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Friday, August 29, 2008

श्री राम सेतु / Shri Ram Setu Case

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॥जय श्री राम॥
Watch an exemplary talk on Shri Ram Sethu evidence by Dr. Subramanian Swamy who is spearheading the Shri Ram Sethu case in Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) Supreme Court.

The same exemplary talk is also available on Youtube.

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A talk with facts and sketches on Shri Ram Setu by Dr. Subramanaiam Swamy chaired by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra at Arsha Bodha Center in New Jersey.

  1. The Ram Sethu is our heritage: WE SHALL PROTECT IT by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

  2. 'Rama Sethu bridge is man-made only': Swami Dayananda Saraswati comes up with proof by Swami Dayananda Saraswati on April 29, 2007
  3. Refuting the claim of a scientist that there is no-man made structure called Rama Sethu or Adam's bridge between Mandapam at Rameswaram and Thalaimannar in Sri Lanka, Swami Dayananda Saraswati (who is a scholar in such matters) has cited the study of a geologist to reaffirm his position that a bridge had indeed been built by humanity at the present site.

    Stating there cannot be a natural, geological formation at the Rama Sethu connecting Indian sub-continent with Lanka, the spiritual leader quoting from the observations of the geologist says the climate and soil conditions in the Bay of Bengal between the two land masses did not allow for an undersea volcanic ridge (a long raised strip) as there was no seismic activity in this area. 'Nor can it be a submarine linear platform or plateau from a linear block of rock mass that rises up between two parallel faults or crustal fractures because such structures are not found in this area,' he reasoned.

    Extending the thesis further, the Swamiji said the present formation could not be a coral ridge as coral islands were scattered in the coastal and offshore areas and not in the present site which was running at right angles to the coastline. Also, the undersea land strip could not be a submerged hill or an anticlinal (sloping downward away from a common crest) ridge as the bridge was found in sediments which were not subjected to any folding activity, he explained.

    'Thus with no evidence to the contrary, the under-sea bridge could not be a geological formation and remained a man-made structure only,' he said citing the geologist's study.

    Referring to the gazette published in 1803 by the British government for the Madras Presidency, Swami Dayananda Saraswati said in the glossary, the first entry was 'Adam's Bridge' which, it noted, was also called Rama's Bridge or Neela's Bridge. The gazette also mentioned the bridge's position in terms of latitude and longitude with its dimension of 30 miles length and 1.25 miles wide. 'The gazette further reports the bridge was used by people to cross between Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka until the middle of 15th Century when there was a breach due to a storm, causing a part of the bridge to be submerged,' he recalled. The copy of the map of the bridge along with its submerged portion in that period was available in the Saraswati Mahal Library in Thanjavur.

    'With all these facts, we can safely assume that Rama Sethu is much more than a Hindu sentimental issue. It is an issue of national and human heritage,' the Swamiji said. If UNESCO came to know of this ancient land-strip, it would safeguard Rama Sethu as a 'phenomenal accomplishment of human genius,' he said.

  4. More to destructive dredging than what meets the eye? by Cho Ramaswamy

  5. Kamraj vs Gandhi Dynasty by Premendra Agrawal

  6. Demand for 'Sacred Site' status for Shri Ram Sethu

  7. Anti-Hindu Congress is bent on destroying the sacred Shri Ram Setu

  8. Shri Ram Sethu is not part of Hinduism says the communal Congress Government of India
  9. What a sick most communal govt. ever! You are questioning how can this be an integral part of Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism)? Who the f**k do they think they are to tell Hindus what to do? These communal jerks don't realize that God Shri Ram is integral part of every Hindu's cell. This Christian run govt. think it can demean and bash Hindus any which way it wants in the name of its phony secularism using such cheap language to hurt us. May be it thinks that the only way to cross a sea is to split it as per Christian Mythology.
  10. Ram Sethu: What the apex court said

  11. DU to check 'offending references' to Ramayan by CNN-IBN on September 19, 2008

  12. Wow even at University level, filth and derogatory text is taught as history to make a mockery of Hindus. There was mere reference to Bible in the Da Vinci Code, and the govt. banned it. Whatever happened to the Freedom Speech and Expression?! But here we have a University teaching such derogatory text as a part of History course. Doesn't the constitution say even if there is text deemed as offensive to a community religiously, it would be banned. Then why ask the culprit to check if it is doing a mistake?
  13. राम नाम की लूट में बुद्धि गई कहीं छूट।

  14. जय श्री राम! Jai Shri Ram!

