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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Francois Gautier on demonisation of Hindus as Taliban

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Very nice article "Pale Fires Don't Scorch" by Dr. Francois Gautier on the Immorality of Anti-Hindu biased media. He pretty much sums up the truth behind contemporary popular history of Bharat (misnomer: India) in a few paragraphs. Mark the date January 25, 2009. It is the date when history stands distorted thanks to one foolhardy Indian Minister and irresponsible section of Indian media for painting all the Hindus as Taliban of India. People in future will undeservingly condemn this ancient nation, its rich culture and history again by pointing out this comparatively minuscule incident of hooliganism which now unjustifiably stands equated with unparalleled threat of radical Islam followed by fascist Taliban. Even some in the western world are tired of such appeasement, watch it here.

I don't know how displaced is their sense of knowledge about the world affairs and humanity when they compare that act of hooliganism by some goons in Mangalore with radical Islamic fundamentalism or Talibanization like this (Caution: Following film contains some gory/bloody/graphic images/content, viewer discretion is advised):

I guess, this (irrational comparisons) is exactly what will happen when some people become public figures or get power not because of their competence but depending on where their loyalty lies. May be that's why they pass such incoherent judgments/statements. Following is the article by Dr. Gautier,
When I began reporting, I went to interview the RSS leadership in Delhi, expecting, from what I had heard, a few bloodthirsty fascists. I was surprised to meet those old daddies with their long khaki shorts, who would not hurt a fly. Twenty-five years later, the word ‘Hindu Talibanisation’ is being heard amidst the clamour following the odious pub episode in Mangalore. Such incidents should be condemned, as it has no precedent in Indian history—from Prithviraj Chauhan to Shivaji, Hindus respected the women of even their enemies. Yet, I beg to disagree: this is not about the Talibanisation of Hindu groups, it is about their demonisation.

British colonisers in league with the Christian missionaries realised 200 years ago that the biggest obstacle to fully subjugating India was Hinduism, as it was ancient, woven into the fabric of life and held the country together. They set upon defaming Hinduism, by dwelling on what they perceived as its negatives: castes, sati, superstition, etc. Simultaneously, they created in a span of two or three generations a class of Indians who looked up only to the West.

Macaulay, the architect of the scheme, summed it up in his Minute on Education: “We must do our best to form a class of persons, Indians in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect.” Macaulay despised Indian culture: “Hindus have a literature of small intrinsic value, hardly reconcilable with morality, full of monstrous superstitions….” The demonisation of Hinduism was apace.

As a result, these Anglicised Indians became ashamed of their own culture. This Western/anti-Hindu outlook was handed down from generation to generation, right down to our age, where many of India’s brilliant and articulate Hindu-Marxist intellectuals, products all of institutions like jnu, or St Stephen’s, keep on repeating, as if by rote, what their hoary forebears were taught by the British. And unfortunately, they pass it back to their friends from the West, neatly marking a full circle. How else could a film like Slumdog Millionaire, made by an Englishman, which literally craps on India from the very first frame, be feted by most of India’s intelligentsia? How else could India specialists like Christophe Jaffrelot peddle to his gullible French readers the spurious theory that there is a “Hindu tradition of terror”?

Politically, the Congress just took over from the British, as I explain in my new book (A New History of India, 2008, Har Anand), and used its English-speaking press to present Hindu social and political parties as fanatical and ridiculous. The goal was to corner the Muslim vote, which was—and still remains—achieved. It does not help today that the supreme leader of India is a Christian. Whether her aides or her ministers (many of them capable people in their own right) rush to gratify her in true bhakti spirit or whether she directly speaks her will, one does not know. But what better way to please her than by equating Hindu fundamentalism with the Muslim one and to turn the flak on to small Hindu outfits which are amateur lambs compared to the Islamic ones?

There are two standards today used by India’s media and intelligentsia. One for minorities and the other for Hindus. It is totally illogical: if 4,00,000 Hindus are hounded out of the Kashmir Valley which has always been their home, nobody protests; but New Delhi has been rooting for Palestinians for four decades and recently donated a million dollars for their welfare. When blast after blast wrecks Indian markets, when trains are bombed, hotels attacked by men worse than animals, intellectuals blame it on Babri Masjid (where nobody was killed) or Gujarat (triggered by the burning of 59 innocent Hindus).But when a few Hindus plan to establish a Hindu rashtra and plot a clumsy, small-scale revenge, they are equated with deadly fundamentalists. A universal theorem is made of their single act, which should stand out as isolated, because Hindus have been for thousands of years tolerant to the point of cowardice. Our intellectuals never theorised when, in Kashmir, militants used to throw acid on women who did not cover up, but now devote reams to the goons of Mangalore.

Finally, to be fair, one has to say that a lot of prudishness has seeped into India because of the Islamic purdah and, later, Victorian stuffiness. Yet, Hinduism always enjoined its adherents to live life fully, including its sexual aspect. We do not want an Indian youth which blindly apes the West: drinking, drugs and promiscuity. But the Hindu political leadership should also shun rough, prudish and moralistic acts which will only alienate its young voters.
(Francois Gautier is the editor-in-chief of the Paris-based La Revue l’Inde)

Swapan Dasgupta: Only a Gandhi can be king

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Very nice article "Only a Gandhi can be king" by Mr. Swapan Dasgupta on undemocratic monarchic Congress and its dynastic politics, below are a few excerpts:
I have no complaints about editors rooting for the Congress’ victory in the general election and doing the groundwork for the fourth member of the Nehru-Gandhi family to become Prime Minister. The right to genuflect at the altar of any god or false prophet is constitutionally-guaranteed and, hopefully, will always remain so. What is interesting though are those (apart from Rahul Gandhi) that have been projected as representatives of the Congress’ Gen-Next: Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot, Jitin Prasada and Milind Deora. Apart from age, a felicity with the English language and People-Like-Us clubability, what binds these youth icons?

The answer is inheritance. Every single one of these personable Page Three figures has been catapulted to the centrestage of politics on the strength of an accident of birth. True, this is not a disqualification. Nor should it be said that in time to come many of these individuals will not distinguish themselves for reasons of ability, rather than pedigree. For the moment, however, they enjoy a head-start because of privilege — a principle that flouts every norm of modernity.

The new mansabdari system that has become the basis for the Congress is what distinguishes it from the other national party. Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh Chouhan may be faulted for being born when they were. Tragically, selecting the year of birth is something that an individual has very little control over. Yet, what distinguishes each of them from the Congress’ youth pantheon is that they were not to the manor born. They have got to where they have on the strength of their abilities. They have not inherited political seats and they are not blessed by entitlement.

The Congress’ claim to be a party of modernity is built on spurious foundations.

What makes this drift to mindlessness doubly galling is that it is prefaced by the astonishing arrogance of birth. The Gandhis may be India’s most formidable pre-sold brand but it does not accord to the family the divine right to treat India and its institutions as a private estate.

The unfortunate Pranab Mukherjee is a case in point.

Instead, every ingenuous trick has been played to undermine his importance, to show that he is not a first among equals and that he doesn’t enjoy the full trust of the owners of the Congress. After PV Narasimha Rao, one of India’s great Prime Ministers, the owners have decided that competence always comes second to loyalty and subservience. The Congress youth are relevant because their fathers served the owners loyally and because it is hoped that the same loyalty has become a family trait.

The Congress model of modernity is akin to the Chinese Communist Party’s prescription for its youth. Young China can enrich itself, have a ball in the pubs and discos, even get on Facebook, but it is forbidden from thinking for itself. To this the Congress has added its proscription — don’t have ideas above your station.

The hierarchy of dynastic India is defined and unshakable. The slumdog can be a millionaire but only a Gandhi is King.

Fix for McAfee's blank install window on MS Windows

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I was trying to install latest version of McAfee on my computer but all I could see was a blank install screen. After scratching my head and searching through dozens of possible solutions on Google and McAfee forums, I tried following steps suggested by Ex_Brit on some McAfee forum thread. And it worked!

Source: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?p=500464
1. Uninstall all McAfee programs through "Add or Remove Programs" in Windows "Control Panel".

