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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moral policing and Biased reporting

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Giving Oxygen to Dinosaurs and Rodents by Offstumped

Absolutely correct analysis by Offstumped. None of these Anti-Hindu media cared to feature the following news as much either: "Muslim extremists beat woman at Mumbai Mall". But in Mangalore case, all of them were at the right place at the right time. Kya timing hai! Even though there is higher chance that they should have taken video of Malad Mall attack by Muslim extremists because it was in a bigger city. BJP or others are too disarrayed to ask the right questions and walked right in to Media-Congress nexus trap. Why is no body asking as to how ELM cameramen, all of them, were at the place of incident so quickly? This doesn't vindicate those damn attackers but does give rise to valid suspicions. Especially, what Offstumped pointed out about the Acid attack case in Congress ruled Andhra Pradesh by christian evangelic Y Samuel R S Reddy.

As for the incident in Mangalore where a few people stopped a group of youngsters from doing drugs but the sellout media spined it to their usual shout of "Moral police" is here. Here is a catch, CNN IBN's news reader Karmapalkar on 1/28/2009 at 3:00 PM reported that Congress ruled Rajasthan's CM Ghelot has made similar statements like the head of the alleged attackers who allegedly attacked women in Mangalore. But the news reader and his female correspondent were justifying Gehlot's statements as fine because it increases excise duty on liquor and curbs Boy-Girl holding hands as indecent. Wow. So as per the Bharatiya media, it is OK if a Congress ruled state's CM says so but if someone else says so in a BJP ruled state then they blame it on Hindus and call it Hindutva radicals. What kind of a biased reporting is this! These people are sick with utter prejudice for Hindus.

They are already flashing communal nonsecular Anti-Hindu quotes like "Ram Sena or Taliban of India". Can they ever f***ing dare to say Muhammad sena? Just like how they insulted the holy Hindu symbol OM (ॐ) when they coined the mythical term Hindu Terror. Insane!

And those who are only condemning this so-called moral police, where were they when Muslim extremists of a NGO attacked a Pakistani woman in Mumbai mall in broad view of hundreds of people? And police arrested the woman for hurting religious sentiments but not the assaulters. She was forced to flee the country by the attackers. So why was she attacked? What was her mistake? Because she sported a tattoo in Urdu.

It was a sheer coincidence that after beating she turned out to be a Muslim and that too a Pakistani. How stupid of her to think that she had over 15000 years old Respect-The-Women Bharatiya culture, Democratic freedom and rights while she was in Bharat (misnomer: India) to celebrate her independence by doing what she wants to do and not what her Fascist Sharia based society wants her to do? She should have known better. She must have learnt a hard lesson, just like we have through her misery, that India is no different than Pakistan.




So here comes a question for all those haters of Hindu morals out there, have you ever seen someone being attacked for sporting holy Hindu symbols like OM () or Swastik/Satya () or some Sanskrit quote (with full respect to all these respectable articles) on their body. We, at least devout Hindus, love to celebrate our religion not beat up people for loving it.

Where are those condemnations when there is an alarming rise in the cases of Road Rage? Please read "Road rage or more? You decide."

Luckily the biased section of media will not read to much into this video because the one who is suppressing and oppressing is a Muslim and a Hindu is at the receiving end. But oh God forbid if it was the other way round then the whole hell would let loose with shouts of Minority (meaning Muslim as per current dispensation's lexicon) suppression.

Where were National Commission for Women, National Human Rights Commission, and dial-a-quote (as media calls her) Renuka Chaudhury in case of that Woman assaulted by Muslim extremists? Or even in the case of Taslima Nasreen being attacked by radical Muslims for that matter? Now that is the real Talibanization of Bharat.

There is no justification for anyone assaulting someone else in any such civil matters. Period. But such cherry picking of cases to highlight women rights only when Hindus are involved is discriminatory, nonsecular and shows total bias on the part of media and the Government organizations.

That woman was beaten black and blue in broad view of hundreds of people in a mall just because she sported a tattoo in Urdu?! This would be considered sheer intolerance in any civic democratic society. And negligence that the assaulters were let off by Mumbai police and justice suppressed because they didn't call themselves Sri Ram Sene out to set good morals for society by saving youngsters from drugs but some Muhammad Sena enforcing women dress code suppressing their rights and freedom as they do in wahabi Iran as per Sharia.

Let us hope that Mrs. Chaudhury's wish comes true and Bharat never Talibanizes. But if Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) media, police, and Government continues to work under such bias to ignore the threat of Muslim extremism while only attending to other causes, it would not take long before Bharat actually Talibanizes.

Here is some food of thought for your conscience. Please watch a discussion on World Peace by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and Dr. Subramanian Swamy. May be you will learn to have some mutual respect for others.

Some of the text is from forwarded emails.

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