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Sunday, October 12, 2008

From Tainthood to Sainthood

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Two weeks back, I had questioned in a post as its title suggest, "Is there an Indian media mindset?". I think we have all gotten our answer in past two weeks. Look at how the Bharatiya media suppressed the truth by not bringing out the disgusting and contemptuous books which are full of demeaning and derogatory language that these communal Christian Missionaries are distributing to abuse and defame Hindu Gods and religion in order to convert. You can read one such book "Satyadarshini" online here and some of it here. Not that we didn't have an answer in past 4 1/2 years but the way the present communal Government has managed to hide facts, twist facts and divert people's attention with the help of their Hand-In-Glove section of media from the incontrovertible reality of home grown Islamic Terrorism to far-fetched newly coined term Hindu Fundamentalist Terror is remarkable. I wonder what Hindu scripture did they read which talks about 72 virgins and murdering infidels. Completely trumped-up idea. And they are actively propagandizing this fabricated term both nationally and internationally.

And why not when the present corrupt communal government does not see any difference between an unprecedented nationalist non-cooperation movement after Independence by citizens of Jammu (for their freedom to worship, rights to equality, and civil liberties. Watch more at 1, 2, 3, 4) and anti-national Pakistan-flag-waving radical Jihadi Separatists in Kashyap Mar. The shameless Prime Minister didn't even utter a single word to denounce the violent anti-national protests by these radical Islamist Kashmiris against his visit, the head of a state (at least on books). Height of appeasement by this sellout autocratic government of despot Antonia Maino and this pinnacle of Lack of Leadership even after such opprobrium by these separatists.

No, they wouldn't do anything to control these or other Muslim or Christian terrorists, Secessionists, and Maoists. They can only conspire to harass Hindus in and out of the country. But to their dismay their attempt to suppress freedom of speech of Hindus of Bharatiya origin in US failed miserably unlike their successful gag of freedom of speech and media in Jammu during the nationalist movement there. Congress lost one of the two undemocratic non-locus-standi $100 million cases and withdrew the other case it had filed to suppress the freedom speech exposing the truth about Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi. As per the press release by Mr. Narain Kataria, President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum,
"The Notice of Discontinuane tantamounts to an unconditional surrender by the Congress Party and could be construed as a victory of Dharmic forces. It is a matter of great happiness for all NRIs, particularly Hindus, that the famous adage from Vedic literature Satya Mev Jayate (Truth shall always prevail, once again, prevailed in New York and New Jersey Courts, on the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi! A similar case filed by INOC in New Jersey Court was summarily dismissed by the Judge who found that the Plaintiff had no locus standi in filing such a frivolous case. These two cases had generated an inquisitive interest in media, a sense of unity and brotherhood among Indian Diaspora, particularly Hindus and Sikhs."
Please note, the first case was dismissed on August 15, 2008, the Bharatiya Independence day. And still not even a single Bharatiya Newspaper or News channel has balls to run a single story to inform Bharatiya citizens of the TRUTH.

I wonder, what is Kashyap Mar valley going to do with the rail line anyways when it will not remain part of Bharat? But no point asking this when the seriousness of this wretched government is clear from the fact that they don't consider terrorism important enough to be part of National Integration Council meeting (Read article 1 and 2). In fact, who does? Bharat has suffered a meager 21 known major terrorist attacks since 2004 (Source: Chronology of Terrorist Attacks in Bharat), so what's the big deal. Only a fool would say that these few terrorist attacks could be a threat to a nation's integrity, right? May be threat to security to some extent but we can deal with it through unlawful activities act, because these attacks are nothing but scanty law and order problems. But beware, as mentioned in the agenda of the NIC meeting chaired by the "selected" Prime Minister, government's first priority is to
"discuss promotion of security among the minorities"
. Who cares about these "idol worshiping" "in God Shri Ram Chandra believing" Majority? They are 78% in numbers, who cares if a few hundred die in a few bomb blasts.

But don't you dare chafe the Muslims, they have the first right on Bharat's resources. Hence, they have the first right on security also. Of course, only after college drop-out Raul Vinci, his live-in girlfriend/wife Veronique, Bianca, her husband, and their dogs. (Source: Freedom of Speech, Robert Vadra is not frisked but top Generals are, The difference between a General and Robert Vadra, Link 1). Look at this (Youths caught ‘following’ car carrying Priyanka, Robert Vadra, Hang those, who endanger the Indian empress!), how dare these damn citizens even come close to "the large security cavalcade" of the sovereign Princess and her husband. Their security is of supreme national importance that THREE security vehicles with Z-level Personal Security Officers FOLLOW their car. They can stop, harass and grill anyone. Who needs the Patriot act?

Here are the screen shots of the story (for the benefit of readers) in case they are brushed under the carpet. Respect to the Copyright of the Publisher.

And this reckless misuse of tax payers money after the spineless PM phony request to his ministers to be frugal. Oops, I forgot Nehru-Maino-Ghandi family is above the law.

