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Friday, August 21, 2009

Distorted Indian History Part 7

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Akbar was a cruel killer:

There are umpteen incidents to show that, like all other Muslim rulers, Akbar was a merciless cruel killer. It has been mentioned earlier, how Akbar beheaded helpless Samrat Vikramaditya Hemraj to earn the title of Ghazi (the slayer of infidel). It has also been mentioned how the so called pseudo secular historians are trying to distort the history and conceal Akbar’s inhuman cruelty. It should be mentioned here the opinion of the renowned historian R C Majumdar in this context. He writes, In this helpless condition, Himu was put to death, according to some, by Bairam, on the refusal of Akbar to kill him with his own hands and, according to others, by Akbar himself at the instigation of his protector.” [1] But still there are some historians, though very rare, who does not hesitate to expose the truth.

Such a historian, Mr S Roy, writes, Akbar accordingly struck Himu with his sword and Bairam Khan followed him. The story of Akbar’s magnanimity and refusal to kill a fallen foe seems to be a later courtly invention. The humane and liberal emperor of Hindustan who preached ‘sulh-i-kull’ (universal toleration) was not born but made.” [2]

In this context, an incident may be described to expose Akbar’s mindless cruelty. The incident has been narrated by Asad Beg in his Wikaya. It reads, At that time the Emperor used to retire for a long interval, after evening prayers, during which time the servants and courtiers used to disperse, assembling again when they expected His Majesty to re-appear. That evening he (Akbar) happened to come out sooner than usual, to hear the news from the Dakhin, and at first found none of the servants in the palace. When he came near the throne and couch, he saw a luckless lamplighter, coiled up like a snake, in a careless death-like sleep, close to the royal couch. Enraged at the sight, he ordered him to be thrown from the tower, and he was dashed into a thousand pieces.” [3] One would be extremely frustrated if he try to discover such an act of cruelty by a Hindu king, because Hindu kings were human beings.

Humayun, Akbar’s father, blinded his elder brother Kamran so that he could never pose a threat to the throne and Akbar assassinated Kamran’s son for the same reason. To describe this cruelty of Akbar, Vincent Smith writes, “Executing Kamran’s son [namely, Akbar's own cousin] at Gwalior in 1565, Akbar set an evil example, initiated on a large scale by his descendents Shahjahan and Aurangzeb.” [4] ;

There is no doubt that Akbar inherited such inhuman and brute cruelty from his forefathers. As a matter of fact,

Akbar’s ancestors like Babar and Humayun were barbarous and vicious killers, and so were his descendants like Aurangzeb and others’ down the line.Akbar was born and brought up in a illiterate and foul atmosphere characterized by excessive drinking, womanizing and drug addiction.” [5] The so called secular historians of India are trying to project Akbar as the greatest of all Moghals, righteous in his deeds and noble in character. He is being portrayed as the only and truly secular Emperor of the times, very caring and protective of his subjects. And, above all, he is being projected as a divine incarnate. But Vincent Smith in his Akbar – The Great Mogul writes, Intemperance was the besetting sin of the Timuroid royal family, as it was of many other muslim ruling houses. Babur (was) an elegant toper … Humayun made himself stupid with opium … Akbar permitted himself the practices of both vices .. Akbar’s two sons died in early manhood from chronic alcoholism, and their elder brother was saved from the same fate by a strong constitution, and not by virtue. [6] With such an atmosphere to nourish Akbar’s thoughts, it is rather usual for Akbar to become “divine incarnate“, rather than a divine incarnate.[5]

Babar, Akbar’s grandfather, was diabolic killer and a terrible iconoclast and Guru Nanak was an eye-witness to the treatments meted out to the people by Babar when he invaded India in 1521. Nanak was at Sayyidpur, now called Eminabad, 80 kilometres from Lahore, in the Gurjanwala district. Babur ordered a general massacre of the people and thousands of persons were taken as prisoners. The barbarous treatment of prisoners, in the camp, particularly pitilessly lashing of women and children, broke tender heart of Nanak. In his agony he even took God to task.” [7] Guru Nanak said, Thou, O Creator of all things, Takest to Thyself no blame: Thou hast sent Yama disguised as the great Moghal, Babar. Terrible was his slaughter, loud were the cries of the lamenters. Did not this awaken pity in Thee, O Lord? [8]

It has been said above that like all other diabolic and infernal Muslim rulers, Babar was also a terrible iconoclast. Babar’s barbarism desecrated and demolished thousands of Hindu temples and converted several thousands into mosques. “Babar converted famous Jain temple at Chanderi and the Lord Shiva temple at Sambhal into mosques. By the order of Babar, his general Mir Baqi partially pulled down the Ram Janmabhumi Temple at Ayodhya and converted the same into a mosque.. Babar also demolished the famous Jain temple near Ubhar.” [9]

But our historians to narrate Babar, write, Babur was the best of the rulers of his times. He had eight great qualities, such as prudence and foresight, great personal ambition, skilled warrior, skilled and generous administrator, a man free from religious discrimination and the quality to gain the hearts of the army. Beside that, he was a great admirer of art, music and learning. He was also a poet and could write good poetry in Persian language” [10]

