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Monday, January 19, 2009

Rahul Gandhi takes Miliband on Poverty Tourism of India

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Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Discovery of India’ is following such bizarrely unconventional ways that it is impossible not to subject it to public scrutiny.

-Let’s stop this poverty tourism, Sudheendra Kulkarni
Looks like Congress's allegedly college dropout heir apparent Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi got bored of partying till 5 AM in the morning with his girlfriend Juvenitta, so he took his firangi gora friend David Miliband on Poverty Tourism of Bharat. I wonder what he must have told Mr. Miliband while exploitatively showcasing Bharat's rural poverty (following is a complete work of fiction):

Look Miliband, this is what you guys left us with and we have preserved it as it is for the 50 years of our rule. All for the benefit of tourists like you and of course us to get some Photo-Ops out of it. Also, for the benefit of other Brits and goras who can make poverty porn movies like Slumdog Millionaire. As the ever biased International media and movie industry will happily applaud and give out a few golden globes here and there for celebrating Bharat's overwhelming poverty. And Bharatvaasi are so low on self esteem that they are always looking out for any kind of recognition, no matter what. Even if it is for making fun of their own underbelly. You see my great Grandfather Jawahar Lal Nehru sowed such seeds that we are reaping its fruits now.

To make this possible we have never ending unrelenting cooperation from the sell out section of Bharatiya media which helps in creating such mindset. You see with our brand of Secular Government at helms which looses sleep for Muslims and claims that Muslims have first right on everything in Bharat, we allow Editorial Slandering of Hindu Symbols and Anti-Hindu bigots like MF Hussain, Teesta Setalvad, and M Karunanidhi to deride and vilify Hindu Gods and Goddess. Also, let people like Teesta Setalvad to rant their diatribe against Hindus openly with out punishment.

We can't let them do it alone, so we are also doing our part by destroying this bridge that these silly Hindus call Shri Ram Sethu and think that it is an ancient Engineering Marvel of some sort which is at least 15000 years old. What a bunch of fools, its just a bridge. What if its destruction will remove a natural blockade to stop another Tsunami or be an ecological disaster or a loss of world heritage or most importantly an irreplaceable loss to Hindu history. We don't care. Did the world care when those Bahamian Buddha statues were destroyed by the Taliban? Why couldn't that Hindu God, who is a myth by the way as per my mom's Government and Christian aunty Ambika Soni as your western and our leftist historians defamed the Hindu scriptures as mere mythology.... hey you, hawaldaar, what was that guy's name? Who sir? The one with bow and arrow they call Pur.. Purush... damn, what was it? I was just taught that word in my Fool the Hindus class. Purshottam (the epitome of righteous man) sir.... Yeah what is his name?.. Shri Ram sir. Yeah yeah, why couldn't he part the ocean like moses did to cross the red sea. I think that would have been more believable and green too. Of course, I believe that the latter didn't happen either as there wasn't any world before Jesus Christ. That is why we got so many missionaries in Bharat to save all these poor people and you will be happy to know that Church/Missionary organizations are the second largest land owners in Bharat after the Government. Thanks for starting the trend when your Grandfathers were ruling this nation. We also denied Hindus their fundamental right to worship by denying them land for Shri Amarnath Yatra. How selfish of them to ask for land for some Mandir? It is against Kashmiriyat you see. But still these buggers tried to carry out some nationalist Non-Cooperation movement which we tried to suppress by censoring the media and revoking their fundamental right to communicate by blocking SMSes. My grandmother's experience with Emergency helped us in putting such censorship. But they don't understand. How many times should we tell them that Muslims have first right on everything? Jesus Christ, these people have short memory or what. They so need to be saved!

We have to take them from Tainthood to Sainthood.

But rest was easy since we have already cleansed the NCERT books of all the nationalist values and Hindu history and made it a point to glorify the Babars, the Akbars, the Aurangzebs, and malign the Shivajis, the Bhagat Singhs, the Subhash Chandra Boses. Like I said in one of my Diwan-Ae-Aam with the poor people of Bharat, that other than my family no one else did anything for the Independence of Bharat. Why else, wouldn't you find any places named after other people. Those lazy bums didn't do anything, we had to do all the hard work and organize all the meetings. Transfer all the funds to Swiss bank accounts. That is why, you find most of the roads, the houses, the institutions, the schools, the colleges, the universities, the IIMs, the airports, the stadiums, the NGOs, the water cleansing plants, everything named after my great Grandfather, my Grandmother, my Father, my Mother and someone named MK Gandhi. Although I don't know what he has to do with our family. You know with success comes people who just steal your name and try to associate with you. Bloody moochers.

With the help of such deception and self-betrayal attitude of Hindus, it isn't hard to convince Bharatvaasi. Due to universal law of Pizza effect, they would believe anything you tell them. Especially when it comes from firangi's mouth like recent series by PBS on Bharat which made it a point to propagate the Myth of Aryan Invasion and openly taunted Hindus by calling Ayodhya a fairytale city.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your tour of Incredible India and come back again when I am Prime Minister of Bharat and you are Prime Minister of Britain. Pope rules!