Where are the self-decorated Human Rights activists, Civil Libertarians, Media Judiciary and Politicians, who are questioning the sacrifice by Inspector MC Sharma by shamefully claiming that Jamia terrorist Encounter was fake, now when two Hindus Arun and Jayant were harassed and very well they could have been encountered also "for breaching security" of the daughter of the Empress? When 10000 Sikhs were brutally murdered in a Rajiv Gandhi led Congress sponsored genocide in 1984? (Source: When a big tree falls, the ground shakes) But these impenitent people like Vir Sanghvi, Karan Thapar, Sagarika Ghosh, et al, are busy writing their prejudiced anti-Hindu venomous articles in their "Missionary Position" questioning "Who's the real Hindu?". You don't have to show your fake worries by ranting "chaos theory in the Hindu cosmos". We, Hindus don't need you to tell us what to do or define what our Holy Shastr say.

Violence against anyone irrespective of any religion, caste, or race is a disgrace and should be condemned. But partisan and prejudice approach to the problem, like I mentioned in my previous post, is unacceptable and perilous. Section of media carrying an attitude that if you can't uplift or hide the shortcomings of conservative and radical people from one community (Muslims & Christians in this case), then you belittle, cold-cut, and bash the other community (Hindus in this case) to make equals out of non-equals is totally irrational, nonsecular, and Machiavellian.

I can just go on and on about how hypocrite it is for this radically pseudo-secular (anti-Hindu) section of Bharatiya media and Autocratic Monarchic Government to ask for a ban on nationalist organization like Bajrang Dal without any proofs(Source: Ban Congress, DMK and RJD too, Bajrang Dal does its bit), their support for terrorists like SIMI despite presence of proofs, ignorance of murder of Vedanta Kesari Swami Laxmananda Saraswati by Christian terrorists (Other source: Murder of Mahatma by the Church by Ashok Sahu, IPS, Director General of Police). What can we expect from this Prime Minister full of predilection for anything but Hindus? Hindus have been denied land in Arizona to build a temple, imagine if someone denied something to Muslims or Christians in Bharat. Look at how they ran a spurious vendetta campaign that Muslims don't get apartments in Bharat while as I showed in my previous post that it happens everywhere in the world. PM of Bharat demanded for rights of Sikhs in France but would he care to take up this issue of denial of land to Hindus for temple with US authorities. No!

Like Citizens particularly Hindus paying Jizya for sponsoring the Haj vacation for Muslims and paying for legal aid through HRD to Muslim terrorist for waging war against the nation was not enough. Now Bharatvaasi have to pay to sponsor trips for Christians to go on a vacation to Rome to meet Pope who has pledged to convert Asia particularly all the Hindus in Bharat in this Millennium. CNN/Time said the pope's conversion call was "appalling manners.". Read "Pope: 'Convert all Hindus'" and "Pope's speech upsets some Hindus". He has set a target of 10 Million Hindus to be converted by 2010. Why should the Citizens particularly Hindus of Bharat pay for these Christian Missionaries who want to visit the "Saint Factory" that the Pope is running? So that they may learn more tactics to convert Hindus and change the demography by spreading Christian Mythology. For more read "Pope running 'SAINT FACTORY'? John Paul beatifies Monk accused of Mental Illness, Fraud, Philandering" and "The saint business" by Rajeev Srinivasan. He came to US and openly declared that all the problems that US is facing is because it keeps state and church separate. And condemned the path of secularism that US is following. But its all fine, may be because in Bharat under the current Autocratic rule, Church is the State.

It is sick to see the section of Bharatiya media after celebrating the tainted cash-for-vote win of this corrupt government, then the signing off of Bharat's sovereignty in form of the farce nuclear deal, now they are celebrating the anglicized news of another so-called saint coming out of the "Saint Factory" as Bharat's pride. Why this celebration? Like Bharat never had a saint before especially a woman saint. I can quote countless names from our Holy Shastr. But you don't care or respect the ones we already have. The zenith of sainthood, our incomparable Revered His Holiness Shri Shankaracharya ji was arrested, humiliated, and tortured on mere false charges on a holy Deepavali day by the communal government. And this same media didn't show a zilch of remorse. How is this inveterate enlistment by "Saint Factory" through beatification exercise a news of national importance? Is it going to solve the problem of Terrorism and Inflation?

Like Ms. Tavleen Singh said in her article "The case against banning outfits" that "Islamism is the antithesis of the idea of India and must be fought" and so are the illegal unethical conversions by Christian and Evangelic Missionaries. But can we really when the disparity between Tainthood and Sainthood is almost Shunya. They can mass produce as many callow saints as they want or this government out of its incredulity can try to change Bharat's motto of ॥सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं॥ (Truth Alone Triumphs, not falsehood) - Mundak Upanishad 3.1.6 but they can never distort the irrefutable truth,
सीता राम चरित अति पावन।
मधुर सरस अरु अति मनभावन।।

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