A few words should be said in this context about composing poetry by Babar. While at Ghazni, the lecherous and sodomite Babar became extremely addicted to young boy called Babri and it was the subject matter of Babar’s poetry, with which he enriched his autobiography. Gradually he became so enamored of Babri that he lost interest in his wife Ayesha. At that time I used to meet her at an interval of 10, 15 or 20 days. …Before this I never had conceived a passion for anyone, and indeed never been so circumstanced as either to hear or witness any words spoken, expressive of love or amorous passion. In this situation, I composed a few verses in person of which the following is a couplet –

Never was a lover so wretched, so enamored, so dishonoured as I,

And my fair never be found so pitiless, so disdainful as thou,” Writes Babar in his autobiography.[11]

In another similar verse, Babar wrote –

I am abashed whenever I see my love,

My companion looks at me while I look to the other way.

… … … … … … … … … … …

I had neither strength to go nor power to stay,

To such distraction you have reduced me

Oh, my (male) sweetheart.” [11]

It has been mentioned earlier that Muhammad Ghori, Qutb-ud-din Aibak and Altamash, all of them were sexual perverts and lascivious sodomites and Babar naturally followed that legacy..

After defeating Rana Sangram Singh at the Battle Khanua, Fatehpur Sikri, Babar massacred nearly 100,000 prisoners of war and another 100,000 civilians and raised two towers with the slain heads of the victims. Akbar seems to have preserved this great legacy of erecting minarets with slain heads of the Hindus in several occasions, as is obvious from the accounts of battles he fought, particularly at Chittore Fort.

Picture of Chattore Fort

Humayun, Akbar’s father, had a similar legacy of cruelty, slaughtering Hindus in thousands and taking Hindu women and children as captives. Many believe that he was even more degenerate and cruel than his father. After repeated battles, Humayum could ultimately capture his elder brother Kamran and subjected the latter to brutal torture. A detailed account is left by Humayun’s servant Jauhar and is quoted by Smith, which says, “He. (Humayun) had little concerns for his brother’s sufferings. One of the men was sitting on Kamran’s knees. He was pulled out of the tent and a lancet was thrust into his eyes. Some lemon juice and salt was put into his eyes.” [12]

One can imagine the cruelty and torture that Humayun was capable of inflicting on others when he subjected to his own brother to such atrocities. Humayun was also a slave to opium habit, engaged in excessive alcohol consumption and a lecherous degenarate when it came to women. He is also known to have married a 14 year old Hamida Begum by force. The cruelties perpetrated by of Akbar’s descendants (Jehangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, etc..) are not entirely different from those of his ancestors. Having brought up in the company and under the guidance of a lineage of drug addicts, drunkards and sadists, it is rather anamalous that Akbar held such a gentle and noble character. Even assuming that he fancied nobility, it is amazing that Akbar let his comtemporaries and Generals, like Peer Mohammad, loot and rape the helpless citizenry that he was ruling! It would however be interesting to observe the incidents in Akbar’s reign and evaluate his character. [13]

After defeating Muzaffar Shah, the ruler of Ahmedabad, in November 1572, Akbar ordered his opponents to be trampled to death by elephants. Hamzaban, commander of Akbar’s forces laying siege to Surat in 1573 A.D. was barbarously punished by Akbar by excision of his tongue. Masud Hussain Mirza, a near relation of Akbar, who had risen in revolt, had his eyes sewn up after capture. … Some of them (300 supporters) were executed with various ingenious tortures. “It is disgusting to find a man like Akbar sanctioning such barbarism which he inherited from his Tartar ancestors”, says Smith.” [14] Such were the acts of Akbar’s barbaric cruelty.

Akbar,s Savagery and Barbarism at Chittor:

In 1567 AD, Akbar advanced with a large army against Rana Uday Singh, the son of Rana Sangram Singh, of Mewar and put the Chottore Fort under siege. But even after 4 months, no indication of surrender was visible from the other side. On the contrary, the Mughal army continued to suffer large scale casualties due to occasional Rajput attack under the leadership of brave Rajput generals Jaimal and Patta.

At last, Akbar ordered to dig two Sabats (a trench covered with leather is called a Sabat) from a far away places to the wall of the fort. Then explosives in large quantities were dumped at the walls of the fort and a severe blasts collapsed the wall. Expecting imminent fall of the fort, nearly 300 Rajput women sacrificed their lives in Jauhar (self immolation in fire). When the Mughal army entered the fort, nearly 800 Rajput soldiers were alive and all of them were put to the sword.