2. Use the MCPR tool, see this article: How to remove supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe). This will remove all McAfee remnants from your computer. (you must have Windows Vista, XP or 2000 SP4 to use this tool)

3. Launch Windows Explorer and delete all McAfee files in "Program Files" but especially in "C:\Document and Settings\\Application Data" and "C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data". You have to set Windows Explorer to show all hidden files and folders (Tools > Folder Options > View tab). Just delete the McAfee folders even if they are empty in all the "Application Data" folders. Can be more than one!
In Vista: C:\Program Files, C:\ProgramData and C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming

4. Reboot and redownload/reinstall your McAfee products directly from your account at the McAfee web site or your CD.
These steps worked in my case but it doesn't mean it will work in your case. Its worth a try but this is not a professional advice. Please try it at your own risk, users discretion is advised.

Election Commissioner Gopalaswami blames Navin Chawla of bias

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CEC recommends removal of Navin Chawla
The Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami has recommended to the government removal of the other Election Commissioner Navin Chawla. The BJP had alleged that Chawla was close to the Congress party.
Until now, it was known only in a hush-hush way through the newspapers that in addition to other respectable high posts like President, Vice-President and PM, even the supposedly unbiased nonpartisan post of Election Commissioner has been devalued under despot Antonia Maino's dispensation. Navin Chawla was accused to be working under her majesty's orders. But the cat is now out of the bag. It would have gotten worse when an outgoing Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) would have been silently replaced by the controversial Navin Chawla but the matter is now in the public domain and open for public scrutiny.
The recommendation comes about three months before Gopalaswami is to demit office on April 20 and is based on a petition by the BJP which had complained against the "partisan" functioning of Chawla.

In 2006, leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha L K Advani and 204 MPs had submitted a petition to then President APJ Abdul Kalam seeking the removal of Chawla as Election Commissioner on the ground of alleged partisanship. The main opposition party also took the matter to the Supreme Court.

Gopalaswami in his affidavit to the apex court had claimed that the CEC had suo motu power to recommend the removal of an Election Commissioner. Following which the BJP withdrew its petition in the apex court and again took up the issue with the CEC.

Government had maintained in the Supreme Court that the CEC had no suo motu power power to remove an Election Commissioner.
It seems Gopalaswami doesn't trust Chawla and the other commissioner to perform their duties in an unbiased and nonpartisan way.
Gopalaswami is understood to be of the view that Chawla and the other Election Commissioner S Y Qurashi could get together and ensure that the Lok Sabha elections could very well start after April 20 once he is out of the Commission.
Looks like history is repeating itself.
This is for the second time that removal of an Election Commissioner is coming up before the poll panel. In 1990, soon after the National Front government came to power, it removed two Commissioners appointed by the Rajiv Gandhi government by reducing the number of Commissioners from the three-member Commission just before the 1998 polls.
BJP demands firm action on CEC's recommendation on Chawla

Political detachment has never been Chawla’s virtue: Jaitely

President should sack Chawla: BJP

CEC's recommendation binding on government: Jaitley

CEC recommends removal of Navin Chawla

We feel vindicated, says BJP over CEC's action on Chawla
Welcoming Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami's recommendation for the removal of his colleague Navin Chawla, BJP on Saturday said the move would strengthen the autonomy and impartial nature of the poll panel.

"More than 200 MPs petitioned the President seeking the removal of Chawla as Election Commissioner. The Congress- led government did not act on that. We hope the President would at least act now," senior BJP Leader M Venkaiah Naidu told reporters in Hyderabad.

I will not resign, says Navin Chawla. Of course, laaj jaye par kursi na jaye!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hindu Dharma Raksha Manch Acharya Sabha

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Petition to free Temples from Government control


Hindus & Jews are Friends indeed


Swamijis’ Mumbai meet for a new Hindu Renaissance by V.Sundaram

I urge and implore the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha to pick a political instrument to cleanse the body politic of the nation: Dr Subramanian Swamy

‘Fundamentals of Hindu Agenda for Political Action’: Dr Subramanian Swamy

Swamijis’ Mumbai meet for a new Hindu Renaissance – I
or http://www.newstodaynet.com/col.php?section=20&catid=33&id=14308

Swamijis’ Mumbai meet for a new Hindu Renaissance – II
or http://www.newstodaynet.com/col.php?section=20&catid=33&id=14342

Swamijis’ Mumbai meet for a new Hindu Renaissance – III
or http://www.newstodaynet.com/col.php?section=20&catid=33&id=14376

Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha

Hindu Dharma Raksha Manch

Muslim organisations urged to issue fatwa against terrorism by The Hindu
The Dharma Raksha Manch, a coalition of Hindu religious institutions and leaders, has urged 13 major Muslim organisations to issue a fatwa against terrorism and jihad.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Swami Dayanand Maharaj and others said that before a terror attack, e-mails were sent quoting the Koran.

The Manch, concerned by religious motivation for terror, planned to send an appeal, signed by several acharyas, to the 13 Islamic institutions individually.

When it was pointed out that many of them had condemned terror, representatives of the Manch said mere condemnation was not enough.

The Muslim groups should issue a fatwa that India was not Dar-ul Harab (India is not a land against which Islamists have to wage a war); and it was Dar-ul Aman (land of peace), where Muslims can practise Islam without any impediment, said a resolution passed at a meeting of the Manch on Wednesday.

The phrase “Hindu terror” was false, insulting and inappropriate.
No such thing as Hindu terrorism, say leaders by Hindustan Times
Hindu religious and spiritual leaders who spoke at a rally on Thursday announced a programme to fight terrorism but also said that there was no such thing as Hindu terrorism.
CM promoting Christianity in AP: Singhal by Express Buzz

Sanatana Dharma Foundation Honors Dr Subramanian Swamy and Dr S. Kalyanaraman for their Courageous Effort in Protecting the Historic Rama Sethu
Sanatana Dharma Foundation, Dallas, Texas organized its first Hindu Unity Day, at the DFW Hindu Temple, in Dallas on the 19th and 20th of July, 2008. Symbolizing Hindu Unity, Representatives of Dallas Chapters of several organizations like the Art of living Foundation, Ammachi Satsang, Hare Krishna ISCKON group, Gayatri Parivar, Brahmakumaris, Carribbean Mandir, Chinmaya Mission, Hanuman Temple, Sathya Sai groups, Datta Yoga Peetam and other prominent Hindu personalities from the local Dallas-Fort Worth community in Texas, were present at this unique event. Dr Subramanian Swamy's latest book "Rama Sethu Symbol of National Unity" was released and distributed at the Event, to key members of these organizations and other prominent members of the community.
Dr. Kusum Vyas’ unstinted efforts and global quest secured the nomination for Gulf of Mannar as an International Sacred Site.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

NDTV gags freedom of speech: No criticism please!

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Please also read "NDTV to honor Anti-Hindu bigot MF Hussain" and Video: A Viewer exposes NDTV Barkha Dutt's bias.

It looks like it is not just Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi who has a loathe for freedom of speech, there is also a section of media in such league, who on one hand protest their innards out at a mere mention of Government regulation on the press (so they should, I support them on it iff they follow some code of conduct and report the news as it is and not give sensational commentary), but on the other hand they themselves are trying to gag the free speech and opinion of the people. This time on the receiving end is a fellow blogger. Apparently, NDTV and its editor Ms. Barkha Dutt have forced a blogger Chyetanya Kunte to retract his views which he expressed in a post, aptly named so, "Shoddy journalism". He started his post by saying,
Appalling journalism. Absolute blasphemy! As I watch the news from home, I am dumbfounded to see Barkha Dutt of NDTV break every rule of ethical journalism in reporting the Mumbai mayhem. Take a couple of instances for example:
He then continued on to give specific example supporting his views.

Thanks to B Shantanu for bringing this to others notice in his post "Of “Hindu Hooligans” and “MIM Activists”". In this post, Shantanu has done a very informative and nice comparison between media's approach to the despicable attack by hooligans in Mangalore with the macabre assaults on Taslima Nasreen by radical Muslim extremists conveniently called as MIM activists by the biased media.

Chaitanya in his post "Shoddy journalism" had spoken his mind out on the ethics of journalism followed by NDTV and its editor Ms. Barkha Dutt during 11/26 Mumbai terrorist attacks. He questioned how news channels behaved during such emergency situation and how their irresponsible quest for oneupmanship may have caused loss of lives and may have hurt the rescue efforts of the security forces by unintentionally helping terrorists by showing the whole rescue operation live. Also, by giving out some sensitive information. But looks like NDTV doesn't have a taste for criticism and doesn't like to be held accountable for any mistakes done, if any.

