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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anti-Hindu Congress is bent on destroying the sacred Shri Ram Setu

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The communal nonsecular Anti-Hindu Indian government under its Christian despot Antonia Maino is continuing with its cheap tactics to hurt Hindus and strip them off of their democratic Right to Religious freedom. It is bent on its communal stand to demean Hindus, our religion, and erase our past & glorious history. Shame on you Congress.

  1. Centre’s Sethu argument contrary to its affidavit, says Swamy

  2. Centre has already admitted Ramar Sethu is sacred: Swamy

  3. Alignment 6 illegal, Swamy tells apex court

  4. Faith is subjective for which no court can have a metaphysical jurisdiction. In fact, a Constitutional Bench of the apex court had, in 1994, defined what is a place of worship and what is sacred. (1994 – 6 SCC Page 361). The court held that there is a difference between a Hindu temple and a masjid or a church because a Hindu temple or a place of worship is constructed after “prana prathistha” prayers, according to Agama Shastra. Church and mosque premises are regularly sold in other countries since these premises are not a part of religion, but merely buildings to facilitate prayer congregation, Dr Subramanian Swamy pointed out.
    Quoting a judgment of the Court of Appeals in the UK in the famous Nataraja idol case (1991–4 All ER 638), Swamy said even if a temple is in ruins and disuse and lay unworshipped for many centuries, the claim of a trading company is inferior to the claims of the temple as an entity and of those others on behalf of the said temple.
    On the same analogy, the claims of the devotees on Ramar Sethu are superior to the corporate body called Government of India, Swamy averred. It is an undisputed fact that a very large class of persons hold Ramar Sethu as sacred, he added.
    Swamy stated that there were expectations when an affidavit was filed on the issue of jallikattu wherein the Tamil Nadu government stated that hurting religious sentiments would cause grave public disorder.
    With such averments running into 13 pages, Swamy stated that if the Central Government cannot find an alternative alignment without damaging the Ramar Sethu, the project must be scrapped altogether.

  5. Subramanian Swamy rakes up Ram temple issue

  6. Swamy opposes Centre's stand on Ramar Sethu

  7. UPA’s remarks on Ram Sethu attempt to hurt Hindus: BJP

  8. 'No proof Ram Sethu is a place of worship'

  9. Oh look at Times of India. So that useless Sethusamudram project is "prestigious" for you but not the Shri Ram Setu which is every Hindus life and lives in our heart and soul. Anti-Hindu bigots.

  10. Votebank politics at its worst: BJP

  11. The party’s Tamil Nadu-incharge Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday said the Centre’s affidavit on Ramar Sethu was a deliberate design to hurt Hindu sentiments. It was votebank politics at its worst.
    He questioned the government’s locus standi to decide on what did or did not constitute an integral part of the Hindu religion. The government could not arrogate to itself the authority. “What is the historical, philosophical, cultural and spiritual basis for this stand, which is highly condemnable?” he asked.
    Ravi Shankar Prasad recalled that in its earlier affidavit in the Supreme Court, the government had questioned the very existence of Lord Ram. In the wake of public outrage, it was forced to withdraw the affidavit. In the latest affidavit, the government acknowledged Ramar Sethu, but claimed that Lord Ram destroyed it after returning from Sri Lanka. The claim was based on spurious and selective reading of certain scriptures, he said.
    Culturally, India was described as Asethu Himachal.
    The larger question that remained was whether the UPA Government could take such a disrespectful and derogatory stand about the revered symbols of other faiths. “The BJP believes that genuine secularism means proper respect to religions and faiths and not deliberate, consistent and conscious abuse and hurting of Hindu sentiments,” the party spokesperson said.

  12. Ramar Sethu is not an integral part of Hindu religion: Centre

  13. Liar!
  14. Swamy objects to Centre`s move in SC on Sethu project

  15. Mischievous government which wants to break Shri Ram Setu by hook and crook as clear from this report.

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