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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Terrorist SAR Geelani honored

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ABVP activists ransack DU seminar venue, spit on SAR Geelani

Acquitted terrorist SAR Geelani, a co-conspirator of the attack on Bharatiya Parliament in 2001 was spatted at by a few protesters at Indraprasth Vishwavidyalay (DU). They were protesting his presence at a seminar on 'Communalism, Fascism and Democracy Rhetoric and Reality'. Of course how else do you expect citizens to react if you will call a radical jihadi Islamist fundamentalist who co-conspired the attack on the Parliament, the highest body of a democracy to be present at a seminar on Democracy. A proponent of Sharia at a seminar on Democracy is just too ludicrous. Hatemonger like Geelani got what he deserves, at the least.

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