Faiz Dadarkar give his views on "Bombay Terrorist attack - Media responsibility" below:

WE, THE PEOPLE - The Mumbai tragedy and the English language news media by Mukul Kesavan, The Telegraph

We the pupil by Saubhik Chakrabarti, Indian Express

The channel box carnage by Mohan Ramamoorthy, Express Buzz

Three days of Mumbai terror reporting by The Hoot
The media behaved as if the country was so terrified it came to a standstill. As if Madhya Pradesh did not go to polls, as if Delhi did not vote, as if a former Prime Minister, V P Singh, did not pass away ANJALI DESHPANDE and S.K. PANDE of the Delhi Union of Journalists detail their observations.
The mayhem in Mumbai: readers react by The Hoot
Was it necessary to provide 24-hour coverage of the hostage crisis? Did it do anything for the viewers, the security forces, the helpless hostages, Mumbai city or the nation…?
MEDIA AND THE ELITE: Mumbai Tragedy Has Brought Out The Worst In Both by Suhit Sen, The Statesman
THE electronic media and the Mumbai elite ~ represented inexplicably by an overwhelming and, not at all paradoxically, eminently underwhelming contingent from Bollywood ~ have not covered themselves with glory after the terrorist strike on Mumbai. On offer from the media were crass sentimentality, over-the-top jingoism and an elite bias that was shocking. From the elite there was a mix of elitist foibles ~ an inexcusably self-centred response to a national crisis; a deeply anti-democratic, oligarchic view of how the country should be run; hypersensitivity about rights married to insensitivity to duties; and a deplorable lack of understanding or even engagement with public affairs.

The worst offender was NDTV 24x7’s We the People, anchored by Ms Barkha Dutt, though CNN-IBN was not very far behind. The crux of the gripe against the news channel is an elitist bias that could be spotted with eyes wide shut. On every talk show and news capsule the people paraded were from the well-heeled set ~ with a large dose of Bollywood and the entertainment industry ~ with a token policeman and politician thrown in. The latter, it must be said, made more sense than the rest of the crew put together. There were, to be sure, token references to the attack on the railway terminus and the deaths there ~ but they were not really in the frame. What was on offer in We the People was stomach-churningly nauseating tokenism ~ with a man who had lost most of his family brought into the studio, his privacy shredded to bits and a spectacle mounted, replete with histrionics from the anchor that would make anyone cringe. Such treatment, needless to say, was not meted out to the smart set from the five-star hotels. The patronising tone was unreal.
Week 1 - Post 26/11 - Quo Vadis News Media ? by Harini Calamur 'Gargi'

People have sharply reacted to this muzzling attitude by NDTV:

Blogger Silenced by NDTV by DesiPundit

Indian Blogosphere Condemns NDTV’s Bullying of Blogger Chyetanya Kunte Over Criticism of Barkha Dutt by Gaurav Mishra
Bloggers were scathing in their criticism of Barkha Dutt’s sensationalistic coverage of the 11/26 Mumbai terror attack, accusing her of broadcasting sensitive information about the position of hostages and security troops, sensationalizing the news coverage, and being borderline hysterical, in general. The National Security Guard, the Naval Chief, and the Information & Broadcasting Ministry had also criticized Indian news television coverage of the crisis. This groundswell of criticism prompted mainstream media to join in (The Hindu, The Indian Express) and forced Barkha Dutt and NDTV to go on the defensive.

The Role of Indian Televison Media in the 11/26 Mumbai Terror Attack by Gaurav Mishra

NDTV needs to Apologise by Blogger News Network

Shame on NDTV and Barkha Dutt by Shripriya

Freedom of Speech - challenged yet again! by Prasoon

NDTV - Self-righteous, ill-advised or both? by Gaurav Sabnis

Following is a lecture by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, National President, Janata Party on Freedom of Speech suppressed and gagged by Government of India. I guess add on a few more names on to that list now.

Judge says: Human rights? 'Terrorists are animals, we need animal rights'

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Human rights? 'Terrorists are animals, we need animal rights'
In a clear departure from the view taken by Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan on the checks and balances needed to tackle terrorism, a senior judge of the Supreme Court today strongly deplored “how human rights activists carry out protests and hold dharnas, if rights of terror suspects are violated.”

“We speak of upholding human rights. What we are worried is violation of the rights of terrorists, the people who kill innocent people with AK-47 and AK-56 on streets,” said Justice Arijit Pasayat. “He (a terrorist) is not fit to be called a human. He’s an animal so what is required is animal rights.”

Justice Pasayat, No 3 in the court by seniority, added: “Since he (terrorist) destroys the very basis of the citizen in this country...they have to be treated like terrorist and not like ordinary criminals.”

Earlier, Solicitor General G E Vahanvati called for fighting terrorism by non-conventional methods. “We would not be able to fight it by conventional methods,” he said, adding that after the Mumbai attacks, “it is time to show we also know how to fight and not just bark.”

Referring to Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone terrorist caught alive after 26/11 attacks and the “noise” being made for his right to defence, the Solicitor General said, “I don’t agree with it. I don’t have faith in his case. Suppose if I am asked to represent Kasab, how would I do it, when I don’t have faith in his case...if a lawyer is unwilling to represent Kasab, he must not be forced to do so.”

He, too, contradicted the CJI who had said: “We must uphold the right to fair trial for all individuals, irrespective of how heinous their crimes may be. If we accept a dilution of this right, it will count as a moral loss against those who preach hatred and violence.”

Jurist Fali S Nariman called for tightening the criminal justice system to deal with terrorism. In a sharp comment on the political class, Nariman said, “while Home Minister and Law Minister are protected from terrorist offences, public is not. So any more pussy footing on terrorism is not accepted.”
Finally a judge spoke his mind out against the terrorists by speaking in a language that everyone should speak in. He showed the door to some of these fake human rights activists who are nothing but roadblocks in the country's quest to bring these terrorist to the books.

Convert Asia next: The Pope lets down secularists

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Christian Missionary's radical activities against Hindus in India

Yvette Rosser's letters to National Public Radio
During NPR's Morning Edition broadcast on Friday, November 5th, 1999, there were three separate pieces about the Pope's journey to India, including a short news flash, repeated several times, informing us that the Pope, whose three day visit is meant to "strengthen cooperation among religions" was facing protests from Hindu extremists. This ominous news flash, on the Morning Edition loop, alerted the listeners more than once that fanatical Hindu fundamentalists are protesting the Pontiff's good will tour. One journalist, Vir Singh, explained that Hindus are demanding the Pope apologize for centuries of "forced conversions," though neither he, not any other newsperson covering the story thought it necessary to discuss the basis of these demands.

The piece by Michael Sullivan, the NPR correspondent in New Delhi was sensationalist and could have been written by Pat Robertson who is a dedicated and seasoned Hindu-basher. There was an interview with nuns who fear that, after the Pope's visit, they will be "targeted" by the threatening Hindus who have set fire to Christian schools from "village to village." And an interview with a Hindu fundamentalist vowing to forcibly reconvert local tribals who had recently become Christians--he is described as sitting under, of all things, a poster of Krishna.


However, according to these inflammatory reports from NPR it is obvious that Christianity is in grave danger in Hindu India, where fanatical Hindus rule. In the last couple of years there have been conflicts between members of hard-line Hindu groups and Christian missionaries in the Dangs region of Gujarat, as well as the tragic attack in Orissa on the Australian missionary and his sons. Violence is *never* to be condoned. However, these incidents are inevitably reported from not only a Christic-centric perspective, but with an anti-Indian slant, and with no reference to the politics of conversions in the Subcontinent. Conversions are part and parcel of the Christian worldview. . . negatively appraising missionary activities is nonsequitor.

One notable example of this slanted journalism can be recalled in the coverage of the rape of several Christian nuns in Madhya Pradesh last spring. The international media immediately picked up on the story, reporting with the same anti-Hindu bias that was evident in NPR's pieces on Friday morning. In the case in Madhya Pradesh, a subsequent criminal investigation found that the nuns had been raped by men from a rival Christian group, not by Hindus, as originally reported. There was, of course, no international media attention to this interesting fact. . . when Hindus attack Christians it is news but when Christians attach each other it is rather boring. (This may be a weak critique since the press is notorious for reporting sensational crimes and ignoring acquittals.)

