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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Politically Incorrect Government and its Media

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If the Anti-Hindu communal NCP's Head Sharad Pawar's ATS was not wasting 90% of it's man power witch hunting imaginary nonexistent "Hindu terrorists", torturing innocent Hindus, and maligning the Bharatiya (Indian) Army, Mumbai terror attack could have been prevented. Since it is clear from recent reports that there was more than enough intelligence available with the Government regarding the possibility of such a heinous terrorist attack from as long as a month ago from US agencies, that too twice, to as back as about a year ago, but this Government chose not to act on it or just ignored it.

This Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi controlled Congress Government chose to commit Criminal Negligence and so many people lost their lives. Despicable Anti-Hindu Pseudo-Secularist Bharatiya (Indian) Media which played hand in glove with this Government in successfully doing in a few weeks what Pakistan could not do in many decades. From Editorial slandering of the Hindu religion to supporting the Islamic terrorists to traducing Bharatiya (Indian) Army as a rouge organization of traitors. They have done every dirty trick in the book and some which may not even be in the book of dirtiest immoral tricks.

These Shameless punks haven't stopped yet, they are still going on with their prejudice propaganda of Sham Political Correctness. Even after the humiliating condemnable attack in Mumbai in which at least 200 people have lost their lives, countless have suffered physically and many more mentally, as many are traumatized at the sheer brutality of those inhuman terrorists, the Media still unapologetically refers to these TERRORISTS as "suspected bombers" or "suspected militants". Only such unethical Media knows how many more innocent Bharatiya lives will these terrorists have to take for the media to take note of the value of that life without any "suspicion" and have some balls to call the Islamist Terrorists as so. A group of legislators of Labour party in British Government have criticized their News Network BBC for such insensitivity and gross Editorial debacles. But Congress led UPA Government is itself unethical and immoral, how can anyone expect them to whip the media for justifying these terrorist actions by calling them mere militants?

Just like Congress led UPA along with it's stooges in biased media does not have guts to call Pakistan as terrorist sponsoring nation as opposed to a "hostile nation". Pussies! The world refers to that nation as US former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright puts it an "International Migraine".
Counting many elements, including terrorism and nuclear weapons, in Pakistan as causes of international worries, a former top US official has described the South Asian country as an "international migraine".

"...my own sense is Pakistan has everything that gives you an international migraine. It has nuclear weapons, it has terrorism, extremists, corruption, very poor and it's in a location that's really, really important to us. And now with this issue with India. So, I think that the current president and the current secretary of state, who's on her way to India right now, have a very big job ahead of them," said former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

But not the communal Congress, their unholy Utterly Pathetic Alliance (UPA), and the section of Bharatiya Media. Them saying anything against Muslims, Islamist terrorists or Pakistan is a strict no no. Otherwise their communal Vote Bank will be lost. That pleasure of unnecessary bashing and derision is only "reserved" for Hindus. After all, as a Pseudo-Secularist, that's their journey to go from Tainthood to Sainthood.

Wages of politics of cynicism by Balbir K Punj

For more than a month the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad was pre-occupied with chasing ‘Hindu terrorists’ and, it would appear, had little time for anything else. In fact, the ATS claimed that 90 per cent of the force was busy investigating the September 29 Malegaon bombing. All this while, India’s enemies were plotting a bloodbath in Mumbai. The myth of ‘Hindu terror’, built-up by sections of the UPA and the Maharashtra Government for short-term political gains, has had a macabre and grotesque fall-out. Negligence has proved deadly, and resulted in perhaps the most venomous terrorist attack in Indian history.

Today the State and Union Governments stand exposed. It is important to recognise the long-term damage that their dirty-tricks have caused. A new term — ‘Hindu terror’ — has been added to the security lexicon. The world so far recognised only ‘Islamic terror’, with Pakistan as its source. Now India is home to both Islamic and Hindu terror, if the Indian Government’s own agencies are to be believed. On the issue of terror, India and Pakistan have been placed at par.

All this must rank as the most destructive achievement by any Government anywhere. What Pakistan could not achieve after decades of labour — paint Hindu-dominated India as a factory of terror — the ‘secularists’ and their political leaders have done it in a matter of few weeks. Till recently, after every terrorist strike in India, the investigations invariably led to Pakistan and the infamous ISI. Gradually the rest of the world had come to believe the Indian charge that Islamic Pakistan was exporting terrorism to non-sectarian India. The participation of local Muslims in ISI-sponsored attacks in India used to be nominal. However, thanks to the UPA’s vote-bank politics, since 2005, nationalist Muslims stand marginalised and radicals within the community are setting the agenda. The periodic terror strikes in India are no longer an exclusive ISI enterprise. They have largely been indigenised — of course, under the supervision of a global terror machine.

Unwilling to face up to this, the ‘secularists’ sought to maintain a bogus balance. They ignored the fact that all participants in such terror strikes were Muslims, claiming inspiration from the holy Quran and arguing that they were killing ‘infidels’ as part of their religious duty. The faith-based motivations of the terrorists led to the term Islamic terror.

To counter-balance Islamic terror secularists had to discover — or invent — ‘Hindu terror’. The expected political gains were a welcome byproduct. While Muslim terrorists were responsible for popularising the term Islamic terror, the credit for coining the term ‘Hindu terror’ goes to the UPA. For no one else has attributed terrorist actions to the service of Hinduism.

Let us review the brief history of ‘Hindu terror’. Mr Sharad Pawar, a senior member of the Union Cabinet, alleged on October 5, 2008, that there were “double standards” in police action against terror: ‘Muslims were being targeted as terrorists but no action was being taken against ‘Hindu terror’ groups. Mr Pawar’s statement had come in the wake of the Malegaon bombing of September 29. How did Mr Pawar know the identity of those responsible for Malegaon terror strike even before the investigations had concluded is something that remains a mystery...

Mr Pawar was not being original in floating this devious theory. Prior to the 2007 Gujarat Assembly elections, Ms Sonia Gandhi had used the description “maut ka saudagar” for Mr Narendra Modi. Mr Digvijay Singh, the Congress general secretary, has frequently harped on the theme of ‘Hindu terror’.

In order to sustain the plot to demonise Hindus, the Maharashtra ATS improvised several sub-plots. In the process, the Indian Army was traduced as a rogue force, one in which a middle-level officer could pilfer 60 kg of RDX. Worse, it was made out as if the so-called ‘theft’ had remained undetected till the ‘ace investigators’ of the ATS had uncovered it. So the Army is not only infested with ‘terrorists’ but also totally unprofessional in its management of arms and ammunition. Could there be a worse indictment of the armed forces?

Rather than chase trivia, the Maharashtra Government and the ATS would have been better served enhancing intelligence gathering. The colossal attack on Mumbai over the past two days has made it clear that jihad — and not any ‘Hindu terror’ pipedream of the ruling political establishment — represents a threat to India. Let us focus on this enemy, and avenge the martyrdom of Hemant Karkare and his valiant colleagues.

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