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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sadhvi to Court: ATS made me watch Obscene CD, burned Hindu scriptures and threatened to hang naked upside down

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There are no limits when it comes to Police Brutality on innocent Bharatiya citizens especially Hindus by the Anti-Hindu ATS, a tool of Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi's CONgress govt. They made Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur watch Pornographic CD, intimidated her and threatened her to hang naked upside down, and all this in front of male officers only. But this is not it, they even wanted her to burn Hindu's holy scriptures Shri Ramayan and Mahabharat. Disgusting!

Sadhvi ‘made to listen to’ obscene CD

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur told the special Mcoca court on Tuesday that the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) had forced her to listen to an “obscene CD” and had even threatened to parade her naked.

Other accused in the Malegaon blasts case also alleged that the ATS had been torturing them.

Thakur said in court,“The ATS threatened to strip me naked and hang me upside down. They questioned me in the night, using the filthiest possible language. There were times when I was beaten up so badly, that my hands turned black.”

In chaste Hindi she added, “I am a sanyasi. I give discourses on Ramayana and Mahabharata. They told me they wanted to burn copies of the holy texts. They made me hear an obscene CD.”

Lt Col Prasad Purohit said that he was interrogated for eight days — from October 29 to November 5 — by ATS officers and one Colonel Shrivastava from MI9 in Khandala. After November 6, the Pune ATS allegedly started torturing him. Purohit added that he feared that the ATS “would plant RDX” in his homes in Pune and Panchmarhi and kill him in encounter.

Pointing fingers at investigating officer Mohan Kulkarni, Purohit said, “This officer and Shrivastava said that I am not a son of my father. They said that they would parade my wife naked and ensure she is raped.”

Major (retd) Ramesh Upadhyaya, a heart patient, said, “I was brought before DGP AN Roy on October 28. He told me that he didn’t doubt my patriotism, but if I don’t confess before the ATS, they would pulverise me.”

In a choked voice, he added, “DIG Sukhvinder Singh said that my mother must have slept with all men in my village. He said that my daughter Nidhi would be paraded naked and raped. He also threatened to plant narcotics on my son and get him jailed for 20 years.”

The others — Ajay Rahirkar, Shivnarayan Kalsanghra and Shyam Sahu — also alleged torture by the ATS.

Petition against ATS for picking a person illegally from MP

I was tortured, says Purohit

Malegaon blast suspect Lieutenant-Colonel Prasad Purohit on Monday levelled allegations of torture against the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in court.

Narrating his days in police custody, Lieutenant-Colonel Purohit said: “On November 5, I was taken to a safe house in Khandala. There the ATS conducted sustained interrogation for four or five days. My physical torture began from November 6.”

He said Army officer Colonel Shrivastav had accompanied him to Khandala. Colonel Shrivastav was also questioned, he alleged.

Lieutenant-Colonel Purohit told Additional Judge Y.D. Shinde: “I was beaten very badly. My legs were spread 180 degrees. I was not able to walk. My wrists were also tied to a pole. As a result, I cannot use the fingers of my right hand and there is no sensation in my hand from the wrist upwards. ATS officers told me that they would plant RDX in my houses in Pune and Pachmarhi. I was interrogated by the Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh police and the CBI.

“The Haryana police and the CBI threatened me with an encounter. The ATS has threatened me in a similar manner a number of times. Their officers used obscene language about my mother and questioned my paternity. Moreover, they threatened that my wife and sister would be paraded naked and raped. I am confident that I am not going to get a fair treatment from the ATS.”

The other suspects also made similar allegations of ill-treatment amounting to violation of human rights. While sadhvi Pragnya had already submitted an affidavit in the Nashik court, on Monday she described her experience, adding that she was hung naked upside down and beaten up.

Custody shift after ‘strip’ threat cry

Anti-terror sleuths have lost custody of Pragya Singh Thakur and an army officer on a day the sadhvi told a court that interrogators forced her to listen to an “obscene CD” and threatened “to strip her and hang her upside down”.

The allegations, made in an affidavit before a special Maharashtra organised crimes control court, come a week after her torture charges before a Nashik judge.

“ATS officials threatened to strip me and hang me upside down if I did not confess to my involvement in the blast. I am mentally disturbed and not able to eat,” the sadhvi told judge Y.D. Shinde. She said there was no lady officer during interrogation, as required under the law.

Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Purohit and five other accused also alleged torture and intimidation.

All of them were produced for the first time before the special court, which remanded them in judicial custody till December 3, rejecting the Maharashtra anti-terror squad’s plea for custodial interrogation of the sadhvi, Purohit and co-accused Ajay Rahirkar.

The three accused will now move from a police lock-up to jail. Court permission will be needed each time they are questioned.

Advocate Prakash Shetty, who has handled such cases, said: “If they have to interrogate, the ATS will now have to approach the court and seek its permission. For that, they may have to present new evidence and provide sufficient grounds before the court.”

The squad now has only Dayanand Pandey and Sudhakar Chaturvedi in its custody.

Purohit said he was hung upside down from a rod and lost sensation in his wrist because of beatings. He also claimed the ATS had threatened to kill him in an encounter if he didn’t own up.

Another accused, retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay, who heads Hindu outfit Abhinav Bharat, alleged that Maharashtra police chief A.N. Roy had met him on October 26 and threatened torture if he didn’t confess.

Malegaon case: Court no to ATS

Amid more allegations of physical and mental torture against the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, a designated court here today refused to grant it further custody of Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt-Col Prasad Purohit and Ajay Rahirkar.

Earlier, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, besides repeating her previous allegations of torture and intimidation, told the court that members of the ATS had made her watch an obscene CD during her interrogation.

Lt-Col PS Purohit, too, alleged that his interrogators not only assaulted and tortured him but also abused his wife and sister. The Army officer charged that his interrogators had threatened to kill him in an encounter and said he was not safe in ATS custody. He also apprehended that ATS “would plant RDX at his residence”.

Lt-Col Purohit also accused ATs officers of beating him up on his arms and legs. So did retired Major Ramesh Upadhyaya, who named ATS additional commissioner Mr Parambir Singh as having assaulted him.

Seven accused were produced before the court this morning. All seven narrated their individual tales of alleged harassment, torture and insults by ATS.

The charge against the ATS, however, was led by Sadhvi Pragya. Brought to the court in south Mumbai escorted by a small contingent of women cops, she said that she was beaten up and abused using filthy expletives. She said while in custody ~ which she said was illegal detention ~ she was not given food on Diwali day. “The ATS showed me a porno CD,” the sadhvi alleged.

Another accused, Shivnarain Singh, alleged the ATS forced him to sign forged papers “holding out the threat of killing me.” Shyam Sahu said he was “threatened to sign blank papers.” Ajay Rahirkar said ATS officers tortured him and threatened to beat up his parents in front of him.

ATS made me listen to sleazy CD

After raising a political storm in the country by alleging torture and ill-treatment by the Maharashtra ATS, Malegaon blast prime accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur on Monday fired a fresh salvo by charging the ATS with making her listen to an obscene CD.

The sadhvi also repeated her earlier allegations of physical and mental torture and illegal detention from October 10 to October 23 by the ATS, at a special court here dealing with MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act) cases. She said no lady constable was present when the ATS officials interrogated her.

Col Purohit also repeated allegations of threat to his life in the Anti-Terrorism Squad custody. He accused the ATS of abusing his wife and sister.

He also said ATS clandestinely slipped some amount of RDX into his house to implicate him in the case.

Major (retd) Upadhyay told the court that Maharashtra DGP A N Roy had forced a confession out of him. He said Roy had told him on October 26 that his men would beat him up if he failed to confess to having a hand in the blast. He also alleged additional commissioner of police Parambir Singh had beaten him with shoes.

Similar charges of torture were repeated by the other accused Shivnarain Singh and Shyam Sahu.

In her affidavit, the Sadhvi had said while she was at her ashram at Jabalpur, she got a call from an ATS officer who asked her to come to Surat riding her LML Freedom motorbike. Accordingly, she travelled to Surat and reached there on October 10. From there, on ATS’ request, she travelled to Mumbai. But, since then, she was under the “illegal detention” of the ATS, the affidavit said.

The Sadhvi claimed she had sold her motorbike to RSS activist Sunil Joshi of Madhya Pradesh in 2004. The same bike was strapped with the deadly RDX bomb which exploded at Malegaon on September 29.

