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Friday, December 19, 2008

Delhi tops in Murders, Rapes, and Robberies. Thanks Congress!

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And still people of Indraprasth (misnomer: Dilli/Delhi) voted communal corrupt Congress back to power. What a shame!

N-E Delhi tops in murder cases, East Delhi in rape and robbery
North-East Delhi has recorded the highest number of murders in the national capital this year while the dubious distinction of having
the highest number of rape and robbery cases went to East Delhi.

Out of the 505 murder cases registered this year across the capital, North-East Delhi recorded 84 till November 30 this year as against 61 in the corresponding period last year.

Murder cases across the capital has registered an increase of 52 murder cases this year compared to last year.

Outer Delhi, which had the largest number of murder cases last year with 83 such cases, followed North-East in the list this year registering 68 cases.

South-East Delhi was third with 60 murders this year as against 44 in 2007 followed by South-West with 55 (40 in 2007) and North-West 49 (49 last year also), according to Delhi Police statistics.

New Delhi district, which has many "posh and powerful" localities of the capital, saw eight murders till November this year compared to four last year.

Rape cases recorded a decline with 446 cases this year as against 580 last year. East Delhi topped the list with 65 cases followed by Outer Delhi 58 and North-West 56.

Outer Delhi and North-East Delhi, which topped the list last year in rape cases, saw a sharp decline this year. Outer had 100 cases last year while North East had 87 in 2007 as against 38 this year.

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