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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Anti-Hindu Karunanidhi spews venom again

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Karunanidhi criticises Hindu practice of sporting 'tilaks'

Karuna does it again, flays Hindus for sporting tilaks

Oh these fake secular fundamentalist are out to abuse Hindus again. His venomous demand means nothing because he will never ask muslims to not wear skull caps and spread noise pollution by shouting on those loud speakers. Or christians from putting those huge jesus statues in public spaces, one being erected right outside chennai station. Why? I thought they didn't believe in idol worship. Secularism meant Religion and State are separate, favor to no religion, and appeasement to none, but now it means bash the Hindus and make all religions equal. If all religions were equal then what is the reason to have so many religions. Let us just have one Sanatan Dharm. But this bigot will not understand this. Save Shri Ram Setu, Save world heritage.

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