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Thursday, November 6, 2008

For Anti-Hindu Congress, Justice means Vengeance

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War on Terror - Justice not Vengeance

Ain't this ridiculous how fast this Anti-Hindu govt. acted in taking down the website of Abhinav Bharat (read its articles of faith and constitution) without even studying its content, now that's true freedom of speech huh?! But it still hasn't taken down the one for SIMI or block other terrorist websites from being accessed and corrupting the minds of currently innocent misguided youths to turn them into Islamist Jihadi radicals and Evangelic Maoists by brainwashing and indoctrinating them. This govt. is inherently prejudice. Of course they are, as they claim, धर्म निरपेक्ष (Dharm-Nirpeksh) i.e. Anti-Righteousness and not पंथ निरपेक्ष (Panth-Nirpeksh) i.e. No favoritism/appeasement to any religion or sect.

It now all boils down to citizens of Bharat to exercise their right to vote correctly and judiciously in a massive turnout. One more chance given to this Machiavellian party under despot Antonia Maino would be disastrous for the nation and Hindus. Look at the mischievous tactics it is using in the court to break Shri Ram Setu and erase every bit of history related to Hindus with the support of its partner in crime bigot Karunanidhi spewing venom day after day. Bharat needs more visionary leaders like Mr. Narendra Modi.

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