In the Dangs region of rural Gujarat, a large portion of the inhabitants are Adivasis or tribals. There has, over the last few decades, been a concerted effort by evangelical Christian groups to convert the Adivasis in this area. Many unethical methods have been used to save the souls of these simple rural folk. One tactic is to throw a stone statue of the Hindu God Hanuman in a pond along with a wooden crucifix. The Adivasis are told that the Christian God is more powerful because he floats to the top and Hanuman sinks to the bottom. Adivasis and others, are offered free tuition at the Christian schools and free medical care at the hospitals, if they convert. These schools and hospitals, funded by donations from Christian organizations abroad, certainly offer important services in an impoverished remote area. However, it is the mocking derogatory rhetoric that accompanies Christian conversion propaganda which is disturbing to many Hindus.

If you have ever seen one of Pat Robertson's anti-Hindu television programs, and for that matter, they are anti-Buddhist as well, you will know the demeaning and disrespectful way in which Hindu and Buddhist traditions and beliefs are treated in fundamentalist Christian rhetoric - where Hindus are described as superstitious pagans who worship demons. Since the 16th century, the work of the innumerable groups of Christian missionaries seeking to convert the heathen Hindus has cost the equivalent of billions upon billions of dollars. I remember in Sunday School at my grandparents' Baptist Church there were special collections to raise money to help the missionaries in India bring the message of Jesus to the pagan Hindus. In my own Catechism class we were told that Hindus must unfortunately go to hell because they do not accept Jesus as the only God. The Christian West has been fed on a steady diet of anti-Hindu rhetoric for over three hundred years. It is no wonder that NPR can conjure up Hindu extremists who are burning and pillaging in connivance with the Hindu nationalist government, without feeling any responsibility to discuss the basic assumptions inherent in missionary activity.


It is interesting to note that the Vatican requested permission for the Pope to visit China, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Sri Lanka on his Asian tour, but they refused. It was Hindu majority India, it the grips of the Hindu nationalist government, that allowed the Papal visit. The Pope was not there to honor the traditions of the "East" he came to launch his new activities that aim at the evangelization of Asia. Those Hindu zealots in New Delhi allowed him to do so. In fact, India is one of the few countries that recognizes the Pope as a head of state. The United States and most Western countries recognize the Pope only as a religious leader. The Pope did not go to India as a political leader but as a religious leader. The Catholic Church has a long and self-proclaimed policy of evangelization or conversion and a special Asia synod to convert Asia. The Pope came to convert Hindus, not to show respect to an ancient and rich civilization. He was on a mission from God to bring more Hindu souls to Christ. He was not on a Dharmic Yatra visiting the ancient Tirthas.

There is also, as usual, a socio-political aspect to the Pope's desire to convert Asia. The Catholic Church has lost most of its power in the West. In general, Catholics are only nominal in their beliefs, with many American Catholics practicing birth control, getting divorced and then, with a convenient annulment, remarried--all these practices are banned by the Church in Rome. Most, though philosophically connected with their Catholic roots, don't attend church on a regular basis. It is significant that the average age of priests and nuns is about sixty and few younger people joining the orders. It is clearly an institution in decline. Without replenishing its population base it is facing a severe crisis. India offers perhaps the best possibility for doing this with a large population with a history of religious devotion and monastic activity that could readily become priests and nuns.

Cabbages & Kings: The Pope lets down secularists by V.P. Bhatia, Organiser Volume LI, No. 17 on November 21, 1999
By brazenly proclaiming India as the launching pad for Christianity in Asia, the Pope has exposed himself as a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

"HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CONQUERED the secular State". Or at least so he imagined. This should be the apt description of the last week's imperialist invasion of India by the Roman Catholic Supremo who heads a totalitarian organisation as bigoted and insidious as the once mighty Soviet Union, which is supposed to have disintegrated by the crusading buffeting of the Polish pontiff himself. It is another matter, that he proved to the hilt the VHP charges regarding the contents of the 140-page offensive agenda presented to his slavish frock at St. Thomas' Cathedral in New Delhi on Saturday, November 6.

In any case, taking full advantage of the customary hospitality due to the head of a state, the puffed up religious crusader lost no time in casting off his deceptive mask and went ahead with his real business of exhorting his flock in unambiguous strident tones to get ready to wage a decisive war of conversions on the Asian people. Which made most thinking people wonder why at all he was permitted to make secular India a launching pad for his offensive campaign of establishing Christian hegemony over the native faiths of Asia. Or, why in God's name was he allowed to hold the concluding session of the Asian Synod of Bishops from the Indian soil. For, that was the real Unsecular aim for which he chose to come here.

Abuse of Indian hospitality

His evangelical offensive was of course accompanied by left-handed compliments to Indian tolerance and condescending character certificates to Indian secularism, valid only so long as the Indian soft state facilitates his mission of undermining itself by allowing the missionary predators to carry on the old heinous game of preying on its unwary populace.

Obviously, the Pope's religious regalia and the panoply and the attendant deceptive noises of promoting peace and amity through religious dialogue did disarm a section of the media, experts in ever-obliging and soft pedalling all anti-Hindu causes, so that some of them were too motivated or confused to call a spade a spade. But the Popish militancy was so overt in emphasising the supreme evangelical mission even by branding the new millenium as the millenium of �Christian conquest of Asia�, that some of them did perforce report a mailed warrior behind the lily white cassock, a veritable wolf in sheep's clothing. As The Statesman's headline put it, "Conversion is a basic Christian tenet", said the Pope, as he even went to the extent of appealing for unity of all Christian sects to achieve this object.

Take a few other newspaper headlines of November 7 which did report the Pope's true intent while some unsuccessfully tried to put a gloss over his anti-secular thrust under a secular veneer, to cover up their embarrassment at the Pope's shock therapy to perfidious secularists.

"Spread Christianity in Asia" said a frontpage headline of The Pioneer, reporting the Pope's blunt message. "Affirming superiority of the Christian faith, the Vatican head asked the Bishops in India to spread Christianity across Asia even as he demanded that freedom of belief and worship be respected everywhere in the continent", said the body of the same paper's report. Of course, he had China and Taiwan in mind who had refused to let him in to broadcast the sinister message. The Indian Express made up for its lukewarm report about the Pope's �between the lines� message by a powerful editorial two days later (November 9) entitled "Christ in Asia--Motivated dialogue is no dialogue Your Holiness".

Secularist Chicanery

The Asian Age had a rather more pointed report elaborating its banner headline of "CONVERT ASIA NEXT : POPE". However, while the Muslim editor of the same paper went on to peddle learned arguments in defence of individual conversion in his Sunday column in the same issue, in an editorial two days later, it excelled its part record in pouring vicious abuse on the �saffron brigade� to hide its discomfiture and frustration at the fact that the Pope had destroyed the secular argument that not the Hindus but the Christians had been at the receiving end in India since Vasco da Gama's days. This while even the body of the front page report on this Popish Plot said : "Evangelism had to be an �absolute priority� for the church in Asia, the Pope said."

Obviously, such secularists consider mass missionary invasions for mass conversion as an individual human right. Whereas the Vatican sermon from the land of Machiavelli, beats even the most dare-devil, hard-boiled politicians in chicanery. As even the Hindustan Times recognised that the Pope had been insensitive to Indian sentiments by viewing to reap �the harvest of faith�. The fall-out, as the Star TV commentator said, is bound to be highly controversial.

IN ANY CASE, the most disconcerting feature of the Pope Paul II's recent, Diwali-eve visit to India has been to reveal the enormous clout that the foreign missionary class of the �miniscule� Christian community enjoys over our ultra-secular State even after the departure of the Christian-British rulers. It is obvious that the Pope's imperial-style visit was planned to coincide with the expected defeat of Vajpayee Government and installation of Vatican transplant Sonia Gandhi after the polls. It is another matter that the conspiracy went awry, despite the unprecedented hate campaign against BJP, joined in by all the overt and covert anti-Hindutva forces with massive input by the secularist media.

Arrogant Bishops

Thus while the imperious Pope proclaimed the Christian right to conversion from the country's capital itself, there were quite a few other assertions of an arrogant and impudent stance of the highly organised totalitarian Roman Catholic Church's big and small fry towards the BJP-led dispensation at the Centre. This was pointed out at a Star TV panel discussion which included a Christian bishop, a VHP leader and the Union Minister, Shri R. Kumaramangalam.

Kumaramangalam, in fact, had to pull up the bishop, flaunting a white frock of his religious order, for the latter's �sarcastic� reference to Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. Another sarcastic remark reported in Indian Express and India Today was made in full media view by the Archbishop of Delhi who �mimicked� Advani while reporting to the press his meeting with the Home Minister.

