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Monday, December 15, 2008

Anti-Hindu communal Government does it to Jews now

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US responded to 9/11 by destroying the whole Taliban base in Afghanistan but spineless Bharatiya (misnomer: Indian) Government still wants peace talks with Pakistan. The Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA) led by Congress says that there are no plans of military action against Pakistan.
India on Tuesday said it is not planning any military action against Pakistan but stressed that the neighbouring country will have to take action against terrorists there for the relations to improve.

"We are not planning any military action... but at the same time unless Pakistan takes actions against those terrorists who are operating from their soil against India and also against all those who are behind the Mumbai terrorist attack, things will not be normal," defence minister A K Antony said.
What a bunch of pussies, even after 38 terrorist attacks in mere 4 years, all they have is the same old parroted record of sham peace talks and empty threats to Pakistan. But no action against this radical Islamic Terrorism to save citizens.

The Anti-Hindu Anti-Sikh communal Congress led UPA Government has added another star to its long list of religious discrimination and intolerance by following its inherited Muslim appeasement policies. Hindus have been discriminated against ever since the days of Jawahar Lal Nehru, popularly known as Blunder of a Century. This has been taken much further by the current communal dispensation by calling Hindu Gods with derogatory names, by denying the existence of Hindu Gods by calling them mythical, by dividing the society on the basis of caste vis-a-vis getting education and job, by arresting Revered His Holiness Shri Shankracharya ji, by ignoring the murders of Hindu seers, by conspiring to break historical heritage monuments of religious and engineering significance like Shri Ram Sethu by hook or crook, by demolishing Hindu Temples all over country, and the list goes on and on.

It has been Anti-Sikh by conspiring and sponsoring the genocide of Sikhs in 1984 to take the revenge of murder of Indira Feroz Gandhi.

Read 1984 Anti-Sikh Genocide by Congress on Wikipedia.
Over the next four days Sikhs were killed in retaliatory attacks led by Congress activists and sympathizers. As many as 3000 Sikhs were allegedly killed by Congress activists during the riots. The then Congress government was widely criticized for doing very little at the time, possibly acting as a conspirator, especially since voting lists were used to identify Sikh families.[1] Then Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi, made an insensitive statement at Boat Club in New Delhi on November 19th 1984, on the birthday of Indira Gandhi, “Some riots took place in the country following the murder of Indiraji. We know the people were very angry and for a few days it seemed that India had been shaken. But, when a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake a little.”.[2][3][4]
Now it is the turn of Jewish people to suffer the burnt of despot Antonia Maino's Government's communal policies.

Read Closet Islamists in PM’s team? by Kanchan Gupta
On December 9, Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed read out a statement in the United Nations Security Council, pleading India’s case for action against Pakistan-based terrorist groups. Here is an excerpt from the official text of the statement: “A group of ten terrorists from the global terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Tayyeba reached Mumbai in the evening of 26th November 2008. The group divided themselves into four smaller groups and proceeded to pre-selected targets which included a café, popular with Indian and foreign tourists, and two major hotels.” There was no mention of, or allusion to, the fourth group’s pre-selected target, Chabad House, and the fact that the Jewish centre was attacked by the jihadis for obvious reasons. It’s almost as if nothing happened at Chabad House, that no Jews were tortured and killed by the terrorists for the simple reason that they were Jews. What makes the omission stand out like a sore thumb is the global outpouring of Jewish support for India, the outrage in the West over the targeted killings which we have used to our advantage, and the Israeli Government’s unequivocal endorsement of the tough commando action.

Whose decision was it to excise this detail from the statement? Did Mr Ahamed of the Muslim League decide not to mention it? Did he find the words ‘Israel’ and ‘Jews’ too distasteful to utter? Or was he trying to gloss over the Islamists’ visceral hatred of Jews? It is unlikely that Mr Ahamed would have decided on his own to leave out the specific detail of the Jewish centre being attacked while alluding to Leopold Café, Taj Mahal Palace and Oberoi-Trident Hotel. Given the sensitivity of the issue, the statement would have been cleared by the Minister for External Affairs and approved by the Prime Minister. So, who decided to drop the reference to Chabad House? And for what purpose? Was it done with an eye to Muslim ‘sentiments’ — like those of the Jamia professor and his tribe for whom Jew-baiting is a noble virtue — at home? Or was it meant to serve as a message to Islamists at large that this Government has no complaints against them so long as they don’t indulge in what Mr Tom Vadakkam of the Congress described on television as a “light and sound show”?
Also read 'Insensitive' govt continues to ignore Jewish deaths in Mumbai
The Indian government, however, has remained completely immune to all this. In a display of crass insensitivity as well as an enduring sign that the government continues to pander to the politics of the Muslim-Jew divide, minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed did not mention the Nariman House attack in his statement to the UN Security Council last week. And this from an India which officially maintains that terror has no religion and all victims are equal.

In his speech to the UNSC asking for the world to ban the Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Ahamed referred to "pre-selected targets which included a cafe popular with Indian and foreign tourists and two major hotels". There was no mention of the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch centre, which was specifically chosen by the terrorists to attack Jews.

But was Ahamed's omission of the Jewish house in his speech a function of the fact that the government didn't want to "anger" Muslims by sympathising with the Jews. India's relationship with Israel resembles an irresistible, clandestine affair -- where the linkages are growing in many spheres but all below the radar. So, while the government is perfectly happy to have a huge defence relationship with Israel and an intelligence synergy that is seemingly bottomless, a strong fear of angering the Muslim keeps it from acknowledging this relationship openly.

Little Moshe did not even comprehend the nature of his parents' deaths. But for those who hoped for a word of sympathy for an orphaned child, the Indian government has decided not to oblige.
What do you expect from this derelict Government whose so-called leaders go to shindig when the nation is at war with terrorists.

Read more about the radical Secular Fanatic Terror here, "Terrorists say their motive is faith driven by S Gurumurthy"

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