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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BJP seeks Jama Masjid Imam Bhukari's arrest for defending blast accused

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BJP seeks Shahi Imam's arrest for defending blast accused

Terror suspects killed in Delhi encounter buried

Bajrang Dal blames pastor in AP for Karnataka violence

I agree with BJP. Arrest this traitor for openly supporting anti-national terrorists. Couldn't he and these communal parties have waited for Hon'ble courts to give their verdict? Is there any law of the land or not? Or do they think there is some Nizam-e-Mustafa going on? It is high time govt. stops appeasing these traitors. I say take action against the Bajrang dal (which is being made a scapegoat I guess), if at all its involvement is proved, but then Imam Bhukari of Jama Masjid also deserves to be arrested for supporting terrorists and communal Pastors should be arrested for violence and illegal conversions. Why this bias?

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