In the Star TV discussion Kumaramangalam had in fact to warn the Bishop not to go too far in deriding the Hindus' anti-conversion concern or to scoff at it as some of the bishop's co-religionists had been doing even in Parliament. For such provocative bid to assert their special claim to superior fundamental right of conversion through social service in selected poverty-ridden areas could lead to more severe backlash. This appalling poverty, incidentally, is a consequence of two pre-1947 predatory imperialisms--the Islamic and the British--followed by the post-independence dynastic one founded by Jawaharlal Nehru, aptly nicknamed as the Last Viceroy of India.

However, the tragedy is that even after independence, the British type of �secularism�, which while professing a neutral attitude towards all religious communities, exposed its heavy tilt towards the �minorities�, still reigns supreme. As everybody knows, this British tilt had horrendous consequences, culminating inevitably in the Partition of the hoary country. The irony is that it continues to play havoc even in the post-Partition.

British policy of making North-East special preserve of Christian missionaries continued by Pt. Nehru

IN HIS celebrated book India--From Curzon to Nehru (Collins, 1969) embodying memoirs of 50 years of his pioneering journalistic work and intimate contacts with almost all leaders of the freedom movement, including Jinnah and the British Viceroys, the late Durga Das, a former editor of The Hindustan Times makes two significant observations throwing a flood of light on the insidious nature of Christian missionary activities and their powerful clout in India both before and after independence in India.

The first relates to the stormy year of 1942 after the Cripps mission had failed to enlist the Congress support to set up a national government in lieu of its active cooperation in the war effort, as the Japanese were virtually knocking at the gates of India.

Consequently, one of the various formulas advanced for the breakup of India trotted out at that time to punish the �Hindu Congress� was that of Sir Reginald Coupland, a Professor of Oxford University who had spent the winter of 1941-42 in India at the instance of the die-hard Tory establishment and was later attached to Cripps Mission as unofficial adviser in March 1942.

Coupland's ingenious scheme consisted of break-up of the country into four broad geographical regions: the Indus basin, the Gangetic basin, the delta of Brahmaputra and the Deccan. Two of these were to have Hindu majority and two Muslim majority. The princely states were to have either a separate single dominion or several dominions of viable units. However, as Durga Das puts it,

"It is interesting to note that Coupland wanted a statutory guarantee for the continuance of the work of the Christian missions in the hill tracts of Assam (constituting present Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram etc. which were all part of Assam at that time)." This stipulation, says Durga Das, "lends weight to the suspicion that the present day movement for independence among a section of the Nagas and Mizos on the Assam borders is inspired by the missionaries". (P. 207)

The second observation in this context relates to Pt Nehru's continuation of the licence given to the missionaries by the British in framing of the Constitution of India. Says the eminent know-all journalist who was permitted daily evening meetings with Sardar Patel and weekly ones with Maulana Azad to exchange information, in this context :

"The Constitution-makers swept under the carpet the important matter relating to the scheduled tribes in the Assam hills in the North-east. They adopted a formula virtually placing the region outside the pale of normal union laws and administrative apparatus. Nehru did this on the advice of Christian missionaries. His colleagues in the top echelons let it pass, treating the matter, in the words of Maulana Azad, as �a Nehru fad�."

Thus like in Kashmir, Pt Nehru laid the foundation of secessionism in the North-east as well, by his pronounced pro-minority tilt at the cost of the national interests handed down by the British-brand of secularism.
Pope's Fundamentalist Agenda by N.S. Rajaram, Organiser Volume LI, No. 17 on November 21, 1999
Vatican remains intransigent while the Indian intelligentsia is not yet mature enough to face issues squarely

The Godman of Rome

The Godman of Rome, who styles himself as the Holy Father, Vicar of Christ, Pontifex Maximums and so on and so forth, but better known as Pope John Paul II, came to India and went. His Holy Mass on amavasya (dark moon) was also symbolic of its message of medieval darkness, seething with intolerance and doublespeak, more of which later. His speech--read from a written text--was an exercise in inspired incoherence.

The conduct of the media was along predictable lines. The same people who clamoured for the Government to disown "fundamentalist" organisations like the VHP and the RSS did not see it fit to comment on the impropriety of extending a royal welcome to the chief of a fundamentalist religious organisation like the Vatican. The media by and large ignored the message of the Asian Bishops� Synod--that the Church remains as intransigent as ever as regards its main agenda, which is aggressive conversion activities in Asia. The synod report repeated verbatim the famous--or infamous--words of the previous Asian synod: "A great new harvest of faith will be reaped in this vast and vital continent." The attitude of the Indian intelligentsia may be summed up : "The Vatican is a western institution and the Pope is is a westerner. We as Indians have no right either to criticize them or question their behavior. Our sole duty is to bow to him as our superior.

The message

As far as the papal visit itself, what promised to be a bang ended in whimper. While we should be grateful to the Holy Father for demonstrating the aptness of Napoleon�s dictum--"From the sublime to the ridiculous is but one step", there is also a sinister side to the story. His spokesmen were intransigent, even insolent. There was no dilution of the Church�s fundamental claim that salvation is possible only through Jesus. To go with this, people who demanded a retraction of this absurdity were dubbed as fundamentalists, even by the largely secular western media. This shows that the secular-humanist west still views fundamentalism through Christian eyes. Although it might deride and reject Christian fundamentalism at home, when it comes to non-Christian countries, it views opposition to Christian aggression as fundamentalist. As a result, it sees the aspiration of the Hindus in their own country as fundamentalist. This suggests that the west has not yet grown out of tis colonial and sometimes racist mindset.

Pope’s apology of an apology by R.C. Batura, The Organiser on April 23, 2000

When he came to India in October 1999, Hindu leaders had asked for the Pope’s apology for atrocities committed by Catholics in India, especially the burning of alleged heretics by the Inquisition in Goa. But the Pope did not oblige. His aides and the local bishops had argued how far the Church could go back in the past. But, now, the Vatican has gone back right to the beginning of Christianity in order to placate the Jews and to a lesser extent the Muslims.

The, third-and by far the most important reason-is the Vatican’s ambitious programme of mass conversion during the third millennium, described by the Pope himself as the “great harvest of faith” in Asia, having already Christianised the. Americas and Africa in the first and second millenniums. In their zeal to Convert, the Christian hordes had destroyed whole races and tribes. Lakhs of Incas and Mayas in America were killed destroying their race. Innumerable Jews and Muslims were exterminated to secure the domination of the Christian gospel. Colonisation of Africa and Asia by European Christian invaders came handy to effect conversions through force, fraud, lurement and faith-healing. Interestingly this faith-healing continues till to-day. In a move with echoes of the Roman Catholic Church’s past, the Pope had on November 28, 1999, issued a Papal Bull reviving on a grand scale the practice of granting indulgences.


Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times Service has pointed out: “The Pope has repeatedly said that the new evangelisation he is calling for in the third millennium can only take place after what he has described as a Churchwide ‘purification of memory’ His effort to cleanse his Church’s conscience for the new millennium has already drawn criticism, but it is almost certain to deeply mark his legacy.

But it cannot really cover its dark spots. They show up now and then. In a message to the Christian community in Kerala, a Church pamphlet issued on 1-2-1999, called upon the Christian community thus:

“Our goal (is) to make Christian(ity) a global religion. We should have Christians as highest population in world. Our target is to convert 50,000 Indians every week into Christianity. Those who is helping in conversion can get full support of international community in terms of money and facility. We can give you any amount of dollars & pounds if you do good work for Christianity...’ Provide free Education, food, medicine, clothes and financial help, which Indian Government is not able to do. We are collecting money from all over, from the donors to help missionaries and motivate them by giving them good financial status and facilities. Rural and semi-urban places in India do not have good schools and institutions except low-rated government schools where medium of instruction is local language, and people badly in need of good schools and English medium are helpless. In such places our missionaries have good share and patronage of Christian schools and institutions from Indians. At such point we can exploit our target of making thousands of Christians. We can convert lot of Indian population into Christianity by individual canvassing, by reaching every house and telling message of Christ, who can solve any problem of a person. Since all Hindu gods are popularly known as devils and a little educated or illiterate persons can easily accept our modem religion where life is taboo-free and more luxurious. Youth in India is very much after easy money, more luxury in life, good education. Taboo-free life (e.g. social mix-up, easy interaction with opposite sex, dance parties which is difficult in Indian religions) So we can easily convert them and take their help to make our mission come true. Do support us and our mission and we will help with any kind of assistance required. Jesus gives us everything.”

