you and just waiting for the proper time to execute your bloodshed.


The continued oppression on Muslims is also frequently proved by yet another unit – the Rajasthan ATS.


In similar lines, nothing better could be expected from the miserably communalized judiciary which orders a FIR to be registered on those who raise their voice against the arrest of the innocent blast accused Abul Bashir against whom there is no evidence at all. The manner in which the Rajasthan High Court has so attentively responded to the demands of dogs of ABVP, who lodged a petition against Imam Bukhari, makes it clear that you have forgotten the Jaipur massacre very soon.

The INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN salutes those courageous and fearless Muslims of Azamgarh who disciplined the bastard Yogi Adityanath and other wretched Hindus who tried to march from within the Muslims in order to tease them and support an antiterrorist demonstration. His anti-Islamic slogans deserved bullets instead of stones as an answer, and here is an open challenge to him that if he and his cowardly supporters are able to gather all their guts and grit to stand in front of us once more - they must try it, and if not, then just wait for a spine chilling brutality from our side.

Be it the ATS of Maharashtra, the ATS and ACB of Gujarat, the OCTOPUS of Andhra Pradesh, or be it a psychological propaganda war by the biased media, none shall be spared when it comes to vengeance – the QISAS. The coverage of news by both the electronic as well as print media clearly depicts the level to which their immorality has reached while obeying their loyal masters of IB.


the mainstream media reveals the bad character of the Indian press. the most bastard national daily in the country, Times Of India, didn’t find it worthy enough to mention it in the front page!


With this message, we have hereby justified as to why the bastard Times Of India and its columnist Tarun Vijay is on our crosshair right now and this time too we warn you that the time has come for your breath to be arrested in our lethal claws so that you may suffer the agonies of “psychologically” fighting us. Even if you defend the criminals of VHP and RSS, shielding them from us, the INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN has plenty of ways, already planned, to make them cry for their sins, and one of which they have already faced in the parking of LG and Civil Hospitals. So next time whenever you are there in the hospital premises for the “blood donation” program it is our assurance to you that we’ll be there too for our “blood reception” program. Hence in future it is expected that you will not be so careless! It is high time now that all the state governments must know that the trouble faced by us will be definitely repaid and if the Muslims are terrorized, the Hindus can never breathe in peace. The injustice and pain inflicted on Kashmiri Muslims during the Amarnath crisis has once again landed you in great trouble, and it seems like our blood you spilled in the police firing is cheaper to you than that of the Hindus of Jammu. With this triumphant attack which we pay as a tribute to all our brethren martyrs in Kashmir, we announce that from now on Inshallah, the Muslims won’t cry alone, our women won’t be widowed alone, our children won’t be orphaned
alone and scores will be settled evenly.

The Central Congress Government which pretends to be the well wisher of Muslim interests has always treacherously hurt them and used them to come in power since Independence. It is this double-faced attitude of the Congress that has secured its vote bank, and still allowed it to silently commit one of the most heinous crimes against the Muslim nation ever witnessed by history - the demolition of Babri Masjid. It has failed to take heed and still continues to cheat the Muslims under the label of “secularism”. These serial bomb blasts at Delhi are yet another intimidation to the Congress Government to desist from agitating the Muslim sentiments anymore. Your approval to the bills like GUJCOCA and POTA are not at all going to deter or affect the determination of the Mujahideen in any way, rather it will make our tasks easier for us.

We, the INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN, ask Allah, the Almighty to accept from us these 9 explosions, which were planned to be executed in the holy month of Ramadan. We have carried out this attack in the memory of two most eminent Mujahids of India: Sayyed Ahmed Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed (may Allah bestow His Mercy upon them) who had raised the glorious banner of Jihad against the disbelievers in this very city of Delhi. It is the great hard work and sacrifices of these visionary legends that shall always inspire us Inshallah to carry on the struggle and fight against the Kufr (disbelief) till our last breath. This is the moment when the Muslims of Delhi should once again reflect at the glorious history of our ancestors and revive the forgotten obligation of JIHAD.

Your oppression will always be revenged Inshallah though after years to come. Never assume that we have forgotten the demolition of Babri Masjid and by Allah we can never forget it! It is that grave mistake of yours which will make you taste humiliation for generations to come. Babri Masjid was and will remain to be our glorious self esteem and Inshallah, we will prove it to you a hornet’s nest in which you have immersed your bare hand, unaware of the pain to come. If you are prepared to suffer the results of this issue, then by the will of Allah, verily! We will make you face it, and if you feel you are wise enough, then here we announce our ultimatum: Vacate the land of Babri as soon as you can.

The INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN accepts the sole responsibility of Delhi serial blasts, and we claim this, through our third consecutive email, which is, unfortunately, still a mystery for you. It is very sad to see the bad condition of your cyber forensics who have still failed to find out our technique of sending the “Message of Death”.

To end with, we have now proved to you that the more you trouble us, the more you will be troubled by us. This deadliest strike at Delhi once again makes it clear that our threats are not at all limited to mere words and with the Will and Permission of Allah, the action is in front of your eyes. Let us make it clear to all the enemies of Muslims, especially the Hindus of India, that the BJP backed RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, and the entire Sangh Parivar would be the only responsible factors for whatever horrifying tragedies you are to face in the nearest future. The cause will be these wicked bastards and the effect will be on the entire nation. Remember it is not at all difficult for us to attack you in states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. And by The Grace of Allah there is no shortage of explosives or lack of manpower and we are extremely capable to shed your blood anywhere anytime. The only reason here is that your wrongs against us in other states have crossed the limits of cruelty. If you still think that the arrests, expulsions, killing, murders, fake encounters, tortures, sufferings, cases, trials and tribulations inflicted on us will not be answered back, then here we remind you: that those days have gone.

The battle has now begun and the dust will never settle down. And All Praise be to Allah, Lord Of the Worlds, and Peace be upon His Messenger Muhammad, and all those who follow the Guidance.

12th Ramadan, 1429 AH.
Please read the complete text of this filth sent by these terrorists justifying their Jihad against Hindus and Bharat (misnomer: India) here: In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent

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