ATS wants Sadhvi & Lt Col back, Court denies custody

The MCOCA court today rejected a plea by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) for the custody of Sadhvi Pragyasingh Thakur, Abhinav Bharat treasurer Ajay Rahirkar and Lt. Col. Prasad Purohit after they accused the ATS of torturing them and their lawyers argued there were no new grounds to seek their custody.

Thakur’s lawyer Ganesh Sovani, however, rejected the allegations and said the sadhvi’s role was limited to the fact that a motorcycle she once owned had been used in the attack. She had no control over its use after it had been sold and the ATS had no other evidence to link her to the attack, he claimed. While Purohit’s lawyer, Shrikant Shivade, said that the ATS was seeking his custody only to torture him and extract a confession, Rahirkar’s lawyer, Nitin Apte, said all material the ATS needed from Rahirkar had already been seized.

Thakur and Purohit also urged the court that they be medically examined to prove that they had been tortured in ATS custody. The sadhvi alleged in court that ATS officials had physically and mentally tortured her and also forced her to listen to a vulgar CD. She had earlier submitted an affidavit in the Nashik court — before MCOCA was slapped and the case transferred to Mumbai — that she was illegally detained and tortured by the ATS, causing BJP leader L K Advani to demand a probe into the allegations and criticise the ATS.

Purohit told the court that third-degree methods were used on him during his alleged illegal detention before he was arrested. “My hands were tied to a rod and I was beaten up so badly that I lost all sensation in them. I was abused and told that RDX would be planted in my house. I was told that even my wife would not be spared,” he said.

Purohit’s family had filed an application in the Nashik magistrate’s court earlier this month saying the serving army officer had been tortured by the ATS but the court dismissed the petition on November 15 after Purohit himself told the court that he had not been tortured. The judge had also said that there was no evidence in six medical reports presented to court that Purohit had been tortured.

Retired Major Ramesh Upadhyaya too made similar charges of torture. He said Maharashtra police chief A N Roy met him on October 26 and allegedly said that he didn’t doubt his patriotism but asked him to confess to the crime or his men would “pulverize” him. Upadhyaya also alleged that ATS Additional Commissioner Parambir Singh slapped him with shoes. He also alleged that he was threatened that narcotics would be planted on his son who would then be jailed for over 10 years while his daughter would be raped in front of him, Upadhyaya told the court.

Mumbai ATS coming in way of Modasa probe: Gujarat minister

Gujarat Minister of State for Home Amit Shah has said the Modasa probe is going nowhere because the Mumbai ATS has thrown a spanner in the works.

Shah said the police had failed to make any headway with the Modasa investigation because the Mumbai ATS came in the way. “We have made best efforts to approach the Mumbai ATS so that they could share the information with the Gujarat police but Mumbai police refused to do so. We even approached the court in Mumbai seeking permission to interrogate Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and other suspects to find out their involvement in Modasa but the court turned down our pleas— again, because of opposition from the Mumbai ATS,” he told The Indian Express.

He said the Gujarat police, however, had allowed every agency from the Centre and other states to interrogate Abu Basher involved in Ahmedabad blasts. “Even now, we are ready to work and share information with Mumbai ATS,” he added.

Women's commission: Probe Sadhvi's allegation

The Gujarat Women Commission has demanded an inquiry into the alleged torture of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, an accused in Malegaon blast case, by Mumbai ATS.

In a letter to the National Human Rights Commission and the National Women Commission, GWC chairperson Jayshriben Patel said as per Sadhvi's affidavit she was being subjected to "immense mental and physical torture at the hands of officials of the Anti-Terrorist Squad".

"She has raised serious allegations which should be inquired into and punitive action should be taken against those responsible," Patel said in the letter.

Prima facie, it seems that ATS officials have violated the human rights of Sadhvi Thakur and she is being to tortured, she added.

According to Patel, ATS has also violated the guidelines framed by the Supreme Court regarding human rights and therefore, ATS should be held guilty of contempt of court.

She also lamented that NHRC and NWC have not taken up the issue of Sadhvi's human rights violation suo moto.

ALERT: Following is from a Leftist biased Anti-Hindu fundamentalist news channel, viewer discretion is advised:

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