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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anti-Hindu Congress and ATS Bogus Journey - Part २

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The manner of the current investigation by the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Mumbai Police into an explosion at Malegaon in Maharashtra on September 30,2008, which mainly targeted and killed some local Muslims should be a matter of concern to all right-thinking Indians.

2. Large sections of the Muslims,the anti-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) political class and the so-called secular elements in the Hindu community, which lose no opportunity to demonise the Hindu nationalists and the BJP in order to win the applause of the minorities and project themselves as liberals, have used the investigation to divert attention away from the hundreds of innocent civilians killed by the jihadi terrorists, many of them trained and assisted by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and Bangladesh and inspired by the pan-Islamic ideology of Al Qaeda and its International Islamic Front (IIF).

3.They look upon the leaks from the ATS— many of them based on narco-analysis of dubious investigation and evidentiary value— as a pre-election Godsend in their campaign to project the Muslims as more sinned against than sinning and the nationalist- minded Hindus, who call for strong action against the jihadi terrorists, as chauvinists and Fascists.

4.This, despite the fact that resort to narco-analysis- —which was frequently resorted to by Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s KGB to obtain confessions from political dissidents– - has stood condemned in the rest of the civilised world. Many of the thousands of political dissidents, who were sent to the Gulag and the firing squads by Stalin, were tried and convicted on the basis of narco-analysis.

5.The Wiki Encyclopaedia says as follows of narco-analysis: ” Narco Analysis Test or Narco Test: This refers to the practice of administering barbiturates or...

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