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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fraud Institute Alert: 86 students duped off of Rs 1.5 crore

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Management institute director held
Police on Thursday arrested the director of city-based Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Jaipur, Kailash Shankar Gautam (40), on charges of duping 86 students of Rs 1.5 crore. The students were pursuing a post-graduate diploma in management (PGDM) course. Gautam was sent to 15-day judicial custody after he was produced in court on Thursday afternoon.

Gautam was running the PGDM course from Asia Pacific Institute of Management in the city without getting approval from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

According to the police report lodged by Rohit Dixit of Aligarh and four other students, Gautam advertised about the admission to a two-year PGDM course at Asia Institute of Pacific Management in local newspapers. The brochure issued by institute said the course was approved by AICTE. Eighty-six students took admission and the course started in July 2008. They paid Rs 90,000 as annual fee and other expenses.

They reported the matter to the AICTE office in Delhi. In September, they all heard from AICTE, which advised that they ensure AICTE approval of the programme before advancing further.

Following the notice from AICTE, a group of students filed an application under the right to information (RTI) Act to enquire about the approval of the course from AICTE. The reply brought more misery as it said the course was not approved and neither was any such case pending with the body.
People really need to be careful and do research before they subscribe to some service or enroll into some educational course with all these fraud and fake institutes out there not just in Bharat but anywhere in the world, even in the US. There are allot of frauds even in the US or UK.

People in Bharat have to keep such vigil themselves as you can't expect Arjun Singh's headed Ministry of Human Resource Exploitation... oops... I mean Development to do everything for you. MHRD has allot more better things to do than to look out for such frauds and maintain quality of education. They have to toxify education by cleansing all the nationalist or true historical facts or Sanatan Vedic Dharm (Hindu) references from it. Congress led UPA has to falsify history for their political gain, so why bother question it. They have to ingrain into the society for years to come the divisive format of Caste system by implementing reverse discrimination in the form of discriminating and unfairly multiplied quota system which is now even religion based despite being unconstitutional. So don't disturb them with your petty रु 1.5 crore fraud issues. Such frauds are peanuts in front of their Telecom Minister's Overnight Crorepati Scam (Zero to रु 755 crore in 1 year), Petroleum Ministry Scam (रु 65,000 a month on taxi rental per person), Leftist Scam (How to make रु 125 cr for free?) or Mother of all scams by Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi other than bofors: $2 Billion siphoned off to Swiss Bank revealed in 1991.

They don't have time to make infrastructure to give quality primary education, so you have to bear with patchy work of degrading institutes of higher learning to accommodate those who weren't given quality primary education in the first place. Lack of quality institutes for higher education due to reverse discrimination leads to such fraud institutes with firangi name to come up uncontrollably like mushroom. So be careful and use your informed sound discretion people.

Also, please do use RTI whenever possible to hold people accountable. Powers of RTI may have been curbed but it is still a powerful tool.

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