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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dubious investigations of the Mumbai Terrorist attack

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Continued from "Indian Government naps while American Government reacts"...

So skewed are the investigations that sometimes the Bharatiya investigation agencies, who love to leak news through irresponsible Bharatiya media, say that the arrested Islamic terrorist Mohammed Akmal Ajmal Azam Amir Kasab (Kasav) speak fluent English and sometimes they say that he comes from a very poor family who live in some village in Pakistan. It is very unlikely that both can be true even in Bharat let alone in Pakistan.

Why haven't the pictures of all the terrorists dead or alive released yet? Why is the Government of Bharat hiding it from the public? US Government was so upfront with the American public and informed them of who attacked its sovereignty with in few days.

UPDATE: Pictures of the radical Islamist Terrorists have been released. Here are the *Uncensored* Pictures of Terrorists involved in Mumbai Terrorist Attack.

Where are the other 13 terrorists?
The terror struck in Mumbai on 26 Nov. Even after 11 days, the learned Home Minister (who seems to be an expert of everything) does NOT know how many terrorists were involved? He claims 10 terrorists 'based on CCTV footage'. How about the rest of footage provided by experts who claim there were 23 terrorists?
Anti-Hindu Bharatiya media has been jumping Head over heels misleading public, Oh Indraprasth (misnomer: Delhi/Dilli) has been turned into a fortress, Delhi International Airport has the highest security cover in the world. After all this ballyhoo by the media to help save the face of this Congress Government for its terror friendly policies, it's stagnated bureaucracy which has caused loss of lives, and its sacrifice of Scapegoats, a scare was triggered at the Delhi International Airport late Thursday (12/4/2008) night when several passengers and airlines staff reported sounds similar to gunshots.
The incident was reported from near gate number 4 of the international departure lounge at 1.10 am. But officials from CISF, which is in charge of airport security along with the Delhi Police, said there is still no evidence to suggest it was firing.

Some CISF officials present on the spot and staff of Knight Watch, the security agency employed by the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), said they saw a white Qualis car with a Haryana registration number speed away immediately after the “shots”.

“The Qualis apparently sped away when our men were checking each and every vehicle and had had asked the driver to stop.”

According to officials, a police Gypsy gave the car a chase but lost trail soon.
They couldn't even stop the car from escaping the so-called fortress.
Soon, passengers were allowed to enter the airport. Parmeet Singh, relative of a passenger said: “Though we were all checked, it is quite easy for anyone to come to the airport in a car with arms. The access is easy because there is only one picket.”
And they are talking about gearing up to foil 9/11 type strikes. Yeah right! So unsynchronized are departments of the Government that one has admitted and registered a case about the firing against unknown accused while the other department says there was no firing at all.
The CISF is complainant in the FIR and it has reported the incident on basis of gunshots. This is in contrast to claims made by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in a media release today, saying “there is no veracity of the incident of firing”.

“It seems shots were fired from a 9-mm pistol, not from rifle,” a top police source said. “The smell of gunpowder in air also proves the shots were fired.” The police refused to divulge more details about the incident. Sources said Gurgaon police found a white car abandoned a few hours after the incident and are examining it. They added that investigators are also examining some CCTV footage.
But hang on, there is even contradiction between what CISF is saying and what it is doing. Their DIG says there was no firing but a FIR is filed in the name of CISF as complainant complaining that there was a firing.
But DIG, CISF, Udayan Banerjee said, “Till now there is nothing to prove it was a gunshot but some of our officials reported hearing (sounds of) firing. There was no injury or casualty and we did not find any bullet shells, bullet marks or guns from the airport. No one also reported seeing anyone firing.

But despite the DGCA’s contention that there’s no evidence of any firing, an FIR was lodged at IGI International Police Station on Friday. After preliminary investigations, the police claim to have found “certain clues about the assailants”.

The FIR does not mention Sections related to explosives, or any terrorist activity. Sources said it has been lodged against unknown persons under Sections related to the use of firearms, the Arms Act, endangering public life, and not adhering to a public servant’s orders (relates to car driver fleeing despite being asked to stop).
So what was it, may we ask. Was there a firing or not? Was it a Gypsy or a Qualis? Were those fire crackers or gun shots? If there was smell of gun powder in the air as per the "police source" then why is the DIG, CISF saying that there is nothing to prove it was a gunshot?
“Our men and some passengers heard two sounds similar to gunshots from the direction of the exit way. We rushed to the area and our team, along with Delhi police personnel, conducted rounds. Neither bullet marks nor empties were found,” said a senior official of the Central Industrial Security Force. There was no eyewitness.
So either so many of these hear-only non-eye witnesses including public servants were all high and delusional to hear such noises (assuming that they all cannot be lying at the same time) or it is true that there was firing and the incompetent Government's incompetent security goofed up again. What caused this scare at the airport?
The CISF official denied reports that occupants of a Qualis van had fired shots.

“After the sounds were heard, we were checking all cars coming to and going from the terminal. One Qualis jumped the queue and sped away. Our jeep did chase the vehicle but lost track. There was only one man in the Qualis. We could not see the registration number, but some civilians said it had a Haryana number,” he added.
How about this one, that their jeep chased the vehicle but could not not stop it or note its registration number? But they could see there was one man driving the car. How inept are these Cops?

Why are the police and CISF saying there are no eye witness when this one news channel reports the contrary? (Caution: It is a known Anti-Hindu Leftist biased news channel, viewer discretion is advised)
However, some people outside Gate No, 4 of the IGI Airport reported hearing two gunshots.

"We saw two people firing at CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) officials and then turning the car and running away," claimed a man.
Anyway you look at it, its like Government's one arm does not know what the other is doing and when the security forces are so confused, think about innocent public who are harassed and tortured day in and day out. No wonder the Congress Government failed to process RAW inputs on Mumbai Terror Attacks.

This is not it, here comes another disgraceful revelation, the CCTV camera at the Gate 4 where the alleged incident took place was not even working.
Till now security agencies haven't found any bullet marks or shells to prove that shots were fired but whatever crucial evidence could have been recorded in the form of CCTV footage was probably lost because the CCTV camera at Gate No. 4 was not working.

The camera did not record anything between 0000 hrs IST and 0200 hrs IST as there was a technical snag. Also video from a CCTV camera at the entry point is so bad that hardly anything cane be made out.
Yeah, you heard it right, the security cameras at one of the main gates at the "fortress" like airport wasn't even working. Amazingly exactly during the time period when the firing happened. Even the cameras at a shady gas station in US has better CCTV cameras than this. So what steps does this Government and its bureaucracy take as a result of this? Instead of taking the Airport Manager and the Security Head to the task, they order 35 more CCTV cameras to cover "the spaces not yet covered" by them. So instead of installing proper cameras at all the locations critical or non-critical, they install sub standard quality cameras at only few of the critical locations. And now to cover up they will order more cameras at the cost of tax payers money, possibly again without quality scrutiny and tests, and most probably to earn kick backs.

And this is the preparation in the capital of the country just a week after deadly attacks in Mumbai.

Continued on "Precarious response by the Government to Mumbai Terrorist attacks"...

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