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Saturday, January 24, 2009

World's first Forensic Science University

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While Congress led Government of Bharat is busy making usual parroted verbal lip service with Pakistan achieving, as expected, Shunya results, someone has innovatively taken another big leap in helping the country and the world in fight against different crimes especially terrorism. Gujarat's Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has announced in his speech at All India Forensic Science Conference the opening of world's first Forensic Science University in Gujarat.

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Gujarat Forensic Science University set for January launch by DeshGujarat
Gujarat Forensic Science University(FSU) conceived by Chief Minister Narendra Modi will start functioning from 1st of January next year with Rs 38 crore budget in Gandhinagar.

University will conduct several post graduate courses related to Science. Some courses that would be possibly offered on day one include Lie Detection, Brain Mapping, Narco Analysis, Firing Range, Bomb, Laptop’s Mechanics.

FSU will produce skillful human resource to fight against terrorism scientifically. FSU will also offer PhD in Forensic Science. Some police officers are already waiting to enroll for PhD in FSU.

Gujarat government has allotted Rs 3 crore as of now. Government has also allotted 20,000 square meter land behind State Police headquarter building(Police Bhavan) in sector 18/A in Gandhinagar for FSU where a building will come up. Some foreign universities have already proposed tie-up with FSU.

Gujarat assembly had recently passed Gujarat Forensic Science University Bill-2008.

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