Next morning, victorious Akbar entered the fort riding an elephant. The Emperor was not so pleased as he had to face a lot of hardship in occupying the fort. At that time there were nearly 40 thousand civilians in the fort and this civilian population had assisted the Rajput army to inflict damage to the Mughal army. And hence they became the target of Akbar’s wrath. To narrate the event, Vincent Smith writes, The eight thousand Rajput soldiers who formed the regular garrison having been jealously helped during the siege by 40,000 peasants, the emperor ordered a general massacre, which resulted in the death of 30,000.” [15] Col Tod, to describe the incident as, writes, The emperor’s proceedings were marked by the most illiterate atrocities.” [16]

But our secular historians are trying hard to hide Akbar’s cruelty and guilt. So, R C Majumdar, to describe the incident, writes, Akbar then gave order for mass execution of 30,000 non-combatants, for which all modern historians have condemned him.. According to Kaviraj Shyamadas, however, out of 40,000 peasants who were in the fort, 39,000 had died fighting and Akbar ordered the remaining 1000 to be executed.”[17] (RCM, BVB, VII<, 334)But historian A K Roy writes, Thirty thousand were slain; among them was gallant Patta, who fell after he had displayed prodigies of valour.” [18] While another historian writes, According to Abul Fazl, 30,000 persons were slain, but the figure seems to be highly exaggerated.” [19]

However, it was not possible to ascertain the exact figure of the victims who fell to Akbar’s sword, or rather, it was not manually possible to count the large number of the corpses. According to Abul Fazl, the figure was 30,000, but it is needless to say that he did not count the dead bodies but only made a rough estimate. The actual figure could be 50,000 or 80,000; or 100,000 or more than that. It is really astonishing that, most of our historians have reluctantly avoided the concluding part of the episode.

Akbar had a curiosity to know the actual number of Hindus slain. As it was impossible to manually count the heaps of dead bodies, Akbar ordered his men to collect the sacred threads from the corpses. The order was carried out the sacred threads collected were weighed. What was the result of weighing? Vincent Smith, in this regard, writes, The recorded amount 74½ mans of eight ounce each.” [20] Many believe that Smith was wrong to estimate the weight of a sacred thread and it should exceed 3 ounce each. Man or Maund is an old unit of weight, which is nearly equal to 37 Kg. So, by easy calculations, one can get an idea how many Hindus were slain on that day.

It is being said that, Aurangzeb, the grand grand son of Akbar, promulgated an order that, he should be presented 1¼ maunds of sacred threads daily, collected from slain Hindus. Simple calculations show that 24,000 sacred threads, 3 ounce each, make 1¼ maunds. So, it can be said that, nearly 24,000 Hindus were slain daily during the times of Aurangzab.[xx] (pn oak 576) These fanatic Muslim rulers used to maintain that, more the number of Hindus slain, better would be the place they occupy in jannah or Islamic Paradise.

However the Rajputs, to make the above incident immemorial, treat the number 74½ as cursed and an evil omen. Still today, if someone writes 74½ on the cover of a letter, none but the addressee opens that letter. They believe that if someone opens that letter, his life would also be cursed. .

It has been mentioned above that when Akbar occupied the Chittor Fort, more than 300 Rajput women jumped into fire (Jauhar) so that they may not be abducted to Delhi and dumped into the hell called Akbar’s harem to spend the rest of their lives as prostitutes and sex-slaves. Akbar, the devil incarnate, possessed a inordinate lust for women, just like his ancestors and predecessors. One of Akbar’s motives during his wars of aggression against various rulers was to appropriate their women, daughters and sisters of the defeated Hindu kings. That was the reason, the Rajput women of Chittor prefered “Jauhar”( self immolation) than to be captured and disrespectfully treated as servants and prostitutes in Akbar’s harem. [5]

However, according to the Islamic faith, killing so many kafirs and drenching the Chittor Fort with kafirs’ blood, Akbar had undoubtedly done a great service to Allah and Islam and to seek blessings for this great service, Akbar went to Fatehpur Sikri, bare footed, to his religious guru Salim Chisti. It is needless to say that his guru was extremely delighted after hearing this good news from Akbar. It should be mentioned here that Salim Chisti was a Sufi darbesh and the incident was sufficient to expose the true colour of the Sufi saints.

History of Jauhar and Sati:

This was not a new phenomenon and the ritual began in 711 AD, as soon as barbaric Muslim invaders set their foot on the Indian soil. In 711 AD, Muhammad bin Qasem invaded Sind,.by the sea through the city port of Karachi . At that time, it was called Devalay (or the abode of the God). There was big and tall temple at the sea shore which could be seen from a long distance. The Hindu King Dahir was the ruler of Sind .

King Dahir had 500 Muslim Arab soldiers in his army. In the mid-night, these Arab Muslims treacherously opened the gate of Dahir’s fort and the army of bin Qasem entered and occupied the fort by massacring the security guards of the fort. When the news of fall of the fort reached the women of the fort, including the women of the royal family, they decided to end their lives by consuming poison. At that moment a minister of Dahir’s court came running to them and said that the Muslims were so lecherous that they rape even the dead body of a kafir woman. So, the Hindu women of the fort immediately decided to destroy their bodies by jumping into fire. Then a great fire was made and all the women burnt themselves to escape humiliation and sexual assault of the lecherous Muslims. The practice was, later on, called Jauhar.

