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Sunday, November 16, 2008

CONgress govt now forces Indians to pay pension to terrorist families

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It is not hidden from anyone that Anti-National communal forces are all out to destroy Bharat's economy and moral values when this cheap unconstitutional undemocratic Muslim appeasement is at its height. Communal Amar Singh of Shameless Party (SP) is going to reward Jamia encounter terrorists रु १० Lakhs (One million) for being a terrorist.

Become a Terrorist get paid by Government :-

It is an extension of the Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA) government's series of Anti-Hindu Anti-Bharat communal nonsecular decisions. Take this one. Antonia Maino aka Sonia Ghandi's Congress led UPA government has decided to give pension and jobs to all the terrorist families. But no help for the Bharatiya soldiers and citizens who have been killed by the terrorists. So first excessive legal aid has to be given to save the terrorists in the courts and now Bharatiya tax payers have to bear the cost to pay pension to some 70000+ terrorist families. In such critical hour of economic crises this fatuous government is busy making such demented policies to garner votes. Sick! This is the future of Bharat if Bharatvaasi don't wake up and take power back from this terror supporting, rather promoting, Anti-Hindu communal Congress government.

Watch the Home Minister for State Prakash Jaiswal confirming this on record to news channels:

It is clear that this Government and its coterie of Ministers under despot Antonia Maino can go to any extent and stoop to nadir of moral/ethical values to stay in power at the cost of the nation and its people.

May be they should learn something from this US Marine and grow some balls.

...instead of being... you know, a **c* **c**r.

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