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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Padma award's discriminations: Devaluation of India continues

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Just like how every possible respectable position has been devalued under despot Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi's controlled Congress led UPA in a petty puppet show. From the President to Vice-President to Prime Minister to Election Commissioner, etc., with all due respect to these positions, all the people holding these positions have been carefully selected by Super PM. They all like an army of minions do what the Madame wants them to do. I wonder how can Bharat (misnomer: India) be called a Republic: "For the public, by the public" when all these important people have been selected by the empress and not elected by the public of Bharat.

New addition to the list of devaluation are the National Awards like Padma awards. This time around, even more so than the previous years, there has been shameless display of discrimination and appeasement as intent while distributing these once highly respectable awards.

Padma goof-up: Exporter passed off as J&K craftsman
The Padma Award committee seems to have goofed up big time. It has conferred the Padma Shri to Hashmat Ullah Khan of Jammu & Kashmir for being a master craftsman of the rare Kani shawls. But it now transpires that Khan is no craftsman. He is an exporter of shawls, who is said to be currently on a business trip abroad.

What's more, the Omar Abdullah government never recommended Khan's name. Said a senior J&K official, "The state's general administration department has not sent this name for the award. On behalf of the government, it is this department that's responsible for sending in names."

It's learnt that Khan was first recommended for a Padma Shri under the “art, culture and literature" category.

Later, it was said that he was actually in the "craftmen" category. Said another state official, "He may have been awarded for pioneering work done in promoting handicraft, but he cannot be described as a craftsman — not by any stretch."

He added, "It's possible some non-government organisation may have recommended his name, but that's a sorry reflection on how the Padma Awards are given."
Wait a minute! The article says that Omar Abdullah's government didn't even recommend his name.

First of all this person Khan is not a craftsman. He is just another businessman. So it is utter negligence on the part of the government to give him an award in this category.

Secondly, he has a shop in Moti Bazar, Chandni Chowk. Chandni Chowk is full of such shops which sell rare and expensive Shawls. Most of them owned by Hindus.

Thirdly, communal nonsecular Omar Abdullah has just become Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir. Not even a month ago. So either this government takes just two weeks to decide whom to give some of the most respectable national awards to or it is all pre-planned how many to give depending on their religion or caste. Even Oscar awards lobbying starts more than six months before the event, these are national awards for God Shri Ram's sake.

This is government stringent criteria and process. It is sicking.

why give padma awards to deserving sportspeople? plenty of christist creeps to give them to

I'm surprised at Padma discrimination: Bindra
Indian Olympic Association said the government has not done justice to sportspersons in regard to the Padma awards and feels Abhinav Bindra should have got "at least the Padma Vibhushan" while Vijender Singh and Sushil Kumar also ought to have been among the award winners.

"There cannot be a more disappointing thing than this. Abhinav achieved which no Indian could do in the last 108 years and for that he deserves at least Padma Vibhushan," said IOA General Secretary Randhir Singh.

"Boxer Vijender Singh and wrestler Sushil Kumar, who won bronze medals in the Beijing Games, were completely ignored. You expect sportspersons to bring glory to the country but you don't encourage them. It downgrades the position of the sportspersons. What more can the two poor chaps do to get the award?" he wondered.

"We are hosting Commonwealth Games in 2010 and we also eye the Olympic Games after that and we are trying hard to become a sporting nation but I am sorry to say it won't serve our purpose," he added.

Indian Amateur Boxing Federation General Secretary Colonel Muralidharan Raja also felt strongly about the issue as he described Vijender missing out on the honour as "unfortunate".

"It's really very unfortunate. In the 104 years of Indian boxing in Olympics, there is not a single medal to our credit. But Vijender did it and he also defeated the best boxers of the previous Olympics en route his bronze medal. It's no mean feat," Col Raja said.

"When all the previous Olympic medal winners like Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore have been given Padma award, why should he be left out," he said.

Wrestling national coach PR Sondhi echoed similar sentiments. "I think it was injustice on the government's part to neglect Sushil and Vijender for the Padma awards. They deserved the awards more than the cricketers.

"Sushil and Vijender won Olympic medals in disciplines which are being played by over 150 countries while cricket is only played by a handful of nations," said Sondhi.

Vijender and Sushil Kumar have already expressed their disappointment at being overlooked for the Padma awards.

"I am really surprised," Abhinav said.

"Initially, they were recognised by the government. I have no idea what the criteria are (for the Padma awards) but we as a nation need to support our Olympic athletes whether in victory or defeat because they will only bring us the global recognition in the field of sports," he said.

"We need to encourage our Olympic athletes," he added. Abhinav, who fetched the first-ever individual Olympic gold medal in 108 years of India's Olympic history, has been was honoured with Padma Bhushan for his historic feat in the men's 10 metre air rifle shooting event at the Beijing Games.

But boxer Vijender and wrestler Sushil were ignored as five sportspersons, including cricketers Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh, were in the list of 93 eminent Padma awardees.
exactly: What did I get it for, asks Sister Nirmala
"What did I get it for?" was the spontaneous reaction of Missionaries of Charity superior general Sister Nirmala when she was informed this
evening that she has been awarded the Padma Vibhushan. "When she heard
the news, her first reaction was: 'what did I get if for?,"
That is exactly what we all are wondering Ms. Nirmala. But you got it because Pope/Vatican via Antonia Maino said so. As this will help in Pope's mission to convert the whole of Bharat (misnomer: India) and henceforth, Asia to Christianity in the third Millennium.

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