It is clear from the foregoing account that the Church’s objective of securing conversions by hook or crook has not changed. The only change is in its face. If the dagger was in the forefront in the past, lurement through material benefits like education, health and money are maim weapons today. it is only a change of tactics, not of heart and attitude. The target still is to turn the whole world into Christendom.

During his tour of India, the Pope had called conversion a human right forgetting that hardly any conversion is strictly religious in content. Most of the conversions are not even socio-religious. They are socioeconomic at best. Evangelists led by Pope wrongly call them the spread of faith because that is how their business of religion is Christened. And the Church has no plans to dismantle this business.

Brazil's Indians Offended by Pope Comments by Raymond Colitt, washingtonpost.com

Pope stirs up India by Christian Century on November 17, 1999
A CALL BY Pope John Paul II, made during his three-day visit to New Delhi, for the evangelization of Asia has provoked mixed reactions in India. A prominent Hindu nationalist has accused the pope of abusing "the hospitality that India has extended to him" and of planning to try to convert India to Christianity. At the same time, Asian church leaders have played down the pope's calls for such evangelization.

The issues of evangelization and religious freedom are particularly sensitive in India which in recent months has seen a number of attacks against Christians, who Hindu nationalists claim are engaging in forced conversions and offering material inducements for people to convert to Christianity.

Several bishops who attended the ceremonies in New Delhi said they were "stunned" by headlines such as that in the Asian Age, which bannered a report of the papal visit, "Convert Asia Next: Pope."

However, Rajender Chadha, spokesman for a section of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a prominent Hindu nationalist group, criticized the pope's call for religious freedom. "The pope has abused the hospitality India extended to him. He should not have said it," Chadha said, according to the Press Trust of India, the country's main news agency. In Chadha's view, the pope had confirmed fears that the Catholic Church has "grand plans to convert India into a Christian country."

Pointing out that Christians in Asia, where Jesus was born, died and was resurrected, are comparatively small in number, the pope predicted that the third millennium will mark the evangelization of Asia.

In Milan a prominent daily paper, Corriere della Sera, referred to the controversy over conversions to Christianity and quoted a leading Hindu, Swami Dayananda Saraswati: "With the Second Vatican Council the Catholic Church recognized the validity of other religions, but only as means to prepare for Christ. This worries millions of Hindus, because it implies a theology of conversion [to Christianity]."
Christian conversion in Buddhist Sri Lanka by Kamalika Pieris

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

Christian conversion in Buddhist Sri Lanka
The Ecumenical Council of Vatican II (1962-1965) set the Catholic Church on a revised path towards conversion. There were regional synods. The Synod for the Bishops of Asia was held in Rome in 1998. The term "Asia" included in this case, Middle East, Gulf States, South and Central Asia, South East Asia, Asian Siberia and the Far East. It was argued that Christianity was now a part of Asian culture. It was now Asian in outlook and sufficiently indigenised to become genuinely Asian. The policy drawn up by this Asian Synod was proclaimed by the Pope in November 1999 in New Delhi, India. It contained a specific call to the Catholics to convert Asians to Christianity. It stated that Europe went Christian in the first millennium. America and Africa went Christian in the second millennium. Now it was the turn of Asia. One newspaper summarised this as "Convert Asia next." The Catholic Church also noted, inter alia, that Asia was a paradise for foreign investment. China was fast becoming a world super power with India trailing behind (Daily News, 9.11.99 p 10, Hindustan Times, 7.11.99 p5, Fr. Leopold Ratnasekera, Island, 22.3.98 p 12).

Padma award's discriminations: Devaluation of India continues

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Just like how every possible respectable position has been devalued under despot Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi's controlled Congress led UPA in a petty puppet show. From the President to Vice-President to Prime Minister to Election Commissioner, etc., with all due respect to these positions, all the people holding these positions have been carefully selected by Super PM. They all like an army of minions do what the Madame wants them to do. I wonder how can Bharat (misnomer: India) be called a Republic: "For the public, by the public" when all these important people have been selected by the empress and not elected by the public of Bharat.

New addition to the list of devaluation are the National Awards like Padma awards. This time around, even more so than the previous years, there has been shameless display of discrimination and appeasement as intent while distributing these once highly respectable awards.

Padma goof-up: Exporter passed off as J&K craftsman
The Padma Award committee seems to have goofed up big time. It has conferred the Padma Shri to Hashmat Ullah Khan of Jammu & Kashmir for being a master craftsman of the rare Kani shawls. But it now transpires that Khan is no craftsman. He is an exporter of shawls, who is said to be currently on a business trip abroad.

What's more, the Omar Abdullah government never recommended Khan's name. Said a senior J&K official, "The state's general administration department has not sent this name for the award. On behalf of the government, it is this department that's responsible for sending in names."

It's learnt that Khan was first recommended for a Padma Shri under the “art, culture and literature" category.

Later, it was said that he was actually in the "craftmen" category. Said another state official, "He may have been awarded for pioneering work done in promoting handicraft, but he cannot be described as a craftsman — not by any stretch."

He added, "It's possible some non-government organisation may have recommended his name, but that's a sorry reflection on how the Padma Awards are given."
Wait a minute! The article says that Omar Abdullah's government didn't even recommend his name.

First of all this person Khan is not a craftsman. He is just another businessman. So it is utter negligence on the part of the government to give him an award in this category.

Secondly, he has a shop in Moti Bazar, Chandni Chowk. Chandni Chowk is full of such shops which sell rare and expensive Shawls. Most of them owned by Hindus.

Thirdly, communal nonsecular Omar Abdullah has just become Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir. Not even a month ago. So either this government takes just two weeks to decide whom to give some of the most respectable national awards to or it is all pre-planned how many to give depending on their religion or caste. Even Oscar awards lobbying starts more than six months before the event, these are national awards for God Shri Ram's sake.

This is government stringent criteria and process. It is sicking.

why give padma awards to deserving sportspeople? plenty of christist creeps to give them to

I'm surprised at Padma discrimination: Bindra
Indian Olympic Association said the government has not done justice to sportspersons in regard to the Padma awards and feels Abhinav Bindra should have got "at least the Padma Vibhushan" while Vijender Singh and Sushil Kumar also ought to have been among the award winners.

"There cannot be a more disappointing thing than this. Abhinav achieved which no Indian could do in the last 108 years and for that he deserves at least Padma Vibhushan," said IOA General Secretary Randhir Singh.

"Boxer Vijender Singh and wrestler Sushil Kumar, who won bronze medals in the Beijing Games, were completely ignored. You expect sportspersons to bring glory to the country but you don't encourage them. It downgrades the position of the sportspersons. What more can the two poor chaps do to get the award?" he wondered.

"We are hosting Commonwealth Games in 2010 and we also eye the Olympic Games after that and we are trying hard to become a sporting nation but I am sorry to say it won't serve our purpose," he added.

Indian Amateur Boxing Federation General Secretary Colonel Muralidharan Raja also felt strongly about the issue as he described Vijender missing out on the honour as "unfortunate".

"It's really very unfortunate. In the 104 years of Indian boxing in Olympics, there is not a single medal to our credit. But Vijender did it and he also defeated the best boxers of the previous Olympics en route his bronze medal. It's no mean feat," Col Raja said.

"When all the previous Olympic medal winners like Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore have been given Padma award, why should he be left out," he said.

Wrestling national coach PR Sondhi echoed similar sentiments. "I think it was injustice on the government's part to neglect Sushil and Vijender for the Padma awards. They deserved the awards more than the cricketers.

"Sushil and Vijender won Olympic medals in disciplines which are being played by over 150 countries while cricket is only played by a handful of nations," said Sondhi.

Vijender and Sushil Kumar have already expressed their disappointment at being overlooked for the Padma awards.

"I am really surprised," Abhinav said.

"Initially, they were recognised by the government. I have no idea what the criteria are (for the Padma awards) but we as a nation need to support our Olympic athletes whether in victory or defeat because they will only bring us the global recognition in the field of sports," he said.

"We need to encourage our Olympic athletes," he added. Abhinav, who fetched the first-ever individual Olympic gold medal in 108 years of India's Olympic history, has been was honoured with Padma Bhushan for his historic feat in the men's 10 metre air rifle shooting event at the Beijing Games.

