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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blackmail by Muslims & Suppression of Civil Rights

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This is in response to an article by BarbarIndian: Muslim woman makes threat even as she decries labelling of community.

So, Bharatvaasi (misnomer: Indians) dont have any Democratic Civil Right to refuse service to any Muslim otherwise Minority Appeasement Commission will come calling. What kind of Blackmail Bull Sh*t is this by Radical Muslims and their appeasers in Islamofascist section of Indian Media!

Clearly this lady in question, Nagina Hasan is carrying an Anti-Hindu prejudice herself and blaming everyone of every possible stereotype while proving those stereotypes on herself at the same time. For example, Threats given by her as pointed out by BarbarIndian. No wonder she, Emraan Hashmi or their likes are denied apartment. Who wants to live with such violent bigoted people who are vitiating the environment even before they start living in the locality!

I wonder if a Hindu is denied an apartment, should he go to "Majority" Rights Commission? Opps... silly me, there is no such organization as Hindus have no Rights. Nice feigned Secularism!

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