It is well known that, during the Muslim period of Indian history, thousands and thousands of Rajput women sacrificed their lives in Jauhar to save their honour and respect. There was another practice prevalent among the Muslim rulers. On the event of death of a Hindu fighter of their army in a battle, they used to bring the wife of the dead warrior into their harem. But the reluctant Hindu widows chose to burn themselves in the fire of their husbands’ pyre to avoid to be captured and live the rest of the life as sex slaves in the harems of the lecherous Muslim rulers. The practice was known as Sati (or Suttee). The term is derived from the original name of the goddess Sati, who self-immolated because she was unable to bear humiliation of her husband Shiva. The term sati also stands for a chaste woman. However, the Muslim rulers were against this practice as it meant snatching away the prey from the predator.

The so called secular historians of India , to glorify Akbar, say that Akbar was so great and generous that he wanted to ban the practice of Sati. But the incident they project as a proof of their claim, tells, a completely different story. Jaimull was a cousin of Bhagawandas (probably a minister of Akbar’s court) and his wife’s beauty attracted the attention of Akbar’s lust. One day Akbar sent Jaimull to a distant place on a false pretext and before he commenced his journey, Akbar’s men poisoned him. So Jaimaull died on his way. Jaimaull’s wife could apprehend Akbar’s trick and decided to burn herself on her husband’s pyre to avoid living as a prostitute in Akbar’s harem.. Akbar, on the other hand, lost no time to send his men to capture the widow and those who accompanied her. Thus Akbar succeeded to drag the unwilling widow of Jaimull into his harem. [21]

However, the practice of Sati, or voluntary co-cremation with the dead husband, continued even in the British period. Later on the custom got corrupted and in most cases, unwilling widows were burnt by the relatives of the deceased husband to grab his properties and riches. And thus, Sati, once a noble practice, became in infamous. The first formal British ban on Sati was imposed in 1798, in the city of Calcutta only, by the effort of Raja Rammohan Roy and Lord William Bentinck, the then Governor General of the British East India Company.

However, after that tragic incident, the Chittorgarh Fort was abandoned for ever and none of the descendants Rana Uday Singh set his foot on the Chittor Fort. All the Kings of Mewar, including Rana Pratap Singh, used Udaypur as their capital the Udaypur Fort as the seat of the government. So, the Chittor Fort gradually turned into a desolate thicket.


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Fox News turns Liberal and Pigs Fly

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Fox News: The New Liberals says Jon Stewart.

Fox News turns into the liberal media by defending protesters, criticizing the president and shoving its values down America's throat.

Don't fix it, if its already Awesome

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Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck's Operation.

If only the ailing Glenn Beck, 16 months ago, had received the health care he's raving about today. Glenn Beck's hypocrisy is stark ever since he transitioned from CNN to Fox News.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

My name is Indian...Hypocrite Indian

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This is outrageous.

This is insane.

This is unacceptable.

This is preposterous.

No, I am not talking about the alleged incident of mere detention of self-proclaimed "Global Icon" and sycophantic pompous again-self-proclaimed "King of Bollywood" Shah Rukh Khan. But about the need for Supercilious Hypocrite Indians, Biased Sellout Media, and Muslim Right-wing Congress to make a mountain out of mole after every such incident, but selectively.

People like Shahrukh Khan who carry this elitist mentality of I am the best, everyone should know who I am, and if they don't then I have a Right to say तुम जानते नहीं मैं कौन हूँ?" ("Do you realize who I am?"). If still the other person, who may be just doing his job, doesn't recognize me or doesn't give me Extrajudicial Privileges, of which I am used to in India, then I have a Right to bleat and allege discrimination on the basis of my trouble-making religion. Because I know that I have a Biased Sellout Media and Muslim Right-wing patronizing Government to back me up. They will be more than happy to shout, beat their chests, and protest on my behalf. My home country has a Political Party in power who will waste every Government Resource to turn every stone in order to get me out of this fictitious trap of the Americans. Insane!

Those who are pointing fingers at United States (US) Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), which was just doing its mandated job of protecting America, by alleging discrimination are themselves showing their bigotry. For they never protest when some Joe Schmoe of India like some average Ramesh Kumar or Kamal Kishore gets strip searched everyday in some country, which is seriously fighting a war against terror. These headless chickens don't give a rat's ass then because Ramesh Kumar or Kamal Kishore is not a Muslim, his last name is not Khan, and his first name is not Mohamed. As these bigots have a predilection for all these biographic characteristics.

The US law in its own Right may deny entry to anyone at port of entry because Visa by itself does not guarantee an entry. The very fact that a CBP Officer detained people from Raul Vinci (aka Rahul Gandhi) to George Fernandes to allegedly now know-it-all Shah Rukh Khan proves that the smallest person (position wise) in CBP, who is manning the US borders and has the actual ground level responsibility to protect America by not letting in that one possible suspicious person or suspect terrorist, does not get awed by looking at the Parentage or Status or Bank balance or Profession of the person coming in. Instead he or she treats every prospective Non-Immigrant coming in to the US equally. His or her job is to find the intention of a person coming in to the US and not be flattered at the amount of movies that Non-Immigrant has made.

Has anyone realized what is the plot of jerk Shah Rukh Khan's new movie "My name is Khan"? Freaking name of the movie it self is so snooty. Here is the plot summary from Wikipedia:
Rizwan Khan (Tanay Chheda) is a Muslim child who grew up with his mother (Zarina Wahab) in the Borivali section of Mumbai in India and who suffers from Asperger syndrome. As an adult (Shahrukh Khan), Rizwan falls in love with a Hindu single mother, Mandira (Kajol) who lives in San Francisco.