But boxer Vijender and wrestler Sushil were ignored as five sportspersons, including cricketers Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh, were in the list of 93 eminent Padma awardees.
exactly: What did I get it for, asks Sister Nirmala
"What did I get it for?" was the spontaneous reaction of Missionaries of Charity superior general Sister Nirmala when she was informed this
evening that she has been awarded the Padma Vibhushan. "When she heard
the news, her first reaction was: 'what did I get if for?,"
That is exactly what we all are wondering Ms. Nirmala. But you got it because Pope/Vatican via Antonia Maino said so. As this will help in Pope's mission to convert the whole of Bharat (misnomer: India) and henceforth, Asia to Christianity in the third Millennium.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Immorality of Anti-Hindu biased media

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While we were pondering over the alleged Moral policing and Biased reporting by section of Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media whose efficiency is unmatched that it reaches on all the places where "Hindus" are allegedly involved even before the alleged incident takes place. Recent example being the alleged Mangalore pub attack. It was reported in an article in the newspaper The Hindu. Don't go on the name. As per the article "What is media and who owns media in Bhaarat?", this English daily which was started over 125 years has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland. Owner N.Ram's wife is a Swiss national. Not that it had a trace of Hinduism for 125 years! (Source: What is media and who owns media in Bhaarat)

Anyways, it was reported in the article "We were molested in the name of God",
“The entire scene has been playing out in my mind over and over again,” said a woman who was in ‘Amnesia,’ the pub that was attacked by a mob on Saturday. She was sitting at the reception counter when the mob entered the compound and was witness to the incident from beginning to end.

What tormented her was the reaction of certain sections of the media. “They arrived on the scene even before the attackers did,” she said, and added, “there was no nude dancing or prostitution going on there as reported.”

She and a few other victims are now trying to form a support group of those who were attacked in the incident. “Some of the women are in shock because of the humiliation they had to face on television,” she said. “We are trying to get professional counsellors for the victims and for their families.”
It is clear that the media was there even before the incident happen. After reaching there, it (the media) doesn't stop the incident from happening, it doesn't report the incident as it is without applying its bias, it doesn't inform the police about the possible incident before it happens but what it does is that it doesn't miss a heart beat in turning it into a hateful campaign of Hindu bashing. Their reporters don't just read the news as it is but they turn it into a commentary with special effect music in the background. From the news on insane hooligans who should be ashamed of themselves for attacking women, the media turned it in to Hindu versus Rest of the world, equating Hindu God Shri Ram ji's holy name as Taliban of Bharat (misnomer: India) and coin mythical terms like Hindu terror.

God Shri Ram ji is Maryada Purshottam (THE epitome of righteous man) and his exemplary teachings for the ideal society (Shri Ram Rajya) are nonpareil and quintessential. He would never condone such heinous acts of violence especially against women. Even if these goons misused the holy name of God Shri Ram ji by naming their group after it (his holy name) and committed such crimes, it still doesn't justify the biased media's immoral conduct to slander God Shri Ram ji by painting all his followers as Taliban. They have no ethical code of conduct. They have no self-restrain. They have no mutual respect for Hindus.

But this is not it. There is more to such irresponsible media's immorality. Known Anti-Hindu news channel CNN IBN's news reader Karmapalkar on 1/28/2009 at 3:00 PM IST reported that Congress ruled Rajasthan's CM Ghelot has made similar statements like the head of the alleged attackers who allegedly attacked women in Mangalore.

Now, Ashok Gehlot slams 'pub, mall culture'
SRS may have found an unlikely ally in Congress's Ashok Gehlot. If members of the right-wing outfit thought it fit to bash up girls and boys at a pub in Mangalore, the Rajasthan chief minister's stand was to condemn pub culture as a whole.

Gehlot is determined to reverse his BJP predecessor Vasundhara Raje's "liberal" policy of allowing pubs to mushroom and booze shops to remain open until 11pm in the tourist state.

Gehlot also wants to take the moral axe to PDA (public display of affection). Talking to newsmen at the PCC office on the sidelines of a meeting of party leaders, the chief minister said, "An onlooker may enjoy watching young boys and girls moving around arm-in-arm but it is not the culture of Rajasthan."

Though it was not clear what steps Gehlot might take to keep lovers from locking arms there appears to be a clear possibility of increased moral policing in the state that has so far projected a friendly face and managed to attract a record number of western tourists.
But the news reader and his female correspondent were justifying Gehlot's statements as acceptable because it increases excise duty on liquor and curbs Boy-Girl holding hands as indecent. Wow! So as per the Bharatiya media, it is OK if a Congress ruled state's CM says so but if someone else says so in a BJP ruled state then they blame it on all the Hindus and call it Hindutva radicalism. What kind of a biased reporting is this! These people are sick with utter prejudice for Hindus.

They are already flashing communal nonsecular Anti-Hindu quotes like "Ram Sena or Taliban of India" in their fancy digital backgrounds on blue/green screen and in their tickers. Can they ever dare to say Muhammad sena? Just like how they insulted the holy Hindu symbol OM (ॐ) when they coined the mythical term Hindu Terror. Insane!

Yes, it is true. There is an Indian media mindset and it s**ks!

Leftist Corruption: CPM's Rs 374.50 crore SCN-Lavalin scam

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SNC Lavalin scandal
SNC-Lavalin power scandal is one of the biggest financial scams that rocked Kerala, India. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India report indicted a CPI(M)-led government of the mid-1990s for a Rs 374.50 crore loss to the exchequer. Pinarayi Vijayan has been figured in the 9th accused by charge sheet filed by the CBI. Later, the CBI moved to seek Government's consent to prosecute him.

Three hydel power stations had to be upgraded, tenders were invited and was finalised to an Indian consortium and a Canadian MNC. The foreign company quoted Rs 2.42 crore per MW, the Indian consortium – BHEL and L&T – sought Rs 1.25 per MW. The contract went to the higher bidder, contrary to normal practice.

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) signed an MoU with SNC-Lavalin in August 1995. Under the provisions of the MoU, the funds for the renovation were to be arranged by SNC Lavalin from the Export Development Corporation (EDC), Canada, and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The Board did so, ignoring the CEA's recommendation that immediate replacement of the generating units at the Pallivasal power station was not called for as the plant was in fairly good condition. The Board undertook a feasibility study on the proposal only in September 1995, by a retired Chief Engineer of the KSEB, who later became a consultant to Lavalin.

Based on the consultant's report and further discussions, the Board signed contracts with Lavalin to provide technical services for management, engineering, procurement and construction supervision in February 1996, to ensure completion of the projects within three years. The consultancy agreements were converted into fixed price contracts for supply of machinery and techincial services as part of the renovation at a cost of 67.94M Canadian dollars (Rs.169.03 crores) in February 1997. During this period Pinarai Vijayan was the Minister for Electricity.

The CAG has found that Lavalin was only a consultant intermediary and not the original equipment manufacturer and that the supply of goods and services was made by other firms at much higher cost leading to excess expenditure. According to the CAG, the absence of due professional care in negotiating the foreign loan proved to be detrimental to the financial interests of the Board. The Board also could not ensure quality of renovation work in the absence of technology transfer and training of its engineers. Owing to various technical defects in the equipment, the generation of power could not be maintained even at the pre-renovation level and the Board had to spend on repairs.

According to the CAG, failure to exclude fee for technical consultancy from fixed price contracts resulted in avoidable payment of Rs.20.31 crores, and failure to negotiate and exclude the exposure fee from the loan agreement resulted in avoidable payment of Rs.9.48 crores and future liability of Rs.2.21 crores. In the opinion of the CAG, there was also an avoidable payment of Rs.1.20 crores as commitment fee despite there being committed but unavailed advance.

The CAG found that the Government did not receive Rs.89.32 crores out of the grant of Rs.98.30 crores that was promised for the Malabar Cancer Centre.

On 16th January 2007, Kerala High Court ordered a CBI enquiry into the scandal.

On February 19, 2008, CBI informed High court of Kerala that the investigation was progressing and said that former Electricity Ministers Pinarayi Vijayan and G. Karthikeyan would be examined at the appropriate time.

On 21st January 2009, CBI filed a progress report on the investigation in the Kerala high court. Pinarayi Vijayan has been named as the 9th accused in the case.
Lavalin scam: When power and politics collide
The scandal had its genesis in a 1996 agreement that the then Congress-led UDF Government got its Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) to sign with a Canadian power consulting company, SNC Lavalin. The contract was for replacing and modernising three major hydroelectric projects at Pallivasal, Sengulam and Panniar.

