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Monday, December 15, 2008

Teesta Setalvad willfully fabricated and submitted incorrect information to Courts

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॥सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं॥ (Truth Alone Triumphs, not falsehood) - Mundak Upanishad 3.1.6

Truth about biased foreign funded Anti-Hindu NGO Citizen for Justice and Peace (CJP) secretary Teesta Setalvad, who is a known rudali (paid mourners) who only cries for Muslims and spews venom against Hindus at a drop of hat, is finally out. She has committed an act of perjury by fabricating and influencing victims of Gujarat riots which followed a Muslim Terrorist attack on a Train in Godhra, Gujarat in 2002. 58 Hindus (including 20 children, 15 women, and 23 men) were burnt alive using 140 liters by Muslim Terrorists as proved by the Nanavati-Mehta Commission report made public recently.

Carrying forward their (Bharatiya/Indian Media) prejudice to suppress any information unmasking the Pseudo-Secularist and Anti-Hindu bigots, no more than one mainstream newspaper and media is carrying this news about Setalvad's mendacities to influence the victims statements and hence, the judgment of the courts.

SC affidavit wrong, didn’t know what we signed: riot victim

Victims say earlier statements were fabricated

Our statements fabricated, say Naroda victims
Tell SIT that human rights groups, relief camp authorities made them sign statements written in English, which they could not understand.

In a shocking revelation, six victims of the Naroda gam (village) violence during the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat have told the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigating Team (SIT) that their statements submitted at several places in connection to the case so far were fabricated and recorded without their knowledge. The issue assumes signification because the places where these statements have been submitted also include the Supreme Court.

In her new home in a narrow bylane of Ahmedabad, Madina Pathan (25) has no idea she has kicked up a storm with her deposition before the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the 2002 Gujarat riot cases.

While an affidavit in the Supreme Court stated that Madina, then a young bride, was raped and stabbed by rioters at her late husband’s house in Naroda Gam, she has told the SIT she was stabbed but never raped. She said she had no idea what was written in that affidavit since it was in English which she could neither read, write or understand.

“In those days, some people used to come and question me. There used to be a Nanu Miyan, I would go to him with the other victims,” Madina told The Indian Express. Nanu Miyan Malek, a Naroda Gam survivor on whose affidavit the Supreme Court appointed the SIT to probe some of the riot cases, says Madina is not lying. “Madina was stabbed in the stomach but no one raped her. She stayed with us in a relief camp for nearly six months,” Malek said.

Malek said the affidavit was “fabricated” and had “incorrect” information. He alleged it was drafted in English without his knowledge by Rais Khan, coordinator of the Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), who made him sign on the affidavit. “I had mentioned this in my statement to the SIT too,” he said.

But Rais Khan claims it was CJP secretary Teesta Setalvad who sent him affidavits for signatures. “Teesta Setalvad used to send me these affidavits through e-mail. I used to take printouts and get them signed after calling the persons concerned to Shahpur. All these affidavits were drafted by Setalvad along with some legal experts,” Khan said. When contacted, Setalvad declined comment.

According to Malek’s eight-page affidavit, Madina, then the newly married daughter-in-law of his neighbour, was attacked and raped by a Hindu rioter. The affidavit was appended to a petition which the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and CJP had jointly moved before the Supreme Court in 2003, seeking a CBI inquiry into the riot cases on the grounds that the Gujarat police was trying to scuttle investigations into these cases.

Madina deposed before the SIT on May 20 this year, stating she was never raped. “Jab Gandhinagar ke bade saab ne poochha tab mujhe pata pada ki pehle court mein aisa likha hai. Mera to kabhi balatkar nahin hua tha (I realised that this was written in the court paper only after the official in Gandhinagar (SIT) asked me. I was never raped).”

She says she received Rs five lakh in compensation which she deposited in a bank. In her statement to the SIT, she said she never identified any of the attackers, neither had she said so in any statement anywhere.

Madina disclosed that one Nanumiyan, who along with a Delhi-based human rights group is petitioner in this case, had got these statements recorded by their counsels.

“These affidavits were in English and I do not know what was written on the paper that I was made to sign. No one had raped me,” says her statement, adding she was stabbed on her hand by a rioter.

Another victim, Maqsood Miyan Pathan, who according to the earlier affidavit, had seen two men getting out of a car and handing over a black suitcase to the then Naroda police inspector, K K Mysorewala, following which the latter reportedly left in his officials vehicle, has also retracted from this. He told the SIT that “some counsels of an NGO had written all this without my knowledge”.

“Counsels in the office of a prominent notary were ‘instigating’ me and other victims to name more persons in their statements,” Maqsood said in his statement.

Four other victims of the case, who have retracted from their earlier statements are Raffique Mohammed Hussain Sheikh, Mohammed Razak Mallik, Mohammed Raffique Hussain Miyan Mallik and Rahim Miyan Rasool Miyan Mallik.

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