While not focusing on the events of 9/11, the storyline explores the period afterwards. At that time, Rizwan is arrested and detained when authorities mistake his disability for "suspicious" behavior. After his arrest, he meets Radha (Sheetal Menon), a therapist who helps him overcome the ordeal. Rizwan then begins a journey to find and meet President Barack Obama (Christopher B. Duncan) in order to clear his name.
Did you notice any similarity, other than that a Muslim always has to marry a Hindu both in real life and in films? Both the situations, in his movie and the current fictitious affair of his alleged "detention", are about playing the tune of victim hood by making outrageous allegations about the US authorities. He is doing nothing but just promoting his movie with the help of sellout patronizing media. I bet you Donut for a Dollar, soon he will say see this is how US treats people with Muslim name (which he and his promoters have already said in various news reports, see below) and, hence, this movie is his real life story. Great. Now a movie is made on his real life story even before the real life story has happened. This must be the first real life premonition movie in Urdu Film Industry (Bollywood).

Look at the kind of Ministers India has who speak rubbish, that too out of turn. They talk of revenge and tit-for-tat on one hand when a "Muslim" alleges discrimination but also exploit Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's last name and his values of "eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" on the other hand when it comes to Islamic Terrorism. See how Christian Ambika Soni, who is Information and Broadcasting Minister in the current Muslim Right-wing Government, gives her pathetic diktat on External Affairs. Looks like under Muslim Right-wing Congress led Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA) any Minister can assume any portfolio at any time. It seems expertise in field of Ministry is not a requirement. Christian Ambika Soni was Cultural Minister in previous 14th Lok Sabha (Lower House elected by People) under Muslim Right-wing Congress. She had submitted the derogatory and vicious certificate in Supreme Court questioning the existence of Hindu God Shri Ram in order to justify the destruction of World's Ancient Heritage over 23000 years old Shri Ram Setu by CONgress Government, and hence hurt Millions of Hindus around the world by questioning the existence of Hindu Religion.

Shah Rukh detention: Soni suggests tit for tat
After a string of incidents like the one involving Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who was detained at a US airport, Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni on Saturday suggested that India should do a 'tit-for-tat' towards Americans. "I am of the opinion that the way we are frisked, for example I too was frisked, we should also do the same to them," Soni said. Many examples like this have come from the US where frisking is done and "beyond permissible limits", she said. "I don't understand. In the name of religion, frisking can be done for anyone like this," an angry Soni said.
Sure Ms. Soni, Tit-for-Tat. That's Gandhigiri right? And What Muslim Right-wing Congress and Left parties do to "Global Icons" like Tasleema Nasreen or Salman Rushdie by hounding them out of Country due to pressure from Muslim Extremists is so very courteous, right?!

This also happens to 100s of innocent Muslims daily who don't have 1 billion ppl to stand up for them. Raises real qsns abt US procedures
And the award for THE Most Muslim-Patronizing statement during 15th Lok Sabha till date goes to.....UNO-Reject Shashi Tharoor. Beware Manmohan Singh, you got some competition. There is a new player in town for who kisses the Muslim Ummah's proverbial ass the most game.

to all who asked abt SRK, we all found it offensive and have asked the US to look into it. SRK himself spoke abt the matter w great dignity.
Oh you have asked the US to look in to it, sure. संयुन्क्त राज्य अम्रीका तुम्हारा चाचा लगता है ना की उसको तुमने आदेश दिया है। (United States of America is like your Uncle that you have ordered it "to look in to it".) Just exactly what part did you found offensive? That a Muslim was allegedly "detained" or that US is inspecting people coming into its country? Thank God you were not elected as UN Secretory General, as world would be in more danger with such bigotry. And Shah Rukh Khan handled it with great dignity? Yeah, we can all see that! By making allegations of discrimination against the very same country that he is showing in poor light in his up-coming movie, which will most probably play with the sentiments of Muslims, spread more hatred against the US, and make him money off of it. Nice Dignity!

After all this Shah Rukh Khan says "I'm 'angry', 'humiliated'". Why are you angry and humiliated? Don't be. You have a Government that works, sleeps, eats and sh*ts for your benefit round the clock. This corrupt Government and its Ministers are available at your service 24/7. You were let off because Government got in to action immediately to take this up with people at highest echelons here, there, and everywhere. They spoke to the US Embassy in Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi) and Indian Ambassador spoke with US State Department in the US to get you out off the fictitious American trap for Muslims.

India takes up SRK detention with US
With Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan being detained and questioned at Newark airport, India today took up the issue with the US Embassy in New Delhi. "The matter was taken up with the US Embassy," External Affairs Ministry spokesman Vishnu Prakash said soon after the reports about detention of the actor reached. He said the Embassy was ascertaining factual details of the incident. Prabhu Dayal, Consul General of India in New York, is in touch with Khan, Prakash added.
Have you ever seen Indian Government work so hard to get someone out of no-trouble in a foreign country?!