Soon after, Pinarayi Vijayan joined the Left Cabinet of E K Nayanar as power minister. Vijayan personally led the renegotiation of the earlier contract the KSEB had signed with Lavalin and subsequently went with Nayanar to Canada to seal the new deal. The new contract involved the state Government agreeing to cough up an additional Rs 149.15 crore to Lavalin for buying equipment from suppliers it named — Lavalin itself manufactured no such equipment.
CAG finds lapses in deal with Lavalin
Says the Rs. 374.50-crore renovation did not yield commensurate gains.

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has found that the expenditure incurred on the renovation of the Pallivasal, Sengulam and Panniar hydroelectric projects, with the involvement of the Canadian firm SNC Lavalin and spending Rs.374.50 crores, had not yielded commensurate gains.

The CAG report on the commercial activities of the State Government for the year ended March 31, 2005, tabled in the Assembly on Monday, says the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) had undertaken renovation and modernisation of the three projects without conducting any feasibility study, disregarding the objections of the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and without the prior concurrence of the CEA for incurring capital expenditure.
CBI to grill Pinarayi in Lavalin case

Pinaryai Vijayan's may figure in SNC-Lavlin scam

CBI set to prosecute CPM Kerala boss, party in a fix

CPM's Kerala secy under CBI scanner

CBI finds Pinarayi guilty in Lavalin scam, moralistic CPM yet to act
CPM’s cultivated ‘holier than thou’ image was blown to smithereens on Wednesday when the CBI implicated polit bureau member and
Kerala unit secretary Pinarayi Vijayan in the multi-crore SNC Lavalin case. The CPM, which goes off the collective rocker and demand resignations when rival politicians are confronted with similar situations, was silent on the action it proposes against the powerful party leader.

The CBI, which filed a progress report on the investigations in the case in the Kerala high court, has named Mr Vijayan, who was the state’s power minister, as the ninth accused in the case. The CBI has sought the governor’s permission to file a chargesheet that accuses Mr Vijayan and 10 others, including some officials, of receiving kickbacks for allotting a contract to the Canadian firm in 1997.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India had found irregularities in the contract with SNC Lavalin of Canada for renovation and modernisation of the Pallivassal, Chengulam and Panniyar hydro-electric projects in Idukki district. Mr Vijayan had played the lead role in reworking the deal signed between KSEB and SNC Lavalin.

He had led a high-level official team to Montreal to revise the Lavalin contract. The consultancy contract was expanded to include a supply contract for procuring equipment. While the consultancy fee remained unaltered, the government committed an additional Rs 149.15 crore for buying equipment.

The Kerala government team had also negotiated a sub-deal with the company. Lavalin committed itself to mobilise Rs.98.3 crore for a party controlled cancer hospital in north Kerala. But the company paid only Rs 9 crore to the hospital.

CAG reported that the entire Rs 374.50 crore spent on the renewal projects went down the drain as the company did not complete the renewal process. Officials say that while replaced equipment have become unserviceable, not an extra megawatt of power is being generated from the three hydroelectric projects.
CBI seeks nod to prosecute CPM’s Kerala unit chief

माकपा के राज्‍य सचिव आकंठ भ्रष्‍टाचार में डूबे

CPM conspiracy theory falls flat in face of facts
The CPM has a stock answer to the charges of corruption against polit bureau member and Kerala unit secretary Pinarayi Vijayan — it’s
a frame up by the CBI at the behest of the Congress. But facts of the multi-crore SNC Lavalin scandal just do not substantiate this charge.

Here is the sequence of events:

February 2006: Vigilance SP filed an FIR in Vigilance Special Court in Trichur in the SNC Lavalin case. It had said eight people were involved in working out the sweetheart deal.

March 2006: The Oomen Chandy government wrote to the Centre seeking a CBI probe. The state issued a notification for the probe but the Centre did not issue the notification — a requirement for the CBI to take up the investigations......deleted.....
Does C in CPM mean corruption?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moral policing and Biased reporting

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Giving Oxygen to Dinosaurs and Rodents by Offstumped

Absolutely correct analysis by Offstumped. None of these Anti-Hindu media cared to feature the following news as much either: "Muslim extremists beat woman at Mumbai Mall". But in Mangalore case, all of them were at the right place at the right time. Kya timing hai! Even though there is higher chance that they should have taken video of Malad Mall attack by Muslim extremists because it was in a bigger city. BJP or others are too disarrayed to ask the right questions and walked right in to Media-Congress nexus trap. Why is no body asking as to how ELM cameramen, all of them, were at the place of incident so quickly? This doesn't vindicate those damn attackers but does give rise to valid suspicions. Especially, what Offstumped pointed out about the Acid attack case in Congress ruled Andhra Pradesh by christian evangelic Y Samuel R S Reddy.

As for the incident in Mangalore where a few people stopped a group of youngsters from doing drugs but the sellout media spined it to their usual shout of "Moral police" is here. Here is a catch, CNN IBN's news reader Karmapalkar on 1/28/2009 at 3:00 PM reported that Congress ruled Rajasthan's CM Ghelot has made similar statements like the head of the alleged attackers who allegedly attacked women in Mangalore. But the news reader and his female correspondent were justifying Gehlot's statements as fine because it increases excise duty on liquor and curbs Boy-Girl holding hands as indecent. Wow. So as per the Bharatiya media, it is OK if a Congress ruled state's CM says so but if someone else says so in a BJP ruled state then they blame it on Hindus and call it Hindutva radicals. What kind of a biased reporting is this! These people are sick with utter prejudice for Hindus.

They are already flashing communal nonsecular Anti-Hindu quotes like "Ram Sena or Taliban of India". Can they ever f***ing dare to say Muhammad sena? Just like how they insulted the holy Hindu symbol OM (ॐ) when they coined the mythical term Hindu Terror. Insane!

And those who are only condemning this so-called moral police, where were they when Muslim extremists of a NGO attacked a Pakistani woman in Mumbai mall in broad view of hundreds of people? And police arrested the woman for hurting religious sentiments but not the assaulters. She was forced to flee the country by the attackers. So why was she attacked? What was her mistake? Because she sported a tattoo in Urdu.

It was a sheer coincidence that after beating she turned out to be a Muslim and that too a Pakistani. How stupid of her to think that she had over 15000 years old Respect-The-Women Bharatiya culture, Democratic freedom and rights while she was in Bharat (misnomer: India) to celebrate her independence by doing what she wants to do and not what her Fascist Sharia based society wants her to do? She should have known better. She must have learnt a hard lesson, just like we have through her misery, that India is no different than Pakistan.




So here comes a question for all those haters of Hindu morals out there, have you ever seen someone being attacked for sporting holy Hindu symbols like OM () or Swastik/Satya () or some Sanskrit quote (with full respect to all these respectable articles) on their body. We, at least devout Hindus, love to celebrate our religion not beat up people for loving it.

Where are those condemnations when there is an alarming rise in the cases of Road Rage? Please read "Road rage or more? You decide."

Luckily the biased section of media will not read to much into this video because the one who is suppressing and oppressing is a Muslim and a Hindu is at the receiving end. But oh God forbid if it was the other way round then the whole hell would let loose with shouts of Minority (meaning Muslim as per current dispensation's lexicon) suppression.

Where were National Commission for Women, National Human Rights Commission, and dial-a-quote (as media calls her) Renuka Chaudhury in case of that Woman assaulted by Muslim extremists? Or even in the case of Taslima Nasreen being attacked by radical Muslims for that matter? Now that is the real Talibanization of Bharat.

There is no justification for anyone assaulting someone else in any such civil matters. Period. But such cherry picking of cases to highlight women rights only when Hindus are involved is discriminatory, nonsecular and shows total bias on the part of media and the Government organizations.

That woman was beaten black and blue in broad view of hundreds of people in a mall just because she sported a tattoo in Urdu?! This would be considered sheer intolerance in any civic democratic society. And negligence that the assaulters were let off by Mumbai police and justice suppressed because they didn't call themselves Sri Ram Sene out to set good morals for society by saving youngsters from drugs but some Muhammad Sena enforcing women dress code suppressing their rights and freedom as they do in wahabi Iran as per Sharia.

Let us hope that Mrs. Chaudhury's wish comes true and Bharat never Talibanizes. But if Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media, police, and Government continues to work under such bias to ignore the threat of Muslim extremism while only attending to other causes, it would not take long before Bharat actually Talibanizes.

Here is some food of thought for your conscience. Please watch a discussion on World Peace by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and Dr. Subramanian Swamy. May be you will learn to have some mutual respect for others.

Some of the text is from forwarded emails.