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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is there an Indian media mindset?

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Is there a police mindset?

I want to ask is there an Indian media mindset? The very fact that such a trivial non-issue like this is given more space and importance by the section of Bharatiya media makes me sick to my guts. They are worried about the scarf that the accused terrorists are wearing and not the countless people who are dying every day because the shameless government of Antonia Maino is sleeping and doesn't care. Because one-issue "Selected" Prime Minister is busy hard selling a farce Nuclear deal and Home Minister is busy changing his clothes.

I don't think there is anything wrong in what the police did. On one hand the so-called Muslim leaders, pseudo-secularists, overground-face-of-terrorists section of Human Rights activists, and section of media shout their innards out saying that terror has no religion, and on the other hand they are hairsplitting a trivial non-issue like this by saying that their religion is being indicted. Well if the terrorists are being chauvinist and openly claiming what they are doing is because of their ideological and religious indoctrination, then how balmy are you to question the police and suffering citizen's mindset. You are so awe struck that you want police to hide these damn terrorists face also and you also want to choreograph what they should wear so that it may not even remotely link to Islam. Next thing we know, you will ask don't face towards Mecca Madia to interview, don't interrogate on Fridays, etc. [Asinine!] But when a government is bent on proving that Hindu gods are a myth, and wants to destroy a 15000 years old world heritage Shri Ram Setu, everything is hunky-dory.

Come on, do Muslims have a patent on that design of the scarf. Obviously there is something wrong in their own mindset which is proving that famous Hindi idiom "चोर की दाढ़ी में तिनका" (Chor ki daadi mein tinka). If it wasn't for these jerks shouting like this, no one would have even noticed or cared for what scarf they were wearing. It is you guys (section of media, communal Imams, communal AIMPLB), who are engraving and Islamitizing the stereotypes. You will only find faults in others because that is what you are looking for. Make up your mind, are these terrorists Muslims or not? Do they belong to a religion or not? If yes, then how can you claim terrorists have no religion. If not, then how can you claim that any action against these traitors is an action against Islam and why are you supporting them, isn't that treason. You want to bake your cake and eat it too. Grow up people. Let police do their work. Sick!

You want the best of the two worlds, you want Sharia to stone the victim to death when a muslim Father-in-law rapes his Daughter-in-law and openly hold your so-called courts above the Supreme Court of Bharat. But when it is criminal justice you want Bharatiya law because it goes easy on dreaded criminals as compared to cutting the hands as per sharia. Hypocrites! The government has such audacity and insolence to arrest, humiliate, and torture our incomparable Revered His Holiness Shri Shankaracharya ji on mere charges on a holy Deepavali day but has no guts to throw that communal Imam Bhukari of Jama Masjid and VC of Jamia Millia Islamia in the jail and hang them for openly supporting the terrorists.

Every day we hear inflated figures about the riots that followed Godhra terrorist attack. Yes, a terrorist attack. It will be called so in any real civil unbiased society if 58 innocent citizens incl. 20 children, 15 women, and 23 men were burnt alive just because they are Hindus by communal Muslim riffraffs. It was no less, if not more, than a terrorist attack. THE truth is out in the form of the indisputable, exhaustive, and scientific report by THE OFFICIAL Commission constituted as per the constitution under the ex-Judge selected by THE Hon'ble Supreme Court of Bharat. But the truth is sour for these hate mongers to accept. Till when will you live in denial, huh? May be you also don't believe in ॥सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं॥ (Truth Alone Triumphs, not falsehood) - Mundak Upanishad 3.1.6 like the present government which once had plans to change this motto also, like they have removed the other historical and traditional symbols and logos.

As per official figures given by the Union Minister of State for Home Prakash Jaiswal, who belongs to the Congress Party, in Parliament on May 11, 2005, 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in the riots, 2548 people were injured and 223 people were missing. The report placed the number of riot-affected widows at 919 and the number of children orphaned at 606. It was the UPA government which gave these figures and not Mr. Narendra Modi's government.

But no, still we have such reckless disregarding attitude of section of Media, who loosely inflate the figures to 2500-3500 muslims ONLY being killed. As if there weren't any loss of life of Hindus or other citizens and they didn't have any Human Rights. Each and every one who was killed was a citizen. How can you be so callous and ignore the atrocities on others? Every time one listens to these disgusting hateful lectures and commentaries on these so-called self-proclaimed best news channels pondering over accepting everything which suits their lamentable anti-Majority mindset and dejecting even the iota of truth if spoken or written. And they don't want to accept the sad reality of shameless undeserving Bharatiya citizens now terrorizing other Bharatvaasi through such train attacks and bomb blasts even though they openly arrogantly claim that their religion has commanded them to do so.

As per the website Gujarat Riots: The True Story, look at how the section of media has been playing with the figures to forward their idea which is alienating muslims and creating a fear of under siege at the cost of bashing the Hindus, the so-called majority who are treated worse than third grade citizens in their own country. As per the website, in an interview with Gujarat Chief Minister and now vindicated Mr. Narendra Modi was accused by some Aaj Tak news channel's reporter Prabhu Chawla, which was published in the weekly India Today, dated November 2, 2002. Mr. Modi was accused of being responsible for the killing of 1,100 innocent people in the riots that followed Godhra terrorist attack. To which Mr. Modi replied that
"In our previous interview, you said 900 people. Now you are saying 1,100. Are you adding all the people killed in other states like Maharashtra and Bengal to Gujarat’s account?"