SRK detained at US airport for being a Khan
Shahrukh Khan was detained for about two hours early Saturday morning (around 1am IST) at Newark airport in the US because his surname featured on the most common list. The actor was released after Congress MP Rajiv Shukla spoke to the authorities in the US and the Indian counsulate.

The actor was detained after his name flashed on the computer. He was asked several questions about the purpose of his visit. His hand baggage was checked. He was not allowed to even make a phone call for nearly an hour.
Hmm... let me do some basic Math. So you were allegedly detained for two hours starting at 1 AM IST. Then you were not allowed to make even a phone call for one hour that makes it 2 AM IST. Since on average it takes days to even move a simple RTI or some file in Indian Government, and Indian Ambassador in the US denies privilege to even meet average Joe Schmoe Indian Citizens, including those blue collar workers who were allegedly enslaved and exploited by an US Company, so you must be really "privileged" and "brothers" with someone important to have gotten off so easy within two hours. In that case of alleged enslavement, Indian Citizens walked from Louisiana and Mississippi to Washington DC to meet the Ambassador but were denied a meeting. Please read Indian shipyard workers accuse their employer of human trafficking and forced labor and New York Times: Law Suit Points to Guest Worker Program Flaws for more on this case.

Hell, Ministry of External Affairs didn't care and Manmohan Singh didn't loose his sleep when Nirupama Rao, the then Ambassador of India to China, was woken up at 2 AM in the morning by Chinese to give her some démarche.

After all this, for you to have that one phone number of either Rajeev Shukla or some other Minister to call for help must be so "cool". Its because Indian External Affairs Ministry or Indian Consulate anywhere in the World doesn't have such a service for regular Joe Schmoe Indians like some fictitious Ramesh Kumar or Kamal Kishore to call for help anytime. Since Indian Consulate was informed by Rajeev Shukla, hence former obviously didn't know about your legal detention (if there was any) until informed by latter.

See how diligently Rajeev Shukla under the command of her majesty Antonia Maino's Muslim Right-wing Congress personally helped you get out at 1 AM IST. Amazing round the clock efficiency! I doubt any country, even fundamentalist conservative theocratic Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan provide such service to their "Privileged" "Global-Icons" because they are "Khan" or "Muslim". Only in "Secular" "Democratic" "Republic" of India its possible. Amazing huh!

Dude, please share the knowledge of how a non-portfolio-holding non-Union-Cabinet-Minister and a supposed General MP from Rajya Sabha (Upper House, not elected by People) like Rajeev Shukla took up US Authorities at 2 AM in the morning from India because a Muslim was arrested. While Overrated World Renowned Mythical Economist and Dhimmi Regent Sellout PM Mr. Manmohan Singh shamelessly surrendered to Pakistan in Sharm El-Sheikh under alleged pressure from US.

May be Rajeev Shukla should be the Prime Minister for standing up to US. You know what, may be not. Lets not get carried away.

Talk about Humility. Rajeev Shukla describes himself on his own website as
"Member of Parliament, BCCI Vice President, journalist, political commentator and television host- Rajeev Shukla is a multi faceted personality who has achieved great success in every field he forayed into. Rajeev Shukla is a rare political leader whose friendly demeanour and calm composed attitude is a refreshing change from the mundane image of the political scenario in India."
Looks like you got some really humble friends, Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan then continues,
the actor said: "I told them I was a movie star and had recently visited the country for the shooting of my film. Nothing seemed to convince the immigration officer. There were other immigration officers who even vouched for me but this particular officer did not listen to anyone. I even told them I had an invitation from the South Asian community and was there to attend an event." Shahrukh is to return to India on August 18.
Oh poor Shah Rukh Khan. How dare that officer reject the pleads of other officers "तुम जानते नहीं यह कौन है?" ("Don't you realize who he is?")! Although I wonder, if you are so humiliated then why are you staying there till August 18. As a protest you should have just come back home right away. But anyways, don't worry. Whenever you come back home, Muslim Right-wing Congress may give you another controversial Padma national award and add you to the list of privilege Indians who are not frisked in India because they are above other Indians. Hey who said Caste System of 21st Century?! Don't worry Shah Rukh, you don't have to hold any constitutional post for it. You either have to be Muslim or some relative/in-law of her Majesty Antonia Maino like Robert Vadra. Make sure you are not the Chief of Army, Navy or Air Force. That would make you ineligible.

They may be given responsibility to protect whole India on the ground from the enemy but we don't trust them while boarding an airplane.

Even God can't protect India with such vision-less patronizing Ministers in power who can't seem to be blind to Religion when it comes to Terrorism and Internal Security.
Shukla, who came to the actor’s rescue condemned this act saying, "It is really not fair. Just because he has a common surname does not mean that every Muslim can be taken as a suspect or considered to be a terrorist. The Amercian authorities should adopt a methodology so that well-known names like Shahrukh Khan and APJ Abdul Kalam are not harassed like this. They should focus on getting the actual suspects."
This patronizing statement is self contradictory. Ok, lets assume God Forbid, US Government appoints Rajeev Shukla or Lalloo Prasad or Manmohan Singh or Shivraj Patil (Damn!) or Ram Vilas Paswan or Sitaram Yechuri (made a statement in Rajya Sabha recently that Government should investigate usual mandatory hand bag search of APJ Abdul Kalam by "US Airlines" at Indraprasth International Airport because of his "name". Not because he may be hiding something but because of his "name" as it was a "US Airline". WTF! Now who has communal and discriminatory thinking here?) or P Chidambaram or any such Muslim Appeasers as head of US Department of Homeland Security.

