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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Terrorist attack in Gauhati (Guwahati) on 10/30/2008

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Terrorist attack (multiple powerful 13 Bomb blasts) in Gauhati (misnomer: Guwahati) on 10/30/2008 at 1130 hrs

Terrorism returns after one month and 12 days to Gauhati (last one was on September 12, 2008) with one of the deadliest strikes ever. Like Yossarin of Offstumped says that Bharatvaasi "continue to pay a heavy price for Sonia’s absentee leadership, Manmohan Singh’s executive delinquency and Shivraj Patil’s incompetence."

Spineless PM is busy in his personal visits to consolidate his Sikh vote bank while the people are dying all over the country in quick successions as clear from one glimpse on the Chronology of major Terrorist attacks in Bharat. It doesn't matter to Antonia Maino's controlled puppet Prime Minister or fashionable Home Minister Shivraj Patil even if Jihadi terrorists hoist a Pakistani flag in Assam as seen below

or if there is Ethnic Cleansing of the local Hindus by illegal Bangladeshi muslims like they did to Six Hundred Thousand (Six Lakhs) Hindu Pandits in Kashyap Mar (misnomer: Kashmir). Shameless fashionable Patil wants people to maintain calm again in his parroted statement, despite the fact that there has been 64 blasts in six months. I wonder how many clothes did he change this time.

The first of the 13 bombs, suspected to have been planted by Bangladesh-based HuJI members, went off at around 11.30 am under the Ganeshguri flyover near the high-security capital complex housing the assembly building, followed by explosions at Paltan Bazar and Fancy Bazar. Around the same time, bombs also went off in crowded market places of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Barpeta districts in lower Assam. From initial investigation it is suspected that RDX was used.

11/11/2008 update:
Twelve days after the wave of bombings in Assam that killed 83 people and wounded 300 more, police on Tuesday said evidence suggests
the involvement of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) in triggering the explosions, rejecting earlier theories of Islamist terror groups being directly involved in the attacks


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