And then the website says
"As we see, the number of people killed in the riots jumped from 900 to 1100 after Narendra Modi’s previous interview, i.e. within 4 months! Now it has jumped from 9,00 to 2,000. May be after 10 years, at this rate it will jump to 10,000! Already it is being said that, “thousands of Muslims were killed in Gujarat” and “3,000 innocent Muslims were butchered in Gujarat”."
And I concur with them that with out any proofs, spreading lies, fear and hatred ain't going to solve anything. But if this continues, a few tens-hundreds of years down the line they will very well misrepresent their doodles as true pictures to the future generations. Just like how they have doctored, thanks to Nehruvian and Leftist ideologies, our history, created and propagated myths of Aryan Invasions, glorified the mass murderer rapist conversionists Monguls (Mughals), still call our scriptures as mythology, and justify the destruction of our religious and World heritage like Shri Ram Setu & Shri Amarnath ji to settle scores.

Talk about section of Media's sick mindset, the new hip trend is to demonize the Bharatiya state and Hindus. Oh Muslims don't get an apartment and rooms in Bharatiya cities. What BS! I denounce and deplore any kind of discrimination. But come on, Bharat is not that bad as is portrayed by its own media. There are societies in every country including in the US which have such unsaid rules and public likings of where to live. Let me give you food for thought, did you know there is predominance of two different communities who live just across the street in the different areas of Dorchester and Roxbury in Boston, MA. Watch it your self, read comments on Sidewalk Memories and read Neighborhoods in Boston, Massachusetts on Wikipedia.

Why no one stands to take up cause for Hindus who are denied space in the town of Mohemadwadi (which was renamed from Mahadevwadi) near Pune. Like I said divisions and discriminations are not good but they exist in most of the places. Then why this prejudice against Hindus when taking up such causes? Stop demonizing HINDUS!

The attitude of this section of media who are nothing but taking forward the prejudice mindset of self-serving charge sheeted Union Ministers has been so appalling. What right do they have to comment on Godhra terrorist attack when they them self are charge sheeted and have a MP from their party who has been awarded a Rigorous Imprisonment, what a 6th time. But shameless convicted and charge sheeted ministers don't care and neither does the media who laughs when such opprobrium minister cracks a cuckoo joke. The attitude that they carry is that if you can't uplift the shortcomings of conservative and radical people from one community, then you belittle, cold-cut, and bash the other community to make equals out of non-equals. Who-so-ever created that so-called Minority commission whose sole job is Hindu bashing clearly wanted to divide the society with Majority-Minority syndrome. But if that's the way it is, then it is high time Hindus in Bharat get a Majority Commission too.

Bharat may be the only country where public funds and tax payers money will be used to fight the case for the very terrorists who have wagged the war against the country itself. Today when the truth is out about the Godhra terrorist attack, it is not just Mr. Modi, but the nation and Hindus who also stand vindicated of the false charges and communal propaganda of pseudo-secularists. There must be something in that date August 15, I say. There was one August 15, 1947 when Bharat had a tryst with its destiny when it got its Independence, at least on the books. And I didn't say that, it was Nehru who said that he is the last Englishman to rule Bharat. (Source: Let us now praise famous men) He was wrong, well partially, because he was the last of the first pack. If there was true Independence then there would not have been any emergency imposed by Indira Feroz Ghandi and article 356 would not have been used a whopping 110 times in 60 years.

Now we have August 15, 2008 which brings us to another foreigner (mis)ruling Bharat. Antonia Maino. (Source: http://www.janataparty.org/sonia.html) On this date people of Bharatiya origin had their tryst with destiny to up hold the principles of democracy which Bharatiya citizens are so vehemently divested from under the current government. On this date, the Supreme Court of New Jersey in US tossed out one of the two defamation lawsuits filed by the Indian National Overseas Congress (INOC) seeking $100 million case allegedly defaming Antonia Maino. (Source: http://www.hindusupportfund.org/Links.html) The case was filed to suppress the Freedom of Speech entitled to every resident of US and Bharat. But sadly, it can only be exercised in US and not Bharat.

But there was not even one article or editorial in any Bharatiya newspaper or channel about this historic day or about the undemocratic action like such suppression of free speech. Shows where all your (section of media) loyalty lies. If you have national interest in mind and so ardently believe there is freedom of speech and press in Bharat, I challenge you to print one article or news piece with the name Antonia Maino. We all know you can't, just look at how media was gagged from reporting on the unprecedented nationalist movement by citizens of Jammu (Watch them courting arrest during SAYSS Jail Bharo Andolan: 1, 2, 3, 4 Bam Bam Bhole! Har Har Mahadev! Jai Kara Sherawali Ka!) for their Religious rights, Civil Liberties, and against the traitors and separatists in Kashyap Mar (misnomer: Kashmir). But for millions of us Hindus, there must be something in that date August 15, when vicious maligned agenda of a foreigner was throttled again.

But who are we asking, when we have media which diligently wants Antonia Maino to speak on the so-called alleged attacks on Churches but there is a sense of mass-hysteria created if someone like Mr. Advani or Mr. Modi, or a clamor frenzy by section of media to oppress if someone like Dr. Swamy, stands for the cause or atrocities on Hindus and our religious heritage. Like Mr. Modi says "You can't fight 21st century terrorists with 19th century tools". A terrorist is a terrorist, remove him from the society or else he will remove you. Oh God Shri Ram ji, please bless this world with peace. ॥ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः॥

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Jaidev Jamwal said...

Great post. Everything you've written is bang on target. I've been crying myself hoarse about these issues too, but truth is more often than not suppressed under the guise of liberalism and secularism.

See the videos that I've uploaded on my blog(recordings of local TV channels) and how national media distorted everything to suit psuedo-secularist agenda.