Now they decide to put in the system that self-proclaimed "well-known names like Shahrukh Khan and APJ Abdul Kalam" are not to be asked questions, not to be frisked, hand bags not checked and let in the country from the Runway tarmac to Hotel in a Tax-payer's sponsored limousine. Just like in Good old India everyday. Whenever we reach India, we all hear "श्रीमती क ख ग कृपया हवाई अड्डे के अधिकारी से मिले।" ("Mrs. Abc please contact the Ground Staff"), sometimes even before the plane lands. You think we are all inglorious fools that we don't understand that such calls are not because Mrs. Abc will get her extra handbag back which she had to check-in at the last minute but that while we all fight like Dogs to get our papers checked by snobbish babus (general term for Elitist Bureaucrats but in this case Indian Airport Immigration or Custom officials) jumping head over heals in this mob which amazingly contains of the same people who were properly standing in a line/queue when they were in US/UK/Australia but suddenly after reaching India lost all their mannerisms, she will have the extrajudicial privilege to go straight to her waiting relatives while some Airport Chaprassi (peon) will get her passport cleared, customs cleared and hand deliver her luggage to car's trunk.

All that talk about only few chosen ones have the privilege to be not checked or frisked is all bull crap. List or no list extrajudicial privileges continue to be given to those who have proverbial contacts. Everyone knows it but like an average confused Indian they all just suck it up and shut the f**k up. Anyways, coming back to the US. So now assuming that the "well-known names like Shahrukh Khan" is on the list of special entitlement like in India, Shah Rukh Khan comes back and is let go without alleged "detention". Now some Islamic Lunatic terrorist Mohamed Osama Bin Laden Al-Faruki Abdullah Jihad-Is-My-Life Son-Of-A-Bi*ch Whatever renames himself as Shah Rukh Khan and comes to the US. Now since his name is on the list of special entitlement as recommended by this new head of Homeland Security. This namesake terrorist is given all the extrajudicial privileges, officer takes his autograph, hails to him for his awesome repetitive Urdu movies and allows entry without detention or even checking his motives of arrival.

Hang on!

Did you just let a terrorist enter the country? Who will be responsible for the massacre that may happen?

But if we stop him then we are focusing on "well-known names", if we don't then we may let actual terrorists enter the country. Now you also want us to "focus on getting the actual suspects" but we can't because then we will again be focusing on "well-known names". Oh man, this is so confusing.

All I have to say is Thank God! None of these are heads of Internal Security in UK, US, etc. Too bad such people are in power in India which has seen over 47 major terrorist attacks in past 5 years.

Which has made Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi) and Uttar Pradesh Police wish this,
"In the US, if a junior officer is following the rule book, there is nothing you can do about it. In India, the powerful and famous are used to making calls to their ‘contacts’ in right places and getting away from difficult situations, but things don’t work like that in the US," says a Delhi Police officer.

"I wish my men had the same powers and we the same work culture," says the officer, adding that Indian immigration too regularly detains suspicious foreigners.

Though they agree that the incident smacks of racial profiling and it’s not the right way to screen suspected terrorists, police officers here have admiration for the way American police is allowed to work without political interference. The best example of this is the incident, where a local sergeant blasted President Obama for his remarks condemning the arrest of his friend and Harvard professor Louis Gates. Sgt Crowley accused the US president of being "way off base" in calling the police action "stupid".

At a press meet the next day, Obama called the Cambridge cop an "outstanding police officer" and invited him to the White House for a beer. "Can you imagine a small, provincial police officer in India taking on the PM? We are even scared of local MLAs and mafia dons with political connection," says a UP police official.
What's amazing is that none of these bigots ever shouted when a Hindu was at receiving end. 3 times democratically elected incorruptible Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's diplomatic visa was canceled by US. He was never denied a Visa as he never applied for one. Denial of his Visa is a myth propagated by Muslim Rightwing Media, Leftist Apologists and Politicians alike. These bigots didn't protest when the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) showed its utter Anti-Hindu Bias in its new report.

Shah Rukh Khan is too unknown for Americans. Some of the Americans don't even recognize American Music Legends, तो शाहरुख खान किस खेत की मुली है (Shah Rukh Khan is no body for an average American.)।

Like a complete unknown, Bob Dylan frogmarched to collect ID after rookie policewoman fails to recognize scruffy music legend.

