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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bharatiya Hindu Americans -vs- Antonia Maino

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Bharatiya (Indian) Hindu Americans -vs- Antonia Maino aka Sonia Ghandi aka Sonia Gandhi

  1. Do You Know Your Sonia? by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, National President, Janata Party

  2. Lecture by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, National President, Janata Party on Freedom of Speech suppressed and gagged by Government of India

  3. Images courtesy: Forum for Preserving Gandhi's Heritage

  4. Video: Protests against Antonia Sonia Maino Gandhi at United Nations (UN) in 2007 Part 1

    Video: Protests against Antonia Sonia Maino Gandhi at United Nations (UN) in 2007 Part 2

  5. Sonia Congress's blitzkrieg evangelisation through RBI by V Sundaram, a retired IAS officer

  6. The nation's wonderful stepmother called Sonia by Cho Ramaswamy

  7. Will Sonia's whim 'will' a President? by Cho Ramaswamy

  8. Indian National Overseas Congress withdraws $100 million libel law suit exposing truth about Sonia Gandhi

  9. Third Ignominious defeat for Sonia Gandhi in US Court

  10. damp squib alert - kkkangress withdraws $100 MILLION LIBEL LAWSUIT by Nizhal Yoddha on October 4, 2008

  11. Narain Kataria moves New York Supreme Court to dismiss $100 million libel suit by Suman Guha Mozumder, India Abroad on June 13, 2008

  12. Superior Court of New Jersey order granting dismissal in case of Indian National Overseas Congress (Plaintiffs) -vs- Satyanarayana Dosapati (Defendants) by Hon'ble Judge Patricia Cleary, J.S.C. on August 15, 2008

  13. Full transcript of Motion

  14. New Jersey court dismisses Sonia Defamation Suit

    • IMAGE: New Jersey court dismisses Sonia Defamation Suit by Suman Guha Mozumder, India Abroad on August 29, 2008

    • PDF:New Jersey court dismisses Sonia Defamation Suit by Suman Guha Mozumder, India Abroad on August 29, 2008

    • A New Jersey court last week tossed out one of the two defamation lawsuits filed by the Indian National Overseas Congress (INOC) seeking $100 million in damages from individuals and non-profits for allegedly defaming Congress party president Sonia Gandhi. The court said the INOC does not have the right to seek damages. A decision on the other identical lawsuit filed by the INOC – but in a New York court and against different individuals – is pending.
      The defendants hailed Judge Patricia DelBueno Cleary of New Jersey's Monmouth County Superior Court's dismissal of the much-publicized lawsuit as a measure of the fairness of the American judicial system. Satyanarayana Dosapati, a defendant along with Naresh Sharma, Sunanda Thali, the Mahatma Gandhi Center and Hindu Temple and others, told India Abroad that he believed the ruling by the New Jersey court would positively impact the case in New York, because the charges are similar.
      "We are very happy that justice is done. It has been trying at times, but we had complete faith in the American judicial system. We hope that this will encourage all Indians across the world to come out openly and speak the truth," Dosapati said.

      Marc Haefner, attorney for the defendants, told India Abroad that he hoped "the New Jersey's court's decision to protect individuals who with to exercise their rights to free speech without being harassed by foreign political parties will serve as an example to the New York court when it takes this issue up at the beginning of October."

  15. US court dismisses suit seeking damages for anti-Sonia ads by Dharam Shourie on August 16, 2008

  16. A New Jersey court has dismissed a defamation suit filed by a US-based group seeking 100 million dollars from several parties for allegedly maligning Congress President Sonia Gandhi during her visit here last year, saying the outfit has no locus standi to claim damages.
    The defendants' lawyer Marc D Haefner said the judge yesterday held that INOC
    was not the proper party and did not have the locus standi to bring a claim of
    defamation because none of the statements were of or about it.

  17. The Story of Sonia's political fraud and corruption....

  18. Freedom of speech Rally against 100 million dollar lawsuit by Indian National Overseas Congress

  19. Hindus in US fight for defamation case filed by Sonia supporters by Lalit K Jha on June 27, 2008
    Number of Hindus, comprising of mostly anti-Sonia Gandhi supporters, filled up a temple auditorium in Flushing, New York, to raise funds to fight out the $ 100 million defamation case filed against two of their community leaders by Indian National Overseas Congress (INOC).

    The INOC in a $100 million libel lawsuit filed against – Narain Kataria and Arish Sahni – in a New York court have alleged that these two have defamed their Sonia Gandhi, the UPA Chairperson, by levying baseless and incorrect allegations against her through a full page advertisement published in The New York Time on October 6, 2007.

    Both Kataria and Sahani, who maintain that they stand by their allegations as everything they published has been a matter of public record, had appealed to the Hindus in the US to help them fight the libel lawsuit as they did not had enough money to pay for attorney and other associated fees.

    Organizers of the fund raiser, though, did not divulge details of the money raised during the event held at the Hindu Temple, Flushing, those close to it did concede thousands of dollars have been collected in the name of Hindu Support Fund; which has been created for the purpose.

  20. 'Stale' case in Indian Court; not so stale in US court by V Sundram

  21. In Maino country

  22. This would tell you what Sonia Gandhi is all about

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