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Friday, November 21, 2008

ATS is now blocking all Legal Support to Malegaon Accussed

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Anti-Hindu communal Congress-NCP controlled is trying every trick in the book to hide their conspiracy to harass the alleged accused and block any legal support that they might be getting.

Lawyers' body to provide legal help to Malegaon accused

Throwing its weight behind the Malegaon blast accused, including sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, a group of advocates in Sonepat have set up a 17-member lawyers committee to provide legal assistance to them.

The Hindu Unification Movement Legal and Welfare Association will provide legal assistance to the sadhvi and other accused, according to Bhupeshwar Dayal Gaur, a founder-member of the association.

He said the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the Maharashtra police, which is conducting a probe into the September 29 blast, has already collected information about the association and he, too, was interrogated in Delhi recently.

Dayal alleged that he was pressurised by the ATS officials to not provide any legal assistance to Pragya and other accused.

He said that the members of the association were committed to providing free legal assistance to any Hindu who was harassed by police and falsely implicated in the criminal cases.

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