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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Precarious response by the Government to Mumbai Terrorist attacks

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Continued from "Indian Government naps while American Government reacts" and "Dubious investigations of the Mumbai Terrorist attack"...

Mr. Swapan Dasgupta through his awesome editorial "Time to show extreme prejudice" brought forward the truth about the soulless and insensitive rulers of Bharat. Last Saturday, even as the full horror of the Mumbai carnage was sinking in, the heir apparent Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi was busy partying till 5 am.
Three days later, his entire family was celebrating the wedding of the son of a loyal courtier (who is also a Congress MP) in the full gaze of the paparazzi. There was no sign of restraint. It was as if Mumbai was another land.

The Delhi edition of Times of India did a seminal service by publishing two pages of photographs of the ruling family’s post-Mumbai celebrations. Those photographs did what thousands of candles, lakhs of text messages and a trillion words of indignation failed to achieve: Expose the callousness of India’s rulers.

The international busybodies feared war. The photographs recalled the immortal words of John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!”
The event was attended by Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi, her mother Paola Maino, Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi, etc. all happy when 200 of country's citizens have just been murdered by terrorists barely 3 days before the aforesaid flamboyant celebrations. No remorse at all. And the sycophant Times of India shamelessly fawned by calling them the first family of Bharat. So little character for being the ruler of Bharat. Disgraceful!

Who paid for Paola Maino's trip? We hope they didn't misuse the Indian Air Force planes for her travel like they misuse those for Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi even though she is not constitutionally authorized to do so! Read http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in/2007/09/18/why-is-the-iaf-flying-sonia-gandhi/ for details on this corruption.

There is another uprising in the people who want action and not just talk from the Negligent Government. Although not close to the kind of unprecedented nationalist non-cooperation movement after Independence by citizens of Jammu for their freedom to worship, rights to equality, and civil liberties. Watch more at 1, 2, 3, 4. There are also some genuine protests to boycott Pakistani actors who come to Bharat to earn their living while their country continues to sponsor terror in Bharat.
Filmmaker Ashok Pandit said that television industry professionals, students, lawyers and people from different sections of the society will participate.

He said 200 college students on motorbikes will move from Otters Club in Bandra towards suburban Versova and proceed to Juhu Police station where the rally will be held. The participants will condemn the attacks and pay homage to the martyrs'.

"Induction of Chhagan Bhujbal will be condemned. He is more corrupt than R R Patil. His track record is very bad. There should have been a better alternative," Pandit said.
Looking at its utter failure to protect its citizens, any responsible Government will admit and resign while the shameless will continue to test the waters by waiting for citizens to protest through mass rallies. Not true with this Government, first they fire the scapegoats and using the stooges in the media make it sound as if they are doing a favor on the people. Then when they have to find a replacement because they don't have a shame to resign, they look at every factor but competence in choosing the next Chief Minister.

They look for loyalty to the empress of the royal family, parental loyalty, caste, regional identity, last name, etc. and most certainly overlook the criminal record of the new minion. Hence, comes from this dirty pot the new Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharastra Ashok Chavan and Chhagan Bhujbal resp. The former is loyal to the Maino-Gandhi family as was his father, a former Maharashtra CM and Union home minister S B Chavanand, and the latter is loyal to the NCP head. This is what happens in Bharat when 200 Bharatiya citizens are massacred, thousands are injured and million of Rupees worth of property damage is done live for the world to see, thanks to the irresponsible media, by radical Islamic terrorists and Government dallies to solve its family loyalty and caste equations. Do you still doubt that this is not a Demonarchy? These people lyingly vow to eradicate the demonized caste system when they so solemnly practice it themselves.

And there will be action against those like RR Patil, Margaret Alva, Natwar Singh, etc. who dare to speak against the despot Madame Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi.
"When I joined Congress three years ago, I was promised the CM's post. On Thursday, when party observers were in the process of declaring me as the leader of the legislature party, there was some sudden pressure on them and they declared the new leader would be announced in Delhi. The entire exercise was a farce," Rane told reporters at his official residence on Friday.

He said, "I have no plan to quit the party now but, sooner or later, I will have to take a decision. Congress is not a reliable organisation."

Rane made it clear that it wasn't possible for him to work under the leadership of Ashok Chavan as he was the "most incompetent politician". "No sensible politican will work under him and there is no question of my joining the cabinet," he said.

The main worry for Congress now is the political fallout of Rane's anger. "He was never with the party in the real sense though he joined Congress as he was all along aiming for the chief minister's post. We don't think his quitting the party will have any impact," a senior Congress leader said.

Deshmukh, however, reacted sharply to Rane's uncalled-for allegations. "I feel he is reacting like this because he is frustrated. All decisions on leadership issues is taken by the high command in Congress and there is no way I could have influenced the decision," he told TOI.
And that's where the problem is. In this totally undemocratic party there is only one person whose opinion matters and not that of its members. It is an autocratic rule where the leader is decided like in a monarchy system and this whole no-standard package is forced on the people in disguise of democracy.
"I don't trust even Sonia Gandhi anymore", he said which party sources said was the trigger for his suspension.
It took Congress less than one day to suspend Narayan Rane because he chose to speak his mind about Antonia Maino but it took them over four and a half long years and 38 major terrorist attacks to remove worthless corrupt Shivraj Patil from the Home Ministry. Actions speak louder than words.

I guess somethings never change even in long periods of time: Congress's intolerance for criticism of its monarchic despots from the royal family and Nirma washing powder Advertisement.

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AGworld said...

Yeah, so what?
After all this, our people still voted these vermin into power in Delhi and Rajasthan.

If we want to shoot ourselves, pray why should Raul bother?

He's happy to oblige, no?