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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Abuse of Power: MA degree makes IPS officer 'fit' for AIIMS PhD

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A case of Blatant misuse and abuse of power.
Can a Master of Arts (MA) degree in archaeology make you eligible for a PhD in forensics at AIIMS? Yes, if the candidate is AIIMS's own deputy director of administration (DDA).

In what the AIIMS faculty is saying is a gross violation of rules, the institute's DDA, Shailesh Yadav, was cleared by acting director, Dr T D Dogra, to appear for the entrance theory exam for PhD in forensic sciences even when he does not have an MSc degree nor a masters degree in a subject allied to medical sciences.

Yadav, a 1994 batch IPS officer from the Tamil Nadu cadre, completed his MA in ancient history, culture and archaeology from Allahabad University before appearing for his UPSC exam. He is on deputation to AIIMS.

Interestingly, Dr Dogra is the head of the department of forensics at the institute.

For more on this scandal, please read "MA degree makes IPS officer 'fit' for AIIMS PhD".

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