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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Immorality of Anti-Hindu biased media

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While we were pondering over the alleged Moral policing and Biased reporting by section of Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media whose efficiency is unmatched that it reaches on all the places where "Hindus" are allegedly involved even before the alleged incident takes place. Recent example being the alleged Mangalore pub attack. It was reported in an article in the newspaper The Hindu. Don't go on the name. As per the article "What is media and who owns media in Bhaarat?", this English daily which was started over 125 years has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland. Owner N.Ram's wife is a Swiss national. Not that it had a trace of Hinduism for 125 years! (Source: What is media and who owns media in Bhaarat)

Anyways, it was reported in the article "We were molested in the name of God",
“The entire scene has been playing out in my mind over and over again,” said a woman who was in ‘Amnesia,’ the pub that was attacked by a mob on Saturday. She was sitting at the reception counter when the mob entered the compound and was witness to the incident from beginning to end.

What tormented her was the reaction of certain sections of the media. “They arrived on the scene even before the attackers did,” she said, and added, “there was no nude dancing or prostitution going on there as reported.”

She and a few other victims are now trying to form a support group of those who were attacked in the incident. “Some of the women are in shock because of the humiliation they had to face on television,” she said. “We are trying to get professional counsellors for the victims and for their families.”
It is clear that the media was there even before the incident happen. After reaching there, it (the media) doesn't stop the incident from happening, it doesn't report the incident as it is without applying its bias, it doesn't inform the police about the possible incident before it happens but what it does is that it doesn't miss a heart beat in turning it into a hateful campaign of Hindu bashing. Their reporters don't just read the news as it is but they turn it into a commentary with special effect music in the background. From the news on insane hooligans who should be ashamed of themselves for attacking women, the media turned it in to Hindu versus Rest of the world, equating Hindu God Shri Ram ji's holy name as Taliban of Bharat (misnomer: India) and coin mythical terms like Hindu terror.

God Shri Ram ji is Maryada Purshottam (THE epitome of righteous man) and his exemplary teachings for the ideal society (Shri Ram Rajya) are nonpareil and quintessential. He would never condone such heinous acts of violence especially against women. Even if these goons misused the holy name of God Shri Ram ji by naming their group after it (his holy name) and committed such crimes, it still doesn't justify the biased media's immoral conduct to slander God Shri Ram ji by painting all his followers as Taliban. They have no ethical code of conduct. They have no self-restrain. They have no mutual respect for Hindus.

But this is not it. There is more to such irresponsible media's immorality. Known Anti-Hindu news channel CNN IBN's news reader Karmapalkar on 1/28/2009 at 3:00 PM IST reported that Congress ruled Rajasthan's CM Ghelot has made similar statements like the head of the alleged attackers who allegedly attacked women in Mangalore.

Now, Ashok Gehlot slams 'pub, mall culture'
SRS may have found an unlikely ally in Congress's Ashok Gehlot. If members of the right-wing outfit thought it fit to bash up girls and boys at a pub in Mangalore, the Rajasthan chief minister's stand was to condemn pub culture as a whole.

Gehlot is determined to reverse his BJP predecessor Vasundhara Raje's "liberal" policy of allowing pubs to mushroom and booze shops to remain open until 11pm in the tourist state.

Gehlot also wants to take the moral axe to PDA (public display of affection). Talking to newsmen at the PCC office on the sidelines of a meeting of party leaders, the chief minister said, "An onlooker may enjoy watching young boys and girls moving around arm-in-arm but it is not the culture of Rajasthan."

Though it was not clear what steps Gehlot might take to keep lovers from locking arms there appears to be a clear possibility of increased moral policing in the state that has so far projected a friendly face and managed to attract a record number of western tourists.
But the news reader and his female correspondent were justifying Gehlot's statements as acceptable because it increases excise duty on liquor and curbs Boy-Girl holding hands as indecent. Wow! So as per the Bharatiya media, it is OK if a Congress ruled state's CM says so but if someone else says so in a BJP ruled state then they blame it on all the Hindus and call it Hindutva radicalism. What kind of a biased reporting is this! These people are sick with utter prejudice for Hindus.

They are already flashing communal nonsecular Anti-Hindu quotes like "Ram Sena or Taliban of India" in their fancy digital backgrounds on blue/green screen and in their tickers. Can they ever dare to say Muhammad sena? Just like how they insulted the holy Hindu symbol OM (ॐ) when they coined the mythical term Hindu Terror. Insane!

Yes, it is true. There is an Indian media mindset and it s**ks!

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