  15. Denying Ram is denying India by Tarun Vijay on September 14, 2007
  16. After all, the affidavit was filed quite confidently by the State apparatus because the entire atmosphere of governance has a distinct 'offend the Hindus, get the Muslim votes' hue.

    It is this all-pervading air of 'bruising Hindus to get a pat' that the name that appears first on our lips since birth and lasts till the funeral pyre is lit was challenged so coolly by a government which is not run by aliens.

    It has tried to delete all that stood for our identity and cultural traits that define us, our nationhood and soul. It shows utter disregard for the majority sentiment and the threads that weave a fabric called India, while distributing gifts of reservations and loans and opportunities for anyone declaring himself to be a non-Hindu. One Diwali our Shankaracharya was arrested and then Muslims were given reservations in jobs and educational institutions. No one ever, not even once, showed any concern for the Kashmiri Hindu refugees; rather illegal alien Muslim infiltrators were facilitated by enacting the Illegal Migrants Detention Act and when the Supreme Court struck it down, again brought it back through the back door.

    Mythology. The whole construct is a British anthropological revenge on us. We had a different tradition of recording events and writing history. The British and their cohorts taught that all that was mythology, a myth, and only the Western Christian world's methods are 'scientific'. Hence we adopted their standards, their calendar, their ways to greet the guests, their worldview became ours, and we discarded everything that we cherished, adopted their attire and weird uniforms (see our learned advocates sweating in black but still not complaining) to look modern and progressive.

    Hence questioning Ram and Sita, humiliating ochre-robed sanyasins, converting ancient people and ridiculing their faith becomes part of cleansing the 'heathens and pagans' of their dark practices and emancipating them to the 'higher' levels of 'modernity'.

    When Kalidas wrote Raghuvamsam, he described the entire dynasty beginning from Brahma. Lord Brahma created 10 prajapatis -- one of whom was Marichi. Kashyapa is the son of Marichi and Kala. Kashyapa is regarded as the father of humanity. Vivasvan or Surya is the son of Kashyapa and Aditi. Manu or Vaivaswatha Manu is the son of Vivasvan. He is regarded as the first ruler belonging to the Ikshvaku dynasty. Ikshvaku is the son of Manu and established his kingdom in Ayodhya. Kukshi is the son of Ikshavaku. Vikukshi is the son of Kukshi. Bana is the son of Vikukshi. Anaranya is the son of Bana. Prithu is the son of Anaranya. Trisanku is the son of Prithu. Dhundhumara is the son of Trisanku. Yuvanaswa is the son of Dhundhumara. Mandhata is the son of Yuvanaswa. Susandhi is the son of Mandhata. Daivasandhi and Presenjit are the sons of Susandhi. Bharatha is the son of Presenjit. Asita is the son of Bharatha. Sagara is the son of Asitha. Asamanja is the son of Sagara. Amsumantha (Ansuman) is the son of Asamanja. Dileepa is the son of Amsumantha. Bhagiratha is the son of Dileepa. Kakustha is the son of Bhagiratha. Raghu is the son of Kakushta.

    The clan of Raghuvamsha started with Raghu. Pravardha is the son of Raghu. Sankhana is the son of Pravardha. Sudarsana is the son of Sankhana. Agnivarna is the son of Sudarsana. Seeghraga is the son of Agnivarna. Maru is the son of Seeghraga. Prasusruka is the son of Maru. Ambarisha is the son of Prasusruka. Nahusha is the son of Ambarisha. Yayathi is the son of Nahusha. Nabhaga is the son of Yayathi. Aja is the son of Nabhaga. Dasaratha is the son of Aja. Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrughana are the sons of Dasaratha. Lava and Kusha are the sons of Rama.

    Oh my god, these Sanskrit names! Why couldn't they have Roman ones, to be pronounced better?

    The entire East Asia reverberates with the tales of Rama and enactment of the Ramayana including the Muslim-majority Malaysia and Indonesia and countries ruled by the Communists. But a Hindu majority country's government, under a non-Hindu dispensation, destroys the great bridge associated with Rama's legacy and files an affidavit that smacks of an alien mindset.

