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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congress Government failed to process RAW inputs on Mumbai Terror Attacks

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As revealed in the past few days that the Congress ruled Bharatiya (Indian) Government had specific intelligence information from various agencies, not just local but from around the world about Mumbai Terrorist Attack. But in a sheer display of Criminal Negligence it either ignored it or chose not to act on it. May be because they are content with the Rs 180 Crore security cover that they get at the cost of the Tax Payers who when are butchered by the terrorists, these same politicians go out to party. As did the Congress party's Heir Apparent Raul Vinci aka Rahul Gandhi soon after Mumbai Terrorist Attack.

More information is coming out about this debacle of a Government, its lackadaisical Security Apparatus for the protection of the Citizens and dereliction committed by them. Following is a report on the same as to how these terrorists were actually intercepted by the Navy but let go. How National Security Advisor MK Narayanan was informed about the possible attack with specific information but he did nothing. And more...

Caution: Following is from a known Anti-Hindu Leftist biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised.

The 11/26/2008 was a disaster waiting to happen is now clear with information out in the open about the number of times the possibility of such a terrorist strike was discussed not just at government forums but also in Parliament. As clear now, the information was available from specific intelligence reports about a year ago from the agencies, information about a year ago from thrice democratically elected Chief Minister of a State Mr. Narendra Modi, and from US intelligence just a month before the Islamist terrorists went on rampage in Mumbai. Also, clear from the secret report made public by Mr. Arun Shourie in the Parliament.
And if that wasn't enough, defence minister A K Antony, as early as March 11, 2008, warned delegates during a conference in Delhi about the dangers of terror attack from the sea in this part of the world. But what takes the cake probably is the fact that Patil, just four days before the attack, again highlighted the danger from the sea route.

Patil said during the DGPs' conference that India needed to ensure that infiltration from other countries was not made possible through sea routes. He added that the coastline needed to be guarded properly by Navy, Coast Guard and coastal police. Clearly, nobody was listening.
For more read here, "Ministers had spoken of attacks from sea route many times".

These radical Islamist Terrorists were religiously indoctrinated and brainwashed in Pakistan against the Hindus. They were also shown biased videos full with Anti-Hindu prejudice and allegedly also shown (Media twist alert) the so-called speeches by Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Praveen Togadia.
Ajmal's interrogators said he had received rigorous training and had been primed for fidayeen attacks. He and others in the training camps were subjected to severe beatings by their trainers to develop resistance against any kind of interrogation.

Ajmal also revealed the names of nine other terrorists who carried out the Mumbai attacks and were killed in various places. "The nine names revealed by Ajmal reflects that the youngest fidayeen was 20 years old while the eldest was 28.

They were identified by Ajmal as Soheb (20), Chota Abdul Rahman (21), Umar (22), Abu Ali (23), Fahadullah (24), Ismail Khan (25), Bada Abdul Rahman (25), Abu Akasha (26), Umair (28). Fahadullah was crippled in one hand," a cop who interrogated Ajmal said.

The terror group which attacked Mumbai was imparted training at various camps and in different groups. Before assembling near Karachi, the 10 terrorists had never met each other, Ajmal claimed. They met for the first time in September.

Ajmal said Lashkar's Zakiur Rahman alias Chachu was their mentor but several others were involved in imparting training at various stages. He named some of them as Mufti Sayeed, Fahadullah, Ustad Abdul Rahman and Abu Anus who gave them maritime training and taught use of weapons and grenades. Investigators said that of those named by Ajmal as tutors, many had retired from Pakistan Army and were imparting training at Lashkar camps in coordination with ISI.

The terrorists had to undergo a long and rigorous training schedule before heading for Mumbai. Ajmal said their first training session had started in December last year. He told interrogation that their training was intensified after the assassination of PPP leader Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi on December 27.
BJP Senior leader and Bharat's next prospective Prime Minister Mr. LK Advani told visiting US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice that Pakistan continued to violate all assurances to clamp down on terrorism aimed at India despite the promise it gave on January 6, 2004 when Pakistan pledged not to allow anti-Bharat terrorist activities on its soil.
BJP on Wednesday criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the "blame game" over the Mumbai attacks pointing to statements of Navy chief Sureesh Mehta and Mumbai Police commissioner Hassan Ghafoor that no actionable intelligence was received.

BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said claims were being made that specific inputs were ignored and the government needed to clarify who was speaking the truth. As intelligence agencies report to the PM, he should step in and end the ugly turf war that was unfolding in public.

"Is this the way India's security is being dealt with? The people want to know who is responsible for the terror strikes? I hope the PM will put an end to the squabbling and come out with some authoritative statement on whether intelligence was really ignored," Prasad said.
For more read here, "Pak continues to foment terror against India, Advani tells Rice".

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