The thing is "Privileged" Indians are so used to dismal internal security checks that they get so touchy when they face the real world. I have all the respect for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as a Scientist. It was him under the visionary leadership of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who put India back on world map of "Don't you dare mess with us or we will nuke your ass up". Sellout Manmohan Singh drowned us in Sharm El-Sheikh is a different sad story. But think about it. He was not frisked. Even if he was. So what? How is that embarrassing? If it is then why does the Indian Government allow frisking of exploited Aam Aadmi (Commoners)? Did someone say Elitist?! All that the Continental Airlines did was to follow mandated US Transport Security Administration (TSA) guidelines to check hand baggage. How can that be Humiliating? If it is then why didn't the Government protest when Aam Aadmi goes through it? Did someone say Elitist?!

Suppose Mr. Kalam was not checked before boarding from Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi) International Airport and he was carrying say a 1 liter water bottle. Now he reaches Newark (Oh no Newark again!) and is checked by TSA. TSA will ask him to throw it right away. Where is the diplomatic immunity now? Where are the calls for embarrassment now? Its all in your head. And if Congress et al cared about Dr. Kalam so much then why was he not re-elected? Why was he actually humiliated then? For the record. BJP led NDA supported Dr. Kalam's re-election but Congress led UPA didn't support him.

Indian Politicians especially Government in power is not serious about Internal Security. It doesn't make tough laws against terrorism instead removes them. Remember POTA! What the hell is their problem if other countries protect themselves. You may not care for Indian lives that's why there were over 47 major terrorist attacks in 5 years but other countries do.

And those who say if this is what happen with such fictitious "well-known" "Global Icons" then what happens with general public, I just have one question for them. What world do they live in? It does happen with the general public. If only you shed your arrogant demand for special privileges and travel like a commoner, you shall realize his/her pain.

Till then please Shut up and spare us your Hypocrisy!

===================Update 1======================
This is what US CBP has to say on this fictitious "detention" as claimed by Shah Rukh Khan: Shahrukh not singled out because of his name: US Customs
The United States on Saturday denied the allegations that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was detained and questioned for two hours at the Newark airport or that the actor was singled out because of his name or Asian identity. The allegations "happen to be incorrect," the spokesman of the US Customs and Border Protection Elmer Camacho said. The spokesman said Shahrukh was inspected because his baggage had not arrived. "His documents and papers were checked, which were found to be in correct order," Camacho said. After a "normal" check at the airport, Shahrukh was taken to a different room where he was waiting for his turn since many other people were already there. The entire process ended in one hour, the spokesman said. The entire process, he said, was handled in a "professional manner" and there was no evidence of Khan being pointed out because of his name or Asian identity. To a question on Khan's contention that he was asked by immigration officials about his work in the US, the spokesman said "it's our policy not to discuss all specific (details) of any traveller". However, when any travller enters the US, he or she is subjected to inspection, he added.
What a liar! All this, Just for free publicity. But still continuing...
===================Update 2======================
Security checks no big deal says Salman Khan
Salman Khan says security checks at US airports is a good thing and that is the reason why there haven't been any terror attacks on US soil post 9/11.
With all the Ministers jumping guns to allege discrimination by the US in order to keep their divisive Muslim vote bank intact. There is at least one other Khan who is talking sense which these Ministers should rather be saying than making wanton allegations.
===================Update 3======================
Indian actors victims of racial profiling
Ironically it was a case of life imitating art for Shah Rukh whose forthcoming film My Name is Khan also has a similar plot.
Is it me or Am I really having a "I told you so" moment? Muslim Right-wing NDTV tells us through its commentary that its an irony that the plot of Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie matches his now proved to be baseless allegation of detention (see Update 1 above). How naïveté of us to think it was just a publicity stunt!
===================Update 4======================
Like they say hear it from the horse's mouth itself. I didn't find anything "offensive" as Shashi Tharoor alleged in Shah Rukh Khan's own recount about his alleged "ordeal" with the US CBP in this interview. Instead what was offensive were his allegations that he continued to make against the US, that latter has some sort of bias against Muslims and preposterous Muslim patronizing questions that NDTV commentator asked him on the phone. Whatever he said about CBP asking him questions, taking him for secondary inspection, asking him to wait till his bag arrived, etc. are all standard procedure that everyone goes through. It doesn't seem they were being unprofessional from his recount of the incident.

Instead it is clear from his own admission that he kept on assuming that CBP was extending favors and "were being nice" to him because of his supposed status of being a "King". But to his dismay, he always had to come to a realization that CBP officers were just doing their job. He also claimed that over 100 thousand Muslims with his name cross the airport. Then why is he complaining? How does he know that so many Muslims with his name come to US on that particular Airport? Even if its true, Does he want every CBP officer to have his poster next to them to easily identify him out of other 99999 Shah Rukh Khan's that come to that Airport? This whole affair sounds nothing more than a tantrum thrown by a celebrity blown out of proportion by Muslim Right-wing media and Indian Government.

===================Update 5======================
Nice! Jon Stewart called Shahrukh Khan's detention lie a Publicity Stunt. Asif Mandavi protested saying Don't be a M*d*rch*d. Jon Stewart: Is that something bad you just said to me? Asif replied, Its Mother F***er in Hindi.

Of course, he was kidding. May be. Well Mullah Mullah Bhai Bhai (Muslim Brotherhood), so you never know. ;-)

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