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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arun Shourie talks on Terror, Islam, Pakistan, and spineless Government of India

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Renowned Journalist Mr. Arun Shourie gives an astounding talk on indolent derelict Government's criminal negligence of the intelligence reports about Mumbai attack, Bharat's zero response towards terrorism, China's military pearl necklace around Bharat, its Geo-Political consequences, radical Islamic terrorism, Madarsas, Pakistan, Pseudo-Secularists, etc. There have been over 65000 deaths due to terrorist attacks in Bharat (misnomer: India) but the spineless Government took four and a half years to remove corrupt no-good Shivraj Patil who was more interested in changing clothes than to protect the nation. Read "Champion of Internal Insecurity Shivraj Patil resigns" for more about his corruption cases and his gem of decisions for which read "Indians will now pay pension to terrorist families".

He informs the public about the Government's "Paralysis by Analysis", as to how a recommendation to make a Marine Police Force was made in November, 1996 by Island Development Authority. It has been 12 years and no such Force has been created. What did this Government do after radical Islamic Terrorist attack in Mumbai on 11/26/2008 other than partying of course? It regurgitated about setting up the same Marine Police Force to fool people as if it has hit sudden sense of conscience to protect the people with new ideas. After destroying the Bharatiya economy by pursuing communal economics, the ex-Finance Minister good-for-nothing Chidambaram who is the newly "selected" Home Minister is shamelessly taking credit for coming up with the idea of Marine Police Force when the truth is that the requirement for it was pitched 12 years ago.

For more, read Sonia Congress's blitzkrieg evangelisation through RBI by V Sundaram, a retired IAS officer.

Another revelation is that there is only 1 constable to gather the intelligence about 35 uninhabited islands of Lashwadeep which are believed to be used as stock and storage area by ISI to keep arms, drugs, and terrorists. Fact concealed by the Government and its stooges in irresponsible Media.

Another revelation is that the supposedly banned LeT is openly running a 200 acres training camp/institute some 30 KM from Lahore which is attended by some hundred thousand potential terrorists who are indoctrinated and trained for Jihad against Bharat. Fact concealed by the Government and its stooges in irresponsible Media.

There are many more revelations by Mr. Shourie which will scare the bejesus out of anyone. But not of the despot Antonia Maino's controlled Government.

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