I have nothing personal against Mr. Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi but with the kind of public service job that he is aspiring for and with the kind of unjustified undemocratic nepotistic head start that he has over other very capable Bharatvaasi merely because he was born in the so-called Maino-Nehru-Ghandi family, he better be ready for such or even harsher criticism. Criticism is a part and parcel in any democracy especially when the person is a public figure. On a serious note, with such an immature childish attitude of going on poverty safari with foreign diplomats for PR, no sound educational background and no real credible public service experience, Raul doesn't even have 0.00000000001% of what it takes to run a country of 1 Billion (+ 50 Million illegal immigrants) people. With the sword of Radical Islam, Evangelical fundamentalists, Leftist Maoists and Pseudo-Secular extremist terror hanging on Bharat with whopping 40 major terrorist attacks in just four and a half years. These are no times for On-The-Job-Training for a person born with a proverbial silver spoon in his mouth.


Let’s stop this poverty tourism by Sudheendra Kulkarni
Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Discovery of India’ is following such bizarrely unconventional ways that it is impossible not to subject it to public scrutiny. Last week he thought he needed a phirang co-discoverer and hence took British Foreign Secretary David Miliband to spend a night on a charpoy in the cowshed of a poor dalit widow in a village near Amethi, his parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh. As gaffes go, this must rank alongside his previous shockers in his rather brief political career—namely his “I could have been PM at 25” interview to Tehelka in 2005 and his 2007 assertion that the “Babri Masjid demolition would not have taken place had the Gandhi family been there in politics (at that time)”.

Miliband, 43, slept in Karma Devi’s house, whereas Rahul had a sleepover in the thatched hut of Shiv Kumari, another dalit woman in the neighbourhood.


There was of course the mandatory visit to a milk collection centre, a school, a hospital and a women’s self-help group—all bearing the name of the Gandhi family. But make no mistake, it was India’s poverty on display for the benefit of Britain’s PM-in-waiting, courtesy the Congress party’s PM-in-waiting.


As Shivkumari herself later told The Indian Express, “She had nothing to share with her VIP visitors except poverty. She also said she had got an NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) job card a year ago, but no work.” The cowshed in Karma Devi’s house, as the widely published photograph of Miliband entering it shows, had no electricity. The mattresses, quilts and linen on the charpoy he slept on were arranged by the local Congress party office. Lampooning this ersatz experience of a slice of the “Other India”, a blogger in London’s Telegraph newspaper wrote: “As political stunt-making goes, this must really take the gold chapati award for international humbug.

If Rahul wants to experience rural India, let him do so by all means. After all, he was born with the proverbial silver spoon. In any case, it is now his democratic duty as a people’s representative. Any honest and earnest effort by any politician to connect to the people must be applauded. But what can one say about his political maturity, as displayed by his decision to invite a foreign dignitary to undertake poverty tourism in his constituency? Would a British MP take Pranab Mukherjee on a tour of the poorer quarters of London and show what developmental works he has initiated? Would an Italian MP invite Rahul to take a look at poverty in his country and make it an international media event? Have we ever seen Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao (or Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, who are tipped to become China’s next President and Prime Minister) escorting a foreign visitor on a tour of the backward areas of their country?


But who is this boyish-looking foreign friend that Rahul hung out with? Miliband’s unsolicited advice on terrorism and Pakistan were so outrageous that not only India’s foreign office but even the Congress Party was left red-faced, leading to Arun Jaitley lambasting the British foreign secretary’s visit as the “greatest diplomatic disaster” in recent times.


In a front-page report, The Hindu quoted senior officials as saying that the Indian side was “irritated” by the “aggressive manner in which Mr. Miliband conducted himself in his closed-door meetings with Mr. Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In particular, South Block took offence to his strident arguments that the Mumbai terror attacks were really the result of the Kashmir issue remaining unresolved. He berated Dr. Singh and Mr. Mukherjee on this point... All told, say Indian officials, the two meetings with Mr. Miliband were ‘pretty awful’.”

Who has given Britain, one wonders, the right
to advise us either on Kashmir or on development and poverty alleviation? After all, our erstwhile colonial master was one of the culprits who created the Kashmir problem in the first place. As our colonial history incontrovertibly shows, Britain was also responsible for the pillage and pauperisation of India—one of the important factors that pushed the families of Karma Devis and Shiv Kumaris into poverty. Of course, we cannot blame Britain for our own failures in poverty eradication in the post-Independence era. But who is responsible for these failures, if not those who have ruled India for the longest period since 1947?

If Miliband’s visit has any lesson for us, it is this: India needs leaders who are deeply rooted in India, who do not crave foreign recognition, whose empathy for the poor is not guided by PR guys nor triggered by the desire to create a media event, and who have the courage to show the Big Powers—and today’s Britain is no longer one although it pretends to be—the door if they exhibit the arrogance to advise us on how we should defend our national interests. And no more government-assisted poverty tourism, please!

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