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Thursday, November 27, 2008

LK Advani shows the real Leadership in the critical hour of National Security crisis

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Bharat's prospective Prime Minister shows real leadership and maturity in his response to one of the deadliest terrorist strike in Mumbai on November 27, 2008.

He has asked people to be calm and united.

Opposition leader L.K. Advani on Thursday asked people to be calm and maintain communal harmony in the wake of the horrific terror
attacks in Mumbai.

"It is a challenge in which the whole country must remain clam and resolute and try to overcome it unitedly," the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said, holding a clinched fist.

Advani said security experts had told him that an operation of this kind "will need a preparation of at least two months".

"This appears to be a continuation of the (19)93 terror attacks," he said, referring to Mumbai's first terror onslaught in January of that year.

"I had earlier thought of going (to Mumbai) in the morning but I was told that the state government wishes that such visits will only be helpful once the operations are over. In the meanwhile, I have spoken to PM... The PM said I go along with him and I agreed.

"So far as tackling terrorism is concerned, both the central and state governments have a lot to answer for. But today is not the occasion for me to dwell on that."

Advani paid his condolences to the police officers killed fighting terrorists in Mumbai.

Showing his bi-partisan credentials and approach towards the problems of National Security, etc. he said that BJP will refrain from being critical of the government at this juncture in view of the Mumbai terror strikes which it termed as a "national crisis".

BJP chief Rajnath Singh spoke to party Prime Ministerial candidate L K Advani this morning over phone from Jaipur and decided "not go critical" of the government on the issue "in this time of crisis", the party said.

The party also asked the people to rise above political affiliations and stand by the security forces in their fight against terror.

"It is a time of national crisis. The country has been challenged. It is time for us to rise above politics. There is no government side or opposition side. Our top leadership has decided to stand by all steps to defeat the forces who challenge our sovereignty," BJP Vice President Mukthar Abbas Naqvi said.

This kind of calm but tough united response is required at this time of national crisis which is above petty politics. Not the same hollow parroted statements that Congress apathetically reads out attack after attack. God job Advani ji, what a Statesmanship! I wonder how many clothes did Shivraj Patil change this time?!

What happened to the Indian media? Did anyone say Muslim terror? Biased Anti-Hindu prejudiced punks!


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