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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maut Ka Saudagar: Narendra Modi

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Legendary Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi answers Italian despot Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi of Congress after she calls him a Maut ka Saudagar (Merchant of Death). He rips her and the puppet Prime Minister apart with facts and figures. Very nice speech and crowd was going crazy.

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Watch below as Thuglak Editor Mr. Cho Ramaswamy introduces Shri Narendra Modi to speak in the Kamraj Hall, Chennai as "I now invite to address you, the merchant of death to – terrorism, corruption, nepotism, official inefficiency, bureaucratic negligence, poverty, darkness and despair.". The cheers reached a roaring crescendo.

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Part 2/6

Part 3/6
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Read Kamraj vs Gandhi Dynasty by Premendra Agrawal which demonstrates the childish attitude of Sonia sycophants in Congress.
Congress leaders of Tamil Nadu cried before the Sonia Gandhi and requested her for blocking the entry of Saffron Narendra Modi in the Kamaraj Hall, owned by the Tamil Nadu Congress Trust. Sonia Gandhi was unable to satisfy them.

Congress High Command is still in the grip of the ghost of ‘merchant of death’ and her Congress Party’s defeat in Gujarat is still. “Merchant of death’ phrase is stolen from the movie Merchant of Death (1997), directed by Yossi Wein. In this way mission of Congress pushed by itself towards mission of death means defeat in the Gujarat Election of 2007. Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and Congress are experts to copy everything of foreign.

Actually renowned journalist Cho Ramaswwamy and victorious Narendra Modi gave respect to late Kamraj to present themselves in Kamraj Hall on occasion of 35th annual meet of Tughlak. This function is also a slap on the redish westernized cheek of fake secular media.
Read Modi’s monkey-jump Kamraj hall to Shivaji Park for more.

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