    This was a counter-affidavit filed by C Dorjee, director (monuments), Archaeological Survey of India, on behalf of the respondent Union of India through the ministry of culture in reply to Dr Subramanian Swamy's petition that seeks to put a halt on the Sethu destruction. The language of the affidavit and the way it addressed the Adam's Bridge issue smacked of an utter disregard for Hindus. They hate calling it Ram Sethu and feel quite comfortable with Adam's Bridge, a much later coinage. Same firang mindset!

    The way the whole issue is being dealt with by the government of India right from the beginning stinks of dishonesty and an aversion to Hindu sensitivities.
  17. Sanatana Dharma Foundation Honors Dr Subramanian Swamy and Dr S. Kalyanaraman for their Courageous Effort in Protecting the Historic Rama Sethu
  18. Sanatana Dharma Foundation, Dallas, Texas organized its first Hindu Unity Day, at the DFW Hindu Temple, in Dallas on the 19th and 20th of July, 2008. Symbolizing Hindu Unity, Representatives of Dallas Chapters of several organizations like the Art of living Foundation, Ammachi Satsang, Hare Krishna ISCKON group, Gayatri Parivar, Brahmakumaris, Carribbean Mandir, Chinmaya Mission, Hanuman Temple, Sathya Sai groups, Datta Yoga Peetam and other prominent Hindu personalities from the local Dallas-Fort Worth community in Texas, were present at this unique event. Dr Subramanian Swamy's latest book "Rama Sethu Symbol of National Unity" was released and distributed at the Event, to key members of these organizations and other prominent members of the community.

    Dr Subramanian Swamy, PhD, visiting professor of Economics, Harvard University and former Union Law Minister of India, and Dr S. Kalyanaraman, Director, Saraswati River Research Center, and President of Sri Rameshwaram Rama Sethu Raksha Manch, received awards in Dallas, Texas for their courageous effort in protecting the historic Rama Sethu, from being destroyed by the Government of India in the name of a development project.

    Rama Sethu is the original Sanskrit name given to a bridge built by the legendary King Rama, who crossed over to Sri Lanka from India to fight the King of Lanka, Ravana, recover his wife Sita, and restore Dharma (Order) in the land of India. While it is difficult to establish the exact historical age of these events, the bridge is thought to be at least 5000 years old, if not much older, making it the oldest causeway built across an ocean channel. The Rama Sethu is referred to in numerous ancient Sanskrit texts and scriptures, as a man made structure, and in recent times, it has been vividly photographed by both NASA and Indian Satellites.

    When India fell under Colonial rule, the British renamed this construction as "Adam's Bridge". The Government of India, in recent years, has been trying to establish a Shipping Channel between India and Sri Lanka, by breaking and destroying the continuity of this ancient structure. Hindus in India and around the world have been protesting and fighting this decision of the Government of India, and have demanded that the Rama Sethu be declared a monument of historic importance and a world heritage site. On May 8th, 2008, the Supreme Court of India directed the Government of India to go back to the drawing board to see if it can create an alternate shipping route, and at the same time, study the Rama Sethu as a monument of historic importance. It is yet to be seen if the Government of India will comply with the Court's direction, and thereby uphold due constitutional process, or continue on its path of destroying the Rama Sethu, dis-regarding the Supreme court's direction.

    Sanatana Dharma Foundation, (www.sdfglobal.org) a Dallas based Non-Profit organization inspired by the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, (www.acharyasabha.org) the apex body of Hindus in India, presented the "Hindu Dharma Rakshaka Kshatriya Award" to Dr Subramanian Swamy & Dr S. Kalyanaraman on the occassion of the Hindu Unity Day organized at the DFW Hindu Temple in Dallas, Texas on July 19, 2008. Speaking on the occasion, the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation, Kalyan Viswanathan, said that "This award, a first of its kind, has been instituted to honor and celebrate the 'Kshatriya Spirit', specifically the courage shown by Hindus in taking risks and standing up to fight for the protection and preservation of Dharma. The word Kshatriya is a Sanskrit word that refers to the royal and noble class of Hindus who historically defended their nation, and the Dharma of the land."

  19. Dr. Kusum Vyas’ unstinted efforts and global quest secured the nomination for Shri Ram Setu (Gulf of Mannar) as an International Sacred Site.

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