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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Congress led UPA is pushing Hindus into a corner

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Very nice article on how despot Antonia Maino's Congress controlled Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA) is destroying Bharat and pushing Hindus into a corner crossing all limits of shamelessness.

Hindu terror? Blame UPA by A Surya Prakash, Daily Pioneer on November 4, 2008

Despite all the hype and hoopla over the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya and some other Hindus for the Malegaon blast, the jury is still out on whether this is clinching evidence of the worm (the Hindu) having finally turned or whether this is yet another conspiracy hatched by the UPA to shore up its minority vote-bank.

Such is the damage that the politics of terrorism has done to the credibility of the Union Government that no one is willing to readily buy the news leaks engineered by it.

When the first reports about the possible direction of the investigations appeared in the media, Hindus across the country were horrified to learn that some members of the community, including a sadhvi and some retired and possibly serving Army officers, have come under the scanner for the blasts that rocked Malegaon in Maharashtra and Modasa in Gujarat last month. But the initial shock has since given way to skepticism and the number of those who are willing to swallow the Government line has suddenly dwindled for a variety of reasons. The prime reason is the declining faith in the ruling coalition’s intentions and in its ability to keep India safe and intact.

The UPA’s credibility has nose-dived rapidly over the last six months and the reasons are not difficult to find. The first of these is incompetence. The second is the wicked intentions of those who govern us today.

The failures on the law and order and economic fronts fall in the area of incompetence, but strangely those in power are totally oblivious of their disastrous records. Such is their detachment from reality that some of the Ministers take sadistic pleasure in showcasing their failures by mouthing the very same inanities after every calamity.

But the second reason — the evil designs of those who run Government — is far more dangerous, because of its potential to destroy all that has been built over the last 60 years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave the first inclination of the depraved thinking within his Government when he made that astounding statement that Muslims had the first right on the country’s resources. I have never heard anything more inane than this.

If Mr Singh still survives in office after this atrocious assertion, it is a tribute to the democratic and secular traditions within the Hindu samaj, but this, as recent developments show, is becoming fragile. The malignant aspect of the UPA’s political agenda, which the Prime Minister kick-started with this statement, is being pursued vigorously by others in Government. This is the root cause of the wounded psyche of the Hindus.

The arrest of the sadhvi and the talk of possible involvement of former or present members of the armed forces in this alleged conspiracy is sufficient indication of the majority’s lack of faith in the state. For this the Prime Minister and some of his irresponsible colleagues, who console families of terrorists and not the families of the victims of terrorism, must be held accountable.

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