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Sunday, April 19, 2009

NRIs welcome Varun Gandhi's release

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There is a little bit of genuine skepticism about trusting another offspring from the infamous Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. So let us not get carried away and call him THE leader of Hindu Bharat and that he should be Prime Minister of Bharat. He still has to walk the talk and do allot for Hindu Rights and Liberties if he is really genuine. Then only we can trust him. After all he is a politician, that too from that treacherous family which has (mis)ruled, divided and exploited the nation for over 55 years. Please read "Commentary : Varun Gandhi and Hindu Activism".

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-------------Forwarded Message-----------
From: Krishan Bhatnagar

Mr. Varun Gandhi,
Ashok Road,
New Delhi

Re: Welcome back to "the world of the free” Mr. Gandhi.

Dear Mr. Gandhi,

We are highly pleased to note that the Supreme Court of India, having realized the hollowness and legally untenable foundation of the charges brought against you by a partisan state Govt., intervened in time to restore your liberty. Your arrest has brought a new awakening among the citizens and friends of India. This unreasonable arrest by a universally recognized anti-Hindu administration had given a serious cause of concern to millions of Indians and NRI’s alike in every continent of the globe. They continue to be worried about the character and fate of the Indian democracy where convicted criminals enjoy freedom and those who like you simply express their feelings and thoughts, absolutely in a non-offensive and non-violent manner, are apprehended and deprived of their freedom.

It gives us great satisfaction that the restoration of civil liberties will enable you to file nomination papers from your chosen constituency i.e., Pilibhit. Despite the scandalous abuse of power by the adversaries your freedom from their jail marks the first phase of victory by your electors. We have reason to believe that they will replicate it many more times in the near future. You have enthused and given them a cause to fight for. We had raised the issue of your unjustifiable detention in our recent letter to Voters and leaders and urged them to cast their votes against injustices: The letter in part said:

"The unwarranted and highly questionable arrest of Varun Gandhi by abusing the National Security Act (NSA) on the flimsy pretext of “hurting Muslim sentiments” in his speech to defend Hindus is a clear example of how Indian democracy is raped for partisan purposes. What happened to the constitutionally guaranteed right of “freedom of speech and expression?” Using the same criteria to judge the Sonia-Singh regime and its operatives, they too belong in prisons for they, by pursuing blatantly anti-Hindu policies, have irreparably and deeply hurt and violated Hindu sentiments, national security and fundamental principles of democracy and secularism.... ."

To establish an unbreachable national unity of India it is important that the divisive vote bank politics and minorityism manipulated by unscrupulous secularists are squarely rejected. For ushering in an era of legitimate democracy the reins of the Indian polity must be placed in the hands of the real Indian majority. Without such transference Indian politics will remain as a toy in the hands of selfish “Aaya Rams & Gaya Rams”. In such constructive national transformation you and the BJP must play the central role. Your sacrifice and BJP’s transformational manifesto have given a renewed hope to the people – their faith must be kept. The votaries of the “regime change” must shout in every street and every village of India:

We will never compromise on freedom

We will never compromise on democracy

We will never compromise on good governance

We will never compromise on our war against poverty

We will never compromise on our war against terrorists

We will never compromise on defending the Constitution

We are confident that under your successful leadership all segments of the India society will be brought on a single platform to adhere to the innovative agenda of BJP for steering the country towards a progressive and prosperous destination.

Looking forward to your active participation in the politics of nation building.

With best wishes

Dr. Jagan Kaul
Krishan Bhatnagar
Hindu Jagran Forum (USA)
April 19 , 2009
email: krishan . kb (AT) verizon . net

1 comment:

Reva said...

I completely agree with Jagan and Krishnan. As a NRI, I also support Varun by all my heart. If there is any site where we can vote or sign for him, I am more than happy to do that.

I don't belong to any political party or any other organisation, it's just I am so frustrated to see injustice and unfairness to Varun while many other senior leaders make everyday inflamatory speeches but no one take action against them. There are so many serous crimes in India and government never able to control them, hardly any criminal get punished but they are so quick and strict about Varun's speech ..... it's nothing but shame on Indian Government. If they will continue doing this, I am very positive that Varun Gandhi will lead to